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Sir, Can I Get a Picture Of Your Lovely Hat?

4 Mar

Today’s day started with two early soccer games for my middle son.  We had to be on the road by 6am to get Roo Dog to his 7:45am game.  I’m a morning person so it wasn’t horrible.  Plus, I never have to drive.  Mick prefers we get to our destinations safely so he always opts to drive.  I should be offended but I know it’s true. 

Very comfortable.

After Roo’s game, the three of us made a stop at IHop on our way home.  Conversation with Roo flowed…

I’m not a huge breakfast person, so I had lunch instead.  I was excited for my loaded bake potato soup and my 1/2 of a pot roast sandwich.  It was super heavy and stuck to the bottom of my stomach.  Mistake.

Roo asked, "you didn't really just take a picture of your food, did you?".

Other bloggers post pictures of their food and it make me drool.  My pictures look gross.

My wonderful husband (he looks a little bloated in this picture).

While eating, my eyes kept going back to this guy’s hat. 

It was a purple/pink knit.  I’m not sly because I swear the people at the table were giving me the “stink eye” as we left the restaurant.  Now, I wear stupid crap all the time.  If I wear stupid crap, I figure people are going to take my picture.  They don’t but they could. 

Not sure why Roo didn't want to eat his breakfast hot dogs?! Blech!

My FIL’s been out of the hospital since Tuesday, Feb 28th.  He’s living it up in a new rehibilitation facility.  It smells and looks very nice.  It’s nothing like the creepy hospital.  We watched a little of the State BB game with him before heading out to Chili’s for dinner.  Why Chili’s?  I had a gift card.  Who Girl and I always order a meal each and then switch halfway through.  Deelish!  Us two gals enjoyed Sante Fe Chicken Wrap and Crispy Shrimp Tacos (heavy).  I love splitting my meals with someone else. 

After leaving the restaurant and dismissing the boys (we drove two cars), Who and I went to Marshall’s in search of a new table for my bedroom.  Instead of a table, I found a faux leather rectangular ottoman that opened.  Nice, I can put our blankets in there instead of stuffing them under the bed.  I only want dust bunnies under my bed.  I didn’t mean to wander through the rest of the store but I did and I found a Kenneth Cole purse for $35. 

My cheap Acer computer (2 1/2 years old) died yesterday (after I dropped it on the floor).  Junk!  Who Girl tried to convince me to get an Mac like hers but I’m too cheap.  I hate buying insurance and I know I could ruin the replacement computer so I didn’t want to spend a lot of $$.  I ended up getting another cheap computer.  I got a Lenovo (made by IBM). 

When I got home at 8pm, I jumped on my elliptical for 70 minutes.  My feet were numb but it counted as a workout.  YAY ME!

I was craving something sweet so I had a bowl of Fruit Loops.  Yes, I have that kind of crap in my house.  Actually, we have a lot of junk in our house.  To even it up, I had a super healthy piece of bread with all kinds of crap (oatmeal, wheat germ, quinoa, mouse turds and who knows what else) slathered with super natural peanut butter.  Good stuff. 

Tomorrow, 7pm will come and go.  I’ll be sitting in my car in a parking lot (as my boys will be at soccer practice) while others enjoy the Zumba class that I can’t go to because I bought a punch card without looking at the days classes would be held.  SMART ONE ALERT!!!!!!! (that’d be me)


U Like?

23 Feb

Let me start off by saying that the tights I wore today PISSED ME OFF.  They were so cute in the package but as soon as I put them on, they had little pulls all over them.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never wear them again since they’ll look junky.  Trash.  Bummed because I got so many compliments on them.

