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Don’t Pick Up Poop With Your Hands…

30 Nov

My mom’s having troubles.  Without getting personal, I’ll just say she jumped out of a plane without her parachute.  It sounds more exciting that way.

Because of the parachute incident, my sisters and I (and our husbands) have been in charge of walking our brothers, “the boys” (my mom’s dogs), down the cul-de-sac twice a day until my mother gets back to her healthy self.

Being that my mom lives in a subdivision, there are rules about dogs poopin’ and peein’ in the right spots.  I’m sure there are rules everywhere but we bend them a little at my mom’s.  We always walk the dogs and let them poo poo in the empty lots.  It’s totally acceptable…I think.  What’s the big deal?   Because of the deep snow, the chunkiest of the two dogs couldn’t get himself up on the empty lot so he pooped in a snow bank on the road.  I felt really guilty I should have walked away.   I bent over with my hands cupped like this (envision…use your imagination).  Having a superior mind, I figured I could carefully pick up the poo while it rested on the snow and toss it all on the empty lot so no one one of my sisters stepped on it.  FAIL!  Poo poo rolled all over the ground but touch my gloves before doing so.  SHIT!  Literally.

I mentioned yesterday that I was hoping school wouldn’t get cancelled due to the snow.  Well, it got cancelled.

Oops. I guess I should have opened the screen door before taking a picture.

The first snow always freaks everyone out.  Besides, the high school has a lot of new drivers so it was probably good school was cancelled.

Power was lost sporadically through town.

Another challenging day to run so I ran BABY.

At 12:53pm, I ran 8.48 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:45.  I was so afraid I was going to fall and break a wrist.  I wouldn’t be able to type or make inappropriate hand gestures at my coworkers — not okay.  I survived.  It was crispy cold (32 degrees — felt like 25).  I wore a white shirt which was incredibly stupid being that cars were going by…fast, spraying me with crip and crud from the road.

It's not about being fashionable. I say this when I look like a total twit.

I’ve said it before but I was really proud of myself for running in this cold weather.  I do NOT miss the treadmill.

I forgot that I got new boots at Macy’s the other day.  Shame on me.  I wore them today in an outfit that someone at work described as my looking like an elf.  Hmmm.  Not an insult (at least not to me) and not really a compliment either…

I did buy a new shirt today.  I love the saying… “If you see me collapse, pause my Garmin“.  Awesome.  I ordered in green (green because I really do wish I was an elf).

Moving on…

What’s this about decorating your holiday table with antlers.  Aren’t antlers to the equivalent our finger or toenails.  That’s so gross…


Rain, SLEET, Snow. OH MY!!

29 Nov

Yeah, crazy stuff for running in today.  It was gloomy and rainy all day long.  There was a rumor that the snow was coming and I was thirsty for a challenge.

This shirt is a turtleneck and I HATE turtlenecks. I do like turtles though.

At 3:02pm, I started the craziest run of my life.  Sounds extreme, I know.  Keep in mind that I used to take it inside to the treadmill whenever the temperature dropped below 50 degrees.  It was 36 degrees (but felt 23).  I honestly thought felt colder than 23 because the wind was just brutal (26 mph).  I ran 8.36 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:43.  My pace was slower than normal but that’s because things got pretty slippery in the last 2 miles.  I was so afraid I was going to slip and fall on my ass.  That would have hurt so bad.

Very slick...

For all of my run, the sleet wouldn’t stop pelting me in the face.  Stingers!!!

Earlier today, I put on some clothes for work since they frown on my wearing my pajam jam’s.  They’re so strict, right?

I wore some skinny jeans (major repeaters), a J Crew shirt and a weird Free People sweater.

Love the little studs in the backs of these B Makowsky pumps...

Check the sweater out.  It’s a 2 layer sweater.  One layer’s peach and one was pink.  It was very itchy but I kept it on for appearances.  Didn’t want to ruin the look. You know what I mean?

Bruce had a friend over.  Normally the kids don’t have friends overnight on school nights but Brucee’s friend, “A”, was over on special request by his parents.  They asked us for a favor since they were going out-of-town.  It was working out wonderfully since both my boys enjoyed hanging out with “A”.

By 6:30, I had the family fed.  I know, it’s quite amazing that I made dinner.  Secretly, I didn’t want “A”‘s family to know I was a loser who very rarely made dinner for her family.  Shaaa…

I went to my mom’s to walk her dogs.  There was an inch of snow on the ground.  It was so pretty.  I wished I had snowshoes or skis. Mick will say no to my purchasing them.  He always says “no” to new purchases.  Since I had neither, I had to make due with my snow boots.

