Grow A Pair…

14 Jan

Woke up today to snow covering everything and more snow falling from the sky.  It was beautiful.

At 10am precisely, I started my run with my new Brooks windbreaker.  There was NO wind.  I just wanted to wear neon yellow.  I felt like it was a safe item to wear.

New jacket, new Nike tights and old shoes to run in the slop.

I ran 10.29 miles with an average mile/minute of 9:00.

It was so pretty and peaceful out at 21 degrees.  But….I was super paranoid.  I kept thinking about Sherry Arnold.  Sherry Arnold is the 43-year-old cousin of SUAR who was killed last Saturday.  Not all the details have been released about what happened to her.  They’re still looking into it or they can’t release what they know.  Either way, it’s so tragic.  Sherry sounded like someone you wanted to know and be around.  She had a family.  What happened to her shouldn’t have happened.

I’ve been checking SUAR’s blog and googling “Sherry Arnold” 3-4 times a day since I first found out she was missing (Sunday the 8th).  I, like everyone else, was hoping for a miracle.  The wondering is over but I won’t be able to stop thinking about her for a very, very long time.  She shouldn’t be forgotten anyways.  She and her family and friends were dealt a rotten deal.

Sherry’s passing was a wake up call.  We runners need to BE AWARE of what’s going on around us.

After my run, I had to change my focus to my youngest son.  Brucee had two inside soccer games.

I did watch my son play.

Brucee. He's an animal!

I really did.  BUT, I was mesmerized by this boy’s fluffilicious hair.

It bounced so lovely like.

Roo Dog told me to stop being creepy.

Shitty pictures so his identity's safe. No worries, people.

The boys chose Bob Evans for dinner.  I didn’t want Bob Evans.  I wanted salad and Bob Evans wouldn’t have a good salad.  Brucee told me to “grow a pair”.  I didn’t get mad at him because he said it so nicely.  He says crazy stuff all the time and didn’t mean to insult me.  I know this.  I told him it wasn’t okay to say.  He apologized.

After eating a grilled BBQ chicken salad (deelish, glad we went to Bob Evans) the boys and I saw the movie, Contraband.  Loved it.  Remember though, I love almost all of the movies I see.


We adults drank a lot on the islands.  Buying my 14-year-old son a “Sexy 1” shirt seemed liked a totally okay thing to do at the time…

Neither Nate or Brucee wanted to be "Sexy 2"...


2 Responses to “Grow A Pair…”

  1. Alyssa February 23, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    I am an avid runner and have seen two others with the same Brooks jacket. I cannot find it anywhere and was just wondering where you got it?

    • Shelly in MI February 23, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

      It was at a sidewalk sale at the running store, Playmakers.

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