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I Hate Rest Days…

9 Sep

I’m hating rest days.  Today anyhow.

It’s important to rest and take a day off from running.  I know this.  But it messes me up.  I get into a rhythm so I don’t want to stop.  I don’t need injuries though so it had to be done (or not done?!). 

Today was “sneaker day” at work.  It’s was a given since we met some goals.  Management is always trying to come up with incentives.  We can wear jeans everyday so sneakers are the next best thing, I guess.  Silly, I know.  But also know that I took advantage and wore my Puma’s.

I wore a duster by Tracy Porter.  It’s old (3 years?) but I still love it.  And yes, I’m glad you inquired, I’m wearing my Adrienne Morrow wrap bracelet.  Check her stuff out at http://adriennemorrowjewelry.bigcartel.com/ Follow her on Twitter @adriennewraps

I’m thinking of doing a 20 mile run on September 24th.  It’s training for those signed up for an upcoming marathon (and for the public).  Everyone will gather for a run at 8am that day.  I’m not sure if I’ll actually do it but I’m curious to see if I can.  There’s still time to sign up for a  marathon in October so this could be a huge deciding factor.   It’s probably just crazy talk.  I flip-flop all over the place. 

I just want my 13.1 and 26.2 tattoos.  Stupid to some most  but I love, love, love tattoos.   

Went to Brucee’s 6pm soccer game.

7:30 at the high school football game.

And finished up the night bowling with some friends.   I was awful.

I need sleep because Roo Dog has a soccer tournament tomorrow.  Need to leave by 8am to get him there on time. 

Planning my run for tomorrow afternoon.

Night night….

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Confession… I Am A Return Queen.

14 Aug

Stores hate me, I’m sure.  I shop too much (but I don’t keep it all).  I buy things I don’t need.  I spend $ when that $ belongs elsewhere.  I get the shopper’s high and then get home and realize what I’ve done.  Within a day, I have to return it.  Mick is extremely forgiving.  I try to be sneaky, like bring in my shopping bag after he’s gone but he knows, he knows I’ve got issues (multiple). 

Mick bought me some red Nike Pro Combat running shorts.  The tag was brutal.  It was biting me.  Pulled out the sewing kit my mom got me years ago from one of my wedding showers and removed the pesky tag.  Look at my sewing skills…

I have this huge sewing kit but I only use the thread remover and the multiple colored threads for fixing simple things.

Because of the tag removal, these shorts are keepers.  There’s no returning them.  Dick’s Sporting Goods would never believe they were purchased without the tag.   It’s okay.  I like ’em.

Yayyy.  We’re going to be rich.  The Who received a guitar as a gift from her boytoy, Dags.  She’s going to be the next Taylor Swift. 

Jammin’ in her jammies…

Brucee had another game today…..in the rain.  Here he is running at warm up.  Brucee’s the only one wearing black socks (oops).

Bummed around a while and then decided I must run.  I must. 

Started my run at 3:13pm.  I wasn’t feeling it at first and talked myself into running the block (3.5 miles).  After about a mile and half, I decided I was ready to beat my previous distance of 15.39 miles.  I ran 16.61 miles today with an average of 8:36 per mile. 

Because I forget everything, I forgot my astroglide Bodyglide but I didn’t have any chaffing.  I know I was lucky (I need it for any run over 8 miles) but I’ll do my best to not to let that happen again. 

Mick and I went for sushi.  It was sooo good.  It was just the two of us.

I wore my new bandeau from Urban Outfitters with a favorite pair of suspendered pants  from Zara and a borrowed black sheer tank from The Who (purchased from Urban as well). 


Because I was cold (probably from icing my knee), I wore my favorite jean jacket from Abercrombie and Fitch.. (with satanic, inbred kitty in background)

Came home and got The Who so we could go see The Help.  We both read the book so we couldn’t wait to see it (it came out in theaters 4 days ago).

Love, love, loved the movie.  I try really hard not to get emotional in movies but it was unavoidable.  I knew the tears would come.

And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away….

24 Jun

Rise and shine!!!!  Up at 5am and started my run at 5:20am (but woke up at 2, 3, and 4am because I kept thinking I missed my alarm).  During my run, I kept thinking I was being tracked by a cougar and I was going to die at any moment.  It was dark and I was scared but charged forward.  I ran my block twice which is 7.2 miles.  No walking or stopping.  I had to deal with annoying mist/rain for most of the run.  I had my reflectors on my wrists since I was running in the country (I think you’re actually supposed to wear them on your ankles but I’m a leader not a follower).  Oh and I ran in my jammies. 

Wore a new extra long skirt from Express to work.  Looks good w/a tank and flip flops but that’s not work wear so I had to improvise. I feel like I’m getting my bohemian on.

After work, I dropped off our life’s savings and my boys’ premiere soccer paperwork for the 2011-2012 season.  Our kids come first so what can I say?  My father in law gets peeved at our spending so much $ on sports because, back in the days….it was free.  Well, it isn’t free anymore. 

Joy, Joy….thrilled to say that I got my “Seagulls” shirt from www.skinnyrunner.com today.  Happy days!!!  Fits perfect and I cannot wait to wear it.

Came home and put the boys to work, weeding.  Of course I had to pay them, the greedy little suckers. 


And while they were working away, I was in the house, hiding their XBox 360.  That’s what happens when their grades aren’t up to par.  Not sure when I’ll return it but it’ll be a good month I’m thinking.  They’re so cute in their little “Crocs”.

The boys tracked down their dad to help them w/ a ratty-looking tree that was knocked over by a storm two weeks ago.   The oldest, with only a driver’s permit, asked to use my car to pull it out of the ground.  Scary, the things they think to do…with a car. 

Mick went and played poker.  The kids and I went to the movies.  I saw “Bad Teacher” w/my daughter and the boys saw “Kung Fu Panda 2”.   Ice cream and a frozen banana(?!) followed.

I have a couple high school open houses and I plan to meet up with some high school mates tomorrow (flew in from CO and AZ).  Should be a buzzzy but fun day.  Chow!