After walking my hairy brothers, I watched, “Something Borrowed” with my mom.  I’d already seen it but I like hanging out with her.

Besides, I really don’t have a problem watching John Krasinski.  He’s kind of yummy .  He’s not hot like “hot body” hot.  He’s just so funny and that makes him hot.  Swoon…

I bought the song, “New Shoes”  (artist Paolo Nutini) from Itunes.  I know it’s uncool to buy from Itunes when you can convert from YouTube but I feel better “purchasing” my music.  I’m so lame.

I work 4-8 tomorrow night so I so hope to goodness that there’s not a “snow day”.  I might hurt myself if all the kids stay home with me all…day….long.  That’ll suck ass.

Oh and yes, Chicago is in 3 days.

What An Ass…

28 Nov

I didn’t plan on looking like a total ass.  It just happened.  I started with some clothes and then got nervous.  I always think I’m going to freeze.  It’s to the point where I’m tempted to skip my run.  I get so scerred.  To appease this inner demon, I keep adding clothing.  In the end, I look like a total dweeb.  Kind of like a dorky middle school boy?!  Wait a minute… I have one of those and he doesn’t look like that.

I started my run at 2:53pm.  The temperature was 35 degrees (felt like 28).  I had limited time so even though I felt good, I needed to head home.  I ended up completing 8.4 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:13.  I only had to stop and retie my yellow shorts three X’s.

After my run, my day went downhill.  I got mad at my family and went to my mom’s.  Before I left my house, I threatened the boys (Mick and my two sons) that I was moving out for good.   My mom and I  drank wine and I ate a humungo bowel bowl of popcorn.   My mom was ready for me to go home at 10:30pm.  Geez.

Before I made enemies with everyone, my day started out pretty darn good.  It was Monday but Monday’s aren’t a problem for me…usually.  I drank coffee.  Coffee’s like speed to me.  I talk fast normally so coffee intensifies it.   It makes me feel like the smartest person in the whole world.  Coffee’s awesome.

I was in the mood to wear lots of color this morning.  Sported my Lucky dress (too big but no match for a belt) and some hooker boots.  Nice…

Today sucked (because of this afternoon) but tomorrow’s another day.  I bet it’s going to be frickin’ fantastical!!

Evolution Of Smooth…

27 Nov

I cross-trained today.  Kind of…

It was a dreary day.  It was cold and rainy all day today.

Guess who my blue shirt’s by?  Guess.  No, really, Guess…

Blue Guess shirt, VS leggings and Liz Clairborne shoes...

Sundays we do breakfast (my mom, grandma and I).  I was in charge of picking  Gramms up.   This is what you see when you come to my Gramm’s door…

Not centered because I was afraid she'd catching me taking it...

No, not my ugly, chewed up finger.

My grandma can be naughty.  My Grandpa died in 2007.  Within less than a day after he died, my Grandma had scribbled out his first name from the name tag on their apartment door (vs replacing it with a new one).  I have to laugh or I’d get mad at her insensitivity.   It’s almost 5 years later and she has the same tacky tag on her door.

I wasn’t into doing a run today.  I ate too big of a breakfast so I didn’t want any problems out on the road.  It was turning out to be a real downer of day.  I was feeling sorry for myself.  I laid on my bed thinking about what a mess my house was.  I have piles all over.  Roo wouldn’t study for his exams which was really stressing me.   He was so on my nerves and I didn’t know how to motivate him.   In the past I’ve yelled at him, bribed him…talked nicely to him.  Nothing ever works.

I was thinking how my carpets looked like hell.  I wanted to go out and buy a carpet steamer.  I always want to own stuff.  I don’t want to borrow or rent.  My daughter lectured me that I didn’t need a cheesy Christmas tree (white w/pre-lit blue lights) nor do I need a carpet steamer.  Naaaaaah!  I hate it when she’s right.  I ended up renting a steamer from the store for $12.  $12 beats buying a steamer…I guess.

I only steam cleaned my bedroom and the living room.  I didn’t feel bad about not doing the whole house because it was so cheap.  Bedda than nuthin’.  It was a lot of work.  I could possibly be sore tomorrow from the steam cleaning workout.  I think it counted as cross-training?!

It’s so sad that cleaning my carpets was the highlight of my day.  Whatever.  That’s my boring life.  Boring can be good, right?

