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It’s Official…

17 Oct



That was the official time that showed up on the marathon’s website last night.  Yesterday, I placed 370 out of 1606 runners.  I’m okay with that.  Small time but 26.2 miles is 26.2 miles, right?

They allowed 3000 entries for the GR marathon and only 1606 took advantage and ran it?!   It was not as popular as the Detroit venue.  The Detroit marathon was going on yesterday as well.  The Detroit marathon filled up and 3449 people raced so it was more than double my race.  I originally tried to sign up for Detroit first but was DENIED.  I know people have done both so I’m curious to see why the Detroit is more popular than the Grand Rapids.

The only regret that comes to mind about yesterday is that I didn’t take advantage of the Culver’s ice cream they had for the runners after the race.  The Who pointed it out to me but I just wasn’t interested.  I was still in shock, maybe?

I’m so glad the craziness of yesterday is over.

Today, I’m focused on alcohol.  And, I’m not a drinker. I’m really not.  Whenever I get the chance to drink, I usually “chicken out” and get water.  No fun, I know.  BUT, today, all day, I’ve really been craving a big hot chocolate with either mint Schnapps or Bailey’s mixed in it.  And, since I’m not much of a drinker, you’ll never catch me drinking alone.   Bummer.   I’m just going to have to wait till Mick’s and my next get together with friends to indulge.


Marathon Done!

16 Oct

Completed the Grand Rapids (MI) marathon today.  I was frantic beforehand.  I got there late and almost had a nervous breakdown because I swore I was going to miss the start of the race.  My daughter (support person) and I were going to go to Grand Rapids last night so that we could zip over to the race this morning but I didn’t want to leave last night when it came down to it.  I thought we could leave at 5:45am and get there on time.  Dark, rainy, people everywhere and no parking spots were most of the speed bumps we encountered.

My Garmin registered the 26.3 race with a completion time of 3:43 hours (an average mile/min of 8:29am).  The results aren’t up on the website yet.  I’ll check again tomorrow to see what my official time was.

It was 48 degrees and rainy in the beginning.  I fashioned arm warmers out of unmatched soccer socks (cut the toes off).  I got the idea from my friend, Sue.  This worked really well.  I kept them on until mile 10 and just trashed them.

I don’t carry anything.  I can’t stand carrying stuff.  I indulged in race supplied Gatorade, water, 2 Gu’s and an orange slice and believe it or not, pickle juice.  I love the pickle juice.  I can’t say that everyone would love the pickle juice but really like pickles so it was really good to me.  Weird because I’ve only had Gu once.  It was vanilla bean flavor and it was NASTY.  I grabbed a chocolate today because I was so afraid of crashing.  I loved the chocolate.  Seriously, it tasted like chocolate frosting.

So, the marathon was very hard on me.  Due to all the standing water, I stepped in a huge mud puddle at mile 3.  I wanted to walk several times but I resisted the urge.  I cannot imagine doing another marathon unless they offered like the whole line of Lole to me vs a measly shirt (for the same price I paid for this marathon which was $112.85).

Crazy daughter.  Today, she somehow talked me into a 5k on December 18th in Grand Rapids.  How’d she reel me in?  You get a Patagonia shirt for the $30 signup fee.

Beating the Grinch becomes the  runners challenge as he “slithers  and slunks,” looking for every short cut  to Whoville. Nothing to fear as Thing 1 and Thing 2 chase the Grinch down!

And, at the end, there’s hot chocolate and chocolate fountain goodies.  www.whoville5k.com  Besides talking me into doing the 5k, she talked all of us into doing it (even the 13-year-old who has only done 1-mile runs so far).  Brucee asked if he could still get the chocolate fountain if he didn’t sign up for the race (so I signed him up).   We’re going to freeze our arses off!!

The Marathon’s Tomorrow…

15 Oct

Do not get sick. Do not get sick. DO NOT GET SICK!

I love this guy but he’s sick. (and yes, I did creep on him to take the picture)

If I catch the cootie, it’s going to be from him.

I’ve been drinking Airborne daily (couple times a day) for the last week or so. Whether it works or not, I don’t care.  It certainly doesn’t hurt anything.

No, I’m not being paranoid.  When I ran the 1/2 marathon, I was so sick.

Tomorrow’s it. Tomorrow’s my first ever marathon. Weird because I’m less nervous about tomorrow than I was about my 1/2?! It really makes no sense because when I did the 1/2, I had runs that were as long as 17 miles each so a 1/2 marathon should have been a breeze. Everyone there, whether it be the runners or the fans were crazy and that made me crazy.  But now, I need to run 26 miles and I’ve never run over 20.41. I hope this isn’t the calm before the storm which means I’m going to have a major breakdown in the next 20 hours…

Hal Knows Best…

10 Oct

I woke up feel extremely sore.  I’m still respecting Mick and his work as a landscaper.  He’s a very hard-working man.

My left thumb is numb and there’s a pain that travels from my wrist down to my elbow.  I feel like I have “The Carpel Tunnel”.  Seriously annoying.

Here’s a dark picture for you.  Wore my Express grey skirt and an old J Crew shirt.  It turned out to be a bit too matchy-matchy…

Per Hal Higdon, and our many conversations (not really), I need to really taper my mileage this week.  My marathon is in 6 days, YO!  I know this because I get daily emails from the marathon people reminding me every single morning.  Kind of makes me crazy.  Aye, yigh, yigh…

To tell you the truth, I’m relieved because after giving blood on Friday, running 20 miles on Saturday and working almost 11 hours landscaping Sunday (I’m not talking about planting annuals either, BABY) my body needed a break to heal, heal, heal (too bad I didn’t listen to it).

CHICAGO MARATON RECAP… Two things that stuck out to me about the marathon yesterday:  1.  Lady gave birth to a baby after she ran the marathon?!  2.  A 35-year-old man died 500 yards from the finish line.  He had a heart condition but still.. WTH…  So incredibly sad.

Here’s a little tat for ya.  She’s a mad, mad zombie holding her ex-boyfriends’ heads in her right hand and a lovely axe in her left.   She’s a mad bitch.  I love her.

I decided that running 3 miles today shouldn’t be that big of a deal.  At 5:57pm, I ran 3.01 miles with an average mile of 8:37.  It was rough.  I was slow.  I couldn’t run faster if I wanted to.  The weather was beautiful but I was exhausted and I was tight.  Probably should have rested today?!

Oh, and I’ve decided I need biker boots.  I’ve been looking for them now and then and today, some biker boots popped up on my radar at Target.com of all places.  I almost ordered them online since I didn’t have any running around to do where I’d be near a Target.  I’m glad I drove to Target anyways because I hated the boots.  The pair I spotted looked better online then in person.  I don’t care if they were cheap ($34.99), because they felt cheap.  I didn’t want to settle.   The hunt will continue.

“OH MY” MOMENT…. Cher’s in the audience of Dancing With The Stars.  I frickin’ love Cher.