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I Blame My Mom…

28 Mar

Today I ran 11.15 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:27.  No music.  The sun was shining but the wind was gusting, hard.  It was agonizing at certain points.  There were times where I felt like I was running in place.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to walk.  I was having a hard time breathing.  By the time I got to my driveway, I really thought I was going to throw up.

This was my pre-run pose. I clearly felt good when I took this. I will admit I looked like a dweeb in my getup. I love these Brooks shorts I got off the sale rack at Playmakers in January.

To reward myself for my run, I got a large Tim Horton’s coffee with a shot of caramel.  $2.39 is all it cost.  It was huge and I ended up throwing half of it out.  I got it at 3:30pm and by 6, I worried that I would never sleep tonight.  Besides, the frozen cappuccinos are so much better.

When I got to work, I ran up to see my mom.  We work at the same place and she was about to get off her shift.  I noticed a new, strange contraption at her desk.  She proudly got it out saying that it was for the knots in her back.  It’s supposed to do something for you by hitting your pressure points.  She’s always buying something.  I blame my sweet mother for my spending problems.  Kidding…

Please excuse her messy desk.

Oh, and I entered a drawing today for a Glitzbandz at the blog Life is a Run.  I can always use another headband, right?  Right!


Look Mom, No Cavities…

22 Nov

Gosh, I really dislike going to the dentist.  And no, it’s not because I have problem teeth.  My cleanings are uneventful but for the rest of the day following my cleaning appointment, my teeth just ache.  I took 3 ibuprofen…

Today was a crap day.  It rained all day and it was chilly.   At 3:41pm, I ran 9.81 miles with an average minute/mile of 8:30.   The temperature was 35 degrees but it felt like 27  with the rain and wind.   Knowing that you’re supposed to be cold for the first three miles of your run, I put on the minimum…

And then I added more.  I worried and angsted about freezing to death.  I didn’t want to be cold so I overdressed.  I looked and felt like the Tin Man.  After a mile and a half, I felt like I was in a sauna.  I made it back just as it got dark.  My head lamp is still in the house in it’s packaging.   I should have stuffed it in one of the many pockets of my Columbia rain jacket.  And, I should have brought kleenex because I had a runny nose the entire time. 

I was totally drenched.  Because they were wet, my men’s sweatpants weighed almost a ton.  I had to wash everything.  After washing them, I put my shoes on my boot dryer from Cabela’s.  I really like this dryer.  We use it mostly for soccer cleats but it sure came in handy today.

By the way, I left my music home because I knew I really needed to pay attention to the cars around me. 

Earlier today, I wore my thumbhole warmers from Etsy.  I purchased them last year?!  

 My coworkers made fun of me.  This wasn’t the first time it’s happened.   I still love those f*#kers. 

I try not to log onto Etsy because I get into trouble out there.  There’s a lot of neat stuff out there.  Bad, bad, bad…

I go back and forth on how done up I want to be.  Lately, I’ve been a minamalist when it comes to makeup and hair.  I like to go without makeup so no makeup today.  I washed my hair and that was it.

My little girl, The Who, came from college today.   I’m so happy about this.  I’ll be able to see Breaking Dawn with her and not feel like an idiot.  Everyone in the theater will think that I’m just going with her so she doesn’t have to go alone (she’s already seen it).  It’s kind of like when I go to Forever 21 with her.  I act like I’m not there for myself but I’m looking.  Oh yes,  I’m looking for me…

You GO Girl!! Moment — Today I went to the grocery store and didn’t buy anything coffee related.  You don’t understand.  I’m obsessed with coffee right now (Keurig, French Press, Creamers…).  It was hard for me but I did it.

The Kids Can Wait….Not!

9 Nov

I have a special way of getting rid of my clothes.  It’s actually a system.  I go through my closet and pull out everything I’m sick of and move them to my daughter’s closet (when she’s at college it has extra space). Then, once in a while, I’ll do the same thing with my daughter’s closet.  The items I take from my daughter’s closet, I move to the basement closet.  There’s a shit-ton of clothes in the basement closet.  Eventually, the crap that’s been moved to the basement will go to Good Will.  It works.  I don’t act too quickly and have regret, right?

The other day I was in the basement closet getting wrapping paper to wrap a gift and I noticed an old Express dress that was pretty close to going to Good Will.  I’m glad I didn’t just give my stuff to Good Will straight from my main closet because I was excited to see this dress.  It was like getting a new dress.  I also noticed a long sleeve, horizontal striped J Crew shirt and some American Eagle cords.

I wore the AE cords today with a short sleeve yellow J Crew shirt and an animal print sweater.  Footwear was my Sperry’s.  Love the Sperry’s.

After work, I did a biometric exam.  If we get our finger pricked and have our pulse and blood pressure taken, my work gives us a nice discount on our health/dental insurance premium.  We get an additional discount if we’re non smokers.  Nice, eh?  Had my finger pricked.  Ouch!  I’d rather have blood drawn than have a finger pricked.  I didn’t fast but all my levels were perfecto.  I think I have superhero blood and I should donate it more often.

It was 55 degrees.  There was a wind advisory.  NO BIG WHOOP!  Hazardous winds of 25 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.  Oh, geez.  It felt fine to me.  Off on my run at 1:03pm.  I needed to be back by 2:30pm so I could pick up my boys from school.  No problemo.  I never know my exact route until I get going and decide what I can or can’t do.  The run felt good.  I felt good and I was bummed I had to pick up my silly kids.   At about the 8 mile mark, I knew I was running behind.  I knew I had to get trucking.  All of a sudden, I turned South with open fields all around me and I finally felt the gusts.  Holy shit!!  I felt like my legs were moving but I was staying in the same spot.  WTH!!  I finally finished my 11.55 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:22.  And, it was 2:40pm.  Crap!!!  Ran up the driveway (250 feet from the road so it’s usually a good cool down if I walk it) and limped in the house.  I could hear my cell phone (I don’t like to carry things on my run).  It was Mick.  Crap!!!  That meanie lectured me about having a simple job of picking up our chicklins and I managed to mess that up.  I said I was on my way.  He said nevermind because he was halfway there.  The boys, who I supplied with cell phones, called their pa when they couldn’t get a hold of me.  Shaaa!  But, laa di daa!  Oh, yaa, I f’d up!