I work in a call center part-time.  I love it!!  Besides blabbing all day to brokers, I’ve got the very difficult job of sending the previous day’s telephone stats to my coworkers.  For fun, I like to put a little personal thought or little advice in the body of the email.  I’m sure most don’t see it and delete it but some say my little notes give them a chuckle.  Weird because they never say my advice is helpful?!  Anywho,  today I arranged for a flash mob at 1pm.  I told them to do it and I told them the song was, “Push It” by Salt N Pepa.   What can I say?  I love that frickin’ song.  How can you not?  It fires me up.

Why 1pm, you ask outloud (and others stare at you because of it)?  Because I leave at noon and I didn’t want to do it.  I’d look “a fool”.  I bet those F’ers didn’t do it either.  I tried to enrich their day with some fun.

No run today.  Instead, I engaged with my broken down, piece of crap elliptical for 85 horrible minutes.  The muscle in my right calf was pissed off the whole time.  I like to watch, “My 600 lb Life” while I do the elliptical.   It’s sad, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s happy.  I just love when they lose weight and get new clothes.  Simple joys.  The show starts out with a subtitle saying that only 5% of the people who get the stomach surgery are actually successful.  That’s a horrible, sad statistical.

Yesterday, the director, a fellow runner, said there are others at my company doing the Bayshore marathon in May with me.  Up until she said that, I thought I’d be all alone that day.  She said to get in touch with the group because they’re doing a group photo after the run.  Photo?  I hate being in photos…  So I contacted Chris, one of the fellows, and he invited me to train with them.  They run most days but I can do the shorter runs by myself, near my house.  The long runs, 17-20 milers, I can meet up with them on the weekends for.  I’m so glad.  I did a 20 miler last September with about 20 people and even though we didn’t run hand in hand, it certainly made the run go by fast.

I just want this stupid marathon to be done and over.  I suck, I know.

I drive through the ghetto to get to the hospital my FIL’s staying at.  I don’t notice what most of the businesses are around there but this little restaurant cracks me up.  It’s called, “U Like“.   It’s not smart to take pictures while you drive, but that’s exactly what this smart one did.

"U Like" is to the right of Subway.

At 5:30pm, I went to my little niece’s basketball game.  Here’s a sneaky shot I took.  I didn’t want all the teeny boppers to make fun of me for taking a picture of the school.  I’m so shady, right?

It's a dumb pic but I needed something for the blog.

I’m horrible about visiting my Grandma but I went to her place last Saturday.  Her apartment is so perfect except for the temperature being a sweltering hot 85 degrees.  Everything’s got it’s own little place.  I thought it was so sweet that she kept this ashtray that my uncle made her back when he was in the Cub Scouts.  How cute that he made her something to help with her smoking habit…


Run (of course)

See the movie, Gone

Visit my Grammy

See my little cousin perform at a dance contest

Get wasted (not really… well, maybe)

Stay Positive — That’s What They Say…

9 Feb

I love Free People clothing.  I can’t afford it but I do love it.  I have a couple of pieces that I scored on the sale rack but I can dream of getting more, right?  Somebody’s being cruel by sending me FP catalogs on a regular basis.  I love looking at catalogs and dreaming of purchasing everything in them. 

But, the catalogs are bad to look at right before heading to work.  I tend to think that I can dress like the models in the catalog.  Their outfits are crazy and mis-matchey.  Love it!!  I end up hodge-podging an outfit of my own.  I’m sure a lot of people don’t “get me” but, you know, I am what I am. 

My father in law’s still in ICU.  Two things are keeping him there.  One, he’s on a dialysis machine that runs round the clock.  They say it’s not dialysis but it certainly looks like it.  Supposedly it’s the same machine used to do dialysis but  it runs slowly around the clock vs the 3-5 hours that dialysis normally takes and the ICU nurses can run it.  The machine not only cleans his blood but pulls extra fluid off him.  His weight is down to 239 (he was admitted Friday, Feb 3rd weighing 280 lbs).  Yes, he lost 51 pounds in less than a week.  The nurse said he still has more fluid that needs to come out.   He looks crazy skinny now.  Another reason he remains in ICU is he has to take medicine that keeps his blood pressure up which is crazy because he used to take bp med’s to keep his bp down?! 