NEW FAVORITE PRODUCT… EOS lip balm.  EOS (Evolution of  Smooth) lip balm is so different from all the other lip balms because it’s looks like a sphere.  It’s fun.  I have to give my daughter credit for bringing it to my attention.  I’m totally hooked.

Only $3.50

It was difficult taking this pic without it looking porn...

Pizza Anyone?

26 Nov
Lazy morning.  That’s all I gotta say about that.

Thank you to my Who Girl for making me run.

Getting fired up!!

I was going to blow off all running today.  At precisely 1:36pm, Who and I ended up running around the block which is 3.52 miles.  My average mile/minute was 8:14.  No exaggeration — I felt like throwing up for the last 2/3 of the run.  I kept taking deep breaths and telling myself I could go on.  I really didn’t want to throw up because with that, I’d probably wet my pants.  No fun.

I’m wondering if the roasted chestnuts I ate this morning had something to do with my feeling nauseous?!  The more I thought about it the more I remembered that I purchased them in the refrigerator section.  After roasting them last night, I just left them on the counter.  Now I’m not saying I had food poisoning but I am thinking they weren’t the best thing for my stomach?!

I went to Meijer’s about 3:30pm and I think we figured out that I stayed there for 2 hours and 10 minutes.  They redid their store so everything is scattered all over the store.  I’m not efficient about it so I waste a lot of time there.  Roo has been wanting an Ipad2 but his grades are not where they need to be for Mick and I to let him have one.  I was able to save about $100 with the Black Friday, whatever Saturday sale they were having.  Apple items don’t go on sale and I felt like this was my only chance.  I left the Ipad2 in my car because I’m debating whether or not I’m going to let Roo buy it.  No, I’m not giving it him and it’s not going to be a Christmas present (we’re not exchanging gifts this year).  Plus, Roo doesn’t leave the house.  An Ipad2 will not help him be more social.  I’m so torn on what to do.  I need a few days to think it through.

Normally I can bum around a store and waste two hours but we had plans.  Who Girl called me at 4:45pm asking where the heck I was.  We needed to be to my aunt and uncle’s at 5pm.  We were invited over with the rest of my family for homemade pizza.  My uncle’s been making pizzas in his own store for a long time.  I was really looking forward to going over there and I was being rude by being late.  How embarrassing.

Arrived at my aunt and uncle’s at 5:25pm (oops).  My aunt Leandracca (not her real name) made me a vodka and orange juice.

My auntie making me a drink

Don’t worry.  It was a weak one so I didn’t get diarrhea of the mouth.  I behaved myself.

My uncle Dolph started flinging the dough.

Uncle Dolph. He's got some skills.

The pizza was awesome.  The conversation was fantastic.  We had a lot of fun.

I’m a horrible picture taker…

My aunt and I

Mick and Uncle Dolph

My cousin and his girlfriend

Who and her boytoy, Deegs

Who Girl, Gramps, Grams and my mom...

My aunt and uncle's dog, Jet. Jet's a standard poodle and he's wonderful...

We were the last to leave.  I was having fun so why would I leave, right?  Arrived home about 10:30 or so.  Deegs hung out for a little bit and then left.  Sad cause I’m not sure when we’ll see him next.  It’s  hard when the kids are away at school.

Only positive thing about Deegs leaving was I could finally take my bra off and chill…..  TMI.  Sorry.

Chestnuts Are Big Fat Boring Nuts…

25 Nov

First off. I’m totally disgusted. I typed a whole post and it disappeared when I tried saving it?!  I’m sure I’ll find it in a month.

Anywho, up and running at 9:45am. I threw on some oversized North Face long underwear with a Champion long sleeve white shirt (Target).

What a SMOE. I'm definitely not looking for a boyfriend.

It was beautiful out. I ran 12.21 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:32. I wanted to walk most of the run but I never did. I think it might have been because I was really looking forward to going to lunch with my daughter and her friend. The whole time I was running, I expected a call asking where the heck I was. I was ready to tell Tho Who to come and pick me up. That phone call never came.

The Who, her friend, KG, Brucee and I went to an awesome Thai restaurant called, Thai Princess.

Only half of the Thai Princess menu

I ordered Thai Pad but the appetizer was spicy chicken soup, a spring roll and a little salad. It was all so good.

Brucee (14 yrs old) and I...