Went to Brucee’s 4pm basketball game.   Thank god for an inside sport.  I always have to sit in the rainy, cold or the hot, humid stank.  Bugs… Sweat…  Running nose…  Gymnasium bleachers are fine with me.

Made a decent dinner.  Mick didn’t mention my mess up with my not picking up the kids.  He forgives very quickly.  I’m lucky like that.

I’m having family and friends over for our sons’ birthdays (Oct 26th and 27th) on Friday.  I need to clean my house.  It’s a disaster.  Since I started running, I pretty much let everything go.   But, if you want to hang with family and friends, the best way to do it is to invite ’em over.

For Friday’s get together, I bought some wine.  I hate wine.  I figure if I try a few, I’ll end up liking it.  I bought some cranberry (it didn’t say cooking wine but I’m suspicious) and I also got some Riesling.  I told my mom who is very excited.  She really likes her wine.  I got some Spiked Tea by Margaritaville as well in case I end up hating the wines.  If that fails, I’ll do shots of some hard stuff.

NEWEST OBSESSION — I want to drink coffee on a regular basis.  I want to buy special creamer.  Coffee smells so good.  It seems like it’d be a good social thing to do (drink coffee).  I hope once I have my new coffee obsession that I don’t end up looking like…

Don’t worry, I won’t.  I bet I end up looking like…

Except I’ll still have blondish hair.

Maybe I’ll get so into coffee, I’ll be able to do designs like this…

Addicted To Coffee?

7 Nov

Wore some black hooker boots with some capri jeans today.  You can’t tell though because the bottom of the jeans are hidden the boots.  Tricky, eh?

First of all, I’m not dancing it the picture below.  I got the gold belt from Banana Republic for $15 bucks.

Mick only had to work half a day to pay for that belt (kidding).  He doesn’t care for my shopping habits.  I don’t blame him.  He physically works his ass off like 7 days a week BUT it was a really good deal.  So…Sha!

I love my kids.  I even love that little stinker that I refer to as “Roo Dog”.

Yesterday, I took him shopping and bought him some school clothes because, one, the boys don’t like to school shop in August (or ever) and two, even though he has lots of basketball shorts and casual shirts, he always wears the same ones.  I can’t stand my kids wearing the same clothes every week.  If I’m not paying attention (which I’m usually not), the ding-a-lings will wear the same piece of clothing twice in one week.

I was happy because Roo Boy wore a nice long sleeve North Face shirt today.  He was sweet (not).  When he got out of the car, he blew me a kiss (not the kind I wanted).  I had to open a window to clear out the fog in my car.  Nasty.  I was so afraid the smell got in my hair.  I didn’t need to drag that into work.  When I picked Roo up, I asked how the shirt went today.  He’s not like my daughter who loved talking school and clothes.  He basically shut me down.  No more questions allowed.  Sucks.  Lots of rules.  No head bobbing to music and definitely no singing.


I get the Groupon emails.  For the most part, I just delete them but I saw a good one from last week.  I should have bought when I saw it because it’s now sold out.  I learned my lesson.  The great deal was $24 for 12 drop in sessions of hot yoga (85% off!!).  I’ve always wanted to do that.  And, what annoys me is that the offer’s still available.  When you click on it, it says “sold out”.  Arghh!

Today, the weather was nice and I was looking forward to a run.  At 3:04pm, I ran 9.91 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:09.  I felt good too because I passed group of six high schoolers who were running in town.  This isn’t a pat on the back though because they must have been some non-cross country team group (yearbook staff?, Future Farmers of America (FFA)?).  Either way, it did make this ole’ lady feel good to be running faster than kids.

Here’s my running gear for the day.  Tired of the same boring poses so I did a cheerleading pose.  Why yes, I was a cheerleader in high school.  Back then, we wore Keds tennis shoes and we didn’t do acrobatics like they do now a days.   I was just at the games to give everyone pep.

Mick was working in Ann Arbor today.  He called me to see if I wanted him to stop at the running store there and buy me a long sleeve white tech shirt.  Derr, yes.  He asked what size and I said medium.  Well BALLS because this medium was made for a 13-year-old girl.  Mick warned me on the phone that it looked short but I wouldn’t hear of it.  Not sure when I’ll get my large but I really, really like the shirt.

Dinner was easy and what I consider healthy.  I salt and peppered chicken breasts and threw them in a 9 x 13 dish.  I mixed up whole grain stuffing w/the recommended water and some Campbell’s turkey gravy.  I threw that mixture on top of the chicken.  After backing for a about 40 minutes, pull some shredded cheese (like colby-jack) on top and put in the oven to get melty.  Warmed up the rest of the gravy to put up on top if someone desired.  Done.  Fast and easy and healthy (kind of).  No picture because it wasn’t pretty… never is.

Ever heard of music from Yelawolf?  I just stumbled upon him/them.  I’m going to buy because it sounds like really good running music.

Please comment if you have any new recommendations for running music. 

I think I want to start drinking coffee too.  It just seems like a good thing to drink (or get addicted to)?!   Any good recommendations for a good coffee maker, under $100?

Tomorrow’s “Tattoo Day”.  I’m getting both the “26.2” and “13.1” tattoos.