My FIL’s very sick.  I’m sure you get that.  He had an infection and they don’t know how he acquired it.  When we visit him, we have to wear gowns and rubber gloves.  I have to leave my purse and jacket out by the nurses’ station.  It seems like all his systems are shutting down or just out of sync.  I’m hoping that he starts to improve because I didn’t think he’d be in ICU this long.  It’s so scary. 

We get our reports from my FIL so I’m not sure how much of what he relays to us is accurate.  He said the kidney doctor says his kidneys still aren’t doing well.  He said the stomach doctor said his esophagus collapsed so once he gets through this serious stuff, they’re going to stick a balloon down his esophagus to open it back up.  He throws up some of what he eats (in front of me) but then reports to us and the doctors that he’s not throwing up.    It’s so confusing and frustrating.  I feel so bad for Mick.  He’s trying so hard to keep up this positive front.

Everyone is so kind with all the nice things they say.  Everyone’s praying for my FIL.  I’m surrounded by wonderful people.  What can I say?

I’m trying to keep motivated to run.  We had some decent weather for Michigan but it’s getting chilly again. 

And… My GD Garmin broke today.  It’s the Forerunner 405.  The bezel which normally responds to touch is playing dead.  I called Garmin and they couldn’t fix it over the phone.  They’re shipping me a new one but I was annoyed to find out that the one year warranty began back in June of 2011 even though this Garmin was a replacement I received in September 2011.

No run today.  I ran 11.22 miles yesterday (Garmin worked perfectly yesterday?!).  I’ve been doing the elliptical a lot this week (my broken down vintage elliptical that my sweet husband fixed – thanks Mick).  If I break it, I’m hoping I can get a replacement (I have an eye on my cousin’s used one).  I did the elliptical as follows this week:  Monday – 47 minutes, Tuesday – 55, tonight – 75.

I call myself a runner but I don’t really feel like one this week. I won’t be running tomorrow through Sunday because I’m going on a weekend Up North with the girls.  I’m been looking forward to it for a good month now.  Mick’s so sweet to let me go.  I’m sure I’ll drive him crazy by calling him 5x’s a day for status on his dad. 

2011 sucked and 2012 isn’t looking much better.

Silly Me…

31 Jan

Swish Swish Shish….

Nope.  More like…


That’s my elliptical machine for you.

At 7pm, I did 70 minutes on the elliptical.  It should have been a crime because Michigan was strangely warm for this time of year.  It was 53 and sunny and I chose to be inside.

I ended up taking Brucee to a 3:20pm movie.  We saw Underworld.  Loved it!  Come on.  You had to expect that.  I love everything I see.

I do love vampire crap.  I do.  I do.  Not so much Twilight vampires though.  Twilight is too thirteen year old for me.  That’s just my opinion.  I did like the books in that series though.  I know I’m not consistent with my opinions.  So it is.

I took Brucee to the movies because he’s sad that his candy and popcorn days are over for the next 2 to 4 years.  He gets braces tomorrow morning.  Poor little bugger.

What the heck and I going to do for the hour and 1/2 or so that it takes to put those suckers on him?  Marshalls?  Ulta?  Target? Maybe…

CONFESSION… I’m a reality TV junky.  Tonight I watched Dance Moms.


29 Jan

Snow today.  Only three inches but it seemed like more since it was coming down all day.

Met with my mom and Grandma for their weekly breakfast.  I looked like a dork like I typically do on a Sunday morning.  I usually get lucky and I don’t see anyone I know but of course, I see an ex-boyfriend.  I was like 4 foot away from him before he turned around and looked me right in the eye and said, “hi”.   I died right there (not really).

I’m usually good about seeing someone I know and then avoiding them but there was no way out this time.  He saw me and he saw me in my men’s navy blue Russell sweatpants, men’s Hane’s t-shirt and the dorkiest of snow boots any girl could own from Meijer (I love these boots even if they’re dorky).