The Who and her friend, KG

Off for a little shopping. The Who found my Christmas party dress (Bar III) for my work party. It was $15. I’m not joking. My daughter always finds the best deals. This dress is awesome. You’re thinking that it’s going to be super cheesy considering how cheap it is. Just wait. I’ll post a picture of it on December 11th. I will need to purchase some double-stick tape though. Yes, it’s risky but not slutty.

I bought a new scent, Body by Burberry. I really needed new toilet toilette water.  Surprise, surprise because it came with a Burberry bag.  Yay me!!

I made it home in time to meet my mom, my sis and her husband, J, for the light parade.

Leggings and Bearpaw boots (fake Uggs) under the skirt and I was ready to hang outside...

J, Marla and my momma (sitting)

I’ve been to the parade once before. It was freezing the last time but it was a lot more mild this time. All vehicles that are in the parade are covered in lights. It’s kind of fun.

There was a cow. J pointed out that it wasn’t a cow because it didn’t have udders. I guess you could call him a bull (not my bro in law, the 4-legged farm animal).

A lot of bull

The local bail bondsman was there.

There was a guy in a mock jail. The "prisoner" had a slurpee...

This reminded me that the Janet Evanovich book, One For The Money, which is coming out as a movie soon. I read the whole series so I’m really looking forward to it.

As I said, it’s usually freezing so everyone really looks forward to when the hot air balloon trailer/float rolls by…

Hot stuff!!

Huge fish made entirely of recycled detergent bottles and, of course, lights…

As usual, I didn’t plan anything for dinner so I stopped for chicken tenders at the grocery store. Oh, and I got 3 bottles of red wine for meeeself.

Each year, I rotate doing a real Christmas tree and an artificial.  I spotted a really tacky pre-lit white tree at the grocery store on sale for $100.  Mick said I couldn’t have it but I think I’m getting it tomorrow. 

I noticed a container of chestnuts and I had a brilliant idea to roast them myself. I usually have to go to Frankenmuth, MI for roasted chestnuts. Mick got after me for trying to cut criss crosses in them (in my hand) while I watched TV. He said I was going to cut myself.  I’m sure he didn’t want to take me to the ER because I was being an idiot. He’s so sweet.

The chestnuts were bland. I guess I just need to go to Frankenmuth next time because it’s just not the same when you do it in your oven.

Oh, it’s plank time.  I’m buzzed so it’s going to be interesting.

Gobble Gobble!!

24 Nov
That didn’t work very well.  In bed by 2:30am and my internal alarm had me out of bed by 7am.  I couldn’t go back to sleep.

We were gathering at my mom’s house at 1pm for Thanksgiving.  There were a total of 17 of us.  My mom does the turkey and the rest of us bring sides.   I had it easy.  I took a bowl of fresh fruit, Brie wrapped in puff pastry and crackers, sodie pops (doesn’t everyone have pop for a holiday drink…), spinach salad, and squash.

The squash was like candy.  I mixed 4 different kinds of squash with maple syrup, brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice.

The Who made the brie.  She cooked chopped almonds and dried cherries in butter and put them on top of the brie.  She wrapped the brie in puff pastry and voila’ you have the most fattening appetizer ever.  I eat a few bites and I feel like I’m going to be full for hours (it never lasts that long but I’m telling you, it’s very rich).

Me and my mother...

My mom and older sister...

Just like lots of other families, we chowed.  I chowed.  It was awesome.

Before we chowed, my grandpa did a beautiful blessing. 

My mom's parents (yep, my grandparents).

He’s got a way with words and of course, I bawled.  My dad died October 24th so today was one of those “firsts” that we’re going to keep encountering.  My brother in law thought I was having allergy problems (because I had red eyes).   He’s a funny one.

As usual, my mom had lots of wine.  I indulged.  Normally I don’t drink but lately, I’m into coffee and wine.  I have no good explanation as to why.

I really liked this stuff. I lost track of how much I drank...

The grandkids. The one's making dumb faces are mine. I'm so lucky.

My sister, Marla and her mother-in-law...

My daughter and my husband...

My daughter and my sista, Marla...

My older sister and her husband...


My dad's mom (yep, you got it, my grandma)...

My nieces and my dog, Bella.

A lot of my family left for home about 5pm. 

My sons and I stayed til 7:30pm.  On the way home I picked up two frozen pizzas for the kiddies.  After the big feast, I snacked on spinach salad, green bean casserole and stuffing.  I was borderline illin’ by the time I got home.

It’s funny because I always have grand ideas about what I’m going to get done in a day.  I thought after we left my mom’s, we’d make it to a movie before the night was over.  What a joke.  I was way too exhausted to pull that off.