Why should I care?  I shouldn’t.  I just do.

Who Girl came home this weekend.  We shopped.  We ate.  I didn’t spend much but I really enjoyed hanging out with her.  I’m moody but she puts up with me.  It’s hard to believe she’s going to be a Senior in college this fall.  She’s doing so well.  Too bad she’ll have another 4-5 years after this next year once she enters a pharmacy program.

For fun, Who put a bunch of these knuckle rings on.  They were on sale.  Can you imagine why?  I wouldn’t wear one, let alone all four.

Mad Eagle in East Lansing. I love this store...

I did get her the headband she’s wearing above.

Sooooo.  I follow people on Twitter posting their runs.  Reading about their runs is incentive which helps fire me up to run myself but nothing was getting me out the door today.  It was so cold and windy and the ground was super slippery (icy and covered with fresh snow).   My left butt cheek near my tailbone hurts so I thought falling on the ice would be super bad.

At 7:30pm, I finally got on my vintage elliptical machine.  Sixty-five minutes done.  I’ve used it twice and I can’t break it.  It’s going to take some time.  Momma wants a new one (or a slightly used one).

Earlier today, Who came to me with my little chi chi, Bella in hand.  She said she saw a black bug on her.  It was fast and she couldn’t get it.  Instantly I felt like my whole body was covered with cooties.  FLEAS!!! Major goosebumps.

I have a golden retriever, a chihuahua and 4 cats.  Oh, things got expensive.  I ran to Meijer and got the good flea medicine.  I used to buy the $12 stuff (because I’m cheap) but the vet’s assistant told me to never buy the cheap stuff (Sergeant’s/Hartz) because she said they’re very poisonous and they aren’t always effective.  The bet’s assistant said she’s seen an animal (cat or dog I forgot which) die from the owner using the cheap stuff on the animal.

So,  I bought Frontline Plus (3 pack) for my dogs $50 and Advantage II (4 pack) for the cats $55.  I also bought the $7 powder for the cat tree and for sprinkling the cats’ favorite sleeping areas.

We’ve never had fleas in all the years we’ve had pets so this is shocking to me.  I say fleas because even though I’ve only seen one, I have to assume there’s many, many more.

Great.  More to angst about.

I posted the pic below yesterday on Twitter but it’ so disturbing, I have to post again.   When I first saw it, I just stared at it in amazement.

Somebody! Anybody! Please find out who she is and give her $$$ to pull those implants out. Is she 35 or 65?!

So Scummy…

24 Jan


Boots by Born. Love this shade of green and the double zippers.

Left work today with a flat tire.  I struggle with knowing what to do in these instances.  I pulled out of the parking lot thinking I could make it Mick’s preferred place for tire repair/replacement but as soon as I hit the road, I could hear my tire going thunk-thunk-thunk.   I knew I’d ruin something if I went too much farther.

I drove to the first car dealership I could find…Dodge (I have a Ford).  Plus, I farted right before I got there.  I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking.  I pulled up to the service door and the guy held up a finger to wait for him.  He came out and saw the problem.  He told me to walk up front to the waiting area and he proceeded to get in my freshly fart-soaked car.  Nice, Shelly.  I was dying.   So embarrassed.

After 10-15 minutes he came out and said I was all set.   NO CHARGE.  I must not of ruined the interior of the my car like I thought because if it stunk, I’m sure he would have charged my scummy ass.   I’m such a lady.

Another cold day in Michigan.  It wasn’t colder than most but I’m struggling to put on the layers and get outside to run.

Around dinnertime, Mick showed up with my old E7 Nordic Track Elliptical machine.  I broke it about 8 years ago.  I used that sucker daily for a whole year.  I loved it.  It’s now outdated ontop of being broken.  He “fixed” it.  He explained all that he did to fix it but it went in one ear and out the other.

He doesn’t want me to buy another one.

I went an hour on it.  Felt good.  It was loud though.   I had it in front of the big TV downstairs  with the volume all the way up.   My choice of placement really annoyed Mick.  He does not want it between the TV and the couch.

Tomorrow I work 4-8 pm so I’m so hoping to get a run outside.   We’ll see.

Treadmill 7.5 Miles….

23 Jan

I still Google Sherry Arnold’s name 3-4 times a day.  I’m obsessed.  I want there to be some good but I know her death is surrounded by evil.  It sickens me.  I can’t stay away.

Today started out warm.  All the snow melted over the night because of the unusually warm temperature and rain that happened throughout the night.  I thought, good, I’ll want to run outside since I thought the warmth would continue today.  Wrong…

I haven’t run outside since Friday because I’m so turned off by the cold.  The warm was short-lived.  The cold and strong, gusty winds rushed in by the afternoon.

I had to take Brucee to the orthodonist so by 3pm, I was not going outside.  Oh no.  What could that mean?

Proud of myself.  I got on the treadmill and ran 7.5 miles in one hour and nine minutes.  That’s the most I’ve ever run on the treadmill.

I decided (this weekend) I want an elliptical machine.  I had one years ago but after using it daily for about a year, the sucker broke on me.  It was by Nordic Track.  Nordic Track went out of business around the time my elliptical broke so that sucked.  They’re back in business but I’m not going near them.

I thought maybe it’d be cheaper to just join the gym but after looking at the gym closest to my home, I decided buying my own elliptical would be smarter than spending $40 a month.  I wouldn’t use the other stuff the gym has as I only want to use their elliptical….

I was at Dick’s Sporting Good’s looking at their ellipticals.  They ranged in price from $1000 to $1700.  I’m clueless on what to look for.  Who Girl said she’ll be a good judge.  She says she doesn’t like her apartment complex machines but she does like the ellipticals at her college’s gym.

Now I just need to talk Mick into it.  First of all, Mick doesn’t like to work hard for his $ and then have his good for nuthin’ wife waste it.  What?  That would be me.

Second, our workout room is full.  I’m not getting rid of the tanning bed because then I’d want to start tanning.

So, what this means is I need to talk Mick into letting me put my elliptical in the family room next to the big screen.  Yeah, right?  I’m just not thinking this is going to work out for me.


I’m breaking.  I’m sore everywhere.  I do quickly recover when I get to the mall.  Weird?!

Speaking of the Mall…   I scored this weekend.

I will not shop at Forever 21 by myself but I will go to support my 20-year-old daughter when she’s shopping there.  I try to act like I’m waiting for her but she keeps holding things up saying, “do you like this?”  or “I could totally see this on you”.  She’s trouble.  Embarrassingly, I have to say that I love Forever 21.  Can you say super-duper cheap?  Love that.  I got these black and gold jeans that look more like they belong on an ugly chair than my body but I snatched those suckers up.  They were so comfortable too.

$30 -- that's crazy, right?

Looking back at this last weekend, I realized THIS WEEKEND SUCKED.  It sucked for many reasons.  It was a combination of many things.

Anyways, I feel much better today.  In hopes that it’ll help, I’ve been good about sitting in front of my light box at work for about three hours a day in the morning.  I just set it up right in front of my computer monitor.  It confuses people.  They think I’m tanning.

Free App I’m liking on my Iphone right now is “Word Jewels” (and I think I said previously how I love “Seven Little Words” — it’s my favorite)

Another thought…  I read a blog where the person was saying how lovely it is to run or hike on the trails.  She talked about all the lovely things she hears and sees including an occasional mountain lion roaring in the distance.  WTH!!  That seriously scares the shiitake mushrooms out of me…

In closing…. (yes, I know I’m stupidly dragging this post out)  The episode of The Office from January 19th was the best.  Super funny stuff.