Night Visits and Hot Spots…

23 Jun

What’s been goin’ on?

Not a whole lot here.  The usual, actually.  Soccer tryouts, soccer games, running, etc.  What not. (Roo always says “what not”).

Sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on my left knee.  It’s still not 100%.  My knee is sore and weak.  Creepy.  Whenever I get an injury, I feel like it’s going to last forever.  A week or so later, I’ll realize it’s gone.  This knee thing’s a bit more stubborn which is really buggin’ me (that’s why I said creepy).  I’ll keep icing it.  I need to do some strength training.  Runner’s World had some exercises that are supposed to help your knee.

My mom, my wonderful mom, joined a walking club with my favorite running store.  We’re going to the store this morning to get her paperwork.  I’ll bring the proper footwear in case we get to walk.  If you don’t remember, my mom hurt her hip back in October (ripped this and fractured that).  She was a mess.  Plus, she has MS so she’s my gosh darn hero.  She feels she’s ready to grab this walking think by the balls.  Whoa!

I’m looking to purchase a foam roller of some kind because one of the exercises in RW showed one being used.  I must own one.  I’m hoping the running store has one.


1.  We take our Golden Retriever swimming almost every day.  When we’re done, I try to sit her down and dry her the best I can.  I do this because I don’t want her stuck outside in the humid, bug infested heat and I also don’t want my house to smell like wet dog.  When drying her, I use the metal rake brush because it seems to speed up drying (and pull off fur that ends up all over my floor and furniture).  Yesterday, I notice she was reacting each time I brushed over an area on her back so I thought, “oh, she likes that” and kept going over it.  Blood appeared and I realized I was hurting her and wanted to cry.  What a BITCH I was for making her bleed.  Turns out she had a huge hot spot.  Fungus, staph, something that can happen if she doesn’t dry properly.

I have a bottle of OTC hot spot treatment which said to cut the hair around the area.  “Well screw that doggie grooming session from a few weeks ago because she’s going to look like a dork by the time I’m done with her”.  So, while Who Girl supervised, I started cutting and cutting and finally we realized the spot was huge (most of her back).  Poor baby.  We drove her to the vet (who was closing in 5 minutes and not too thrilled with our late arrival).  He looked at her and gave her steroids and antibiotic.  NO cone for Sophee.  And, I didn’t need to cut all her fur.   Poor baby.

2.  At 3 in the morning, Mick open the slider door in our bedroom because it was nice and cool outside.  A kitty came to visit and three of our cats knew it (the 4th cat was outside somewhere being a scavenger of dead carcasses).  Frank, our black cat, growled at the kitty for about 15 minutes.  Growling could be friendly sound because Frank growls daily when Mick comes home from work and Frank lovessss Mick.

Sophee wanted to get that kitty (to love him of course — she’d never hurt anything) which would involve her crashing through the screen so Mick made her get on the bed and sleep with us (lay — she did not sleep).  Mick and I must have dosed off.  Sophee didn’t.  She jumped down and charged the cat.  Thank goodness she didn’t crash through the screen.

I don’t think I went back to sleep after that.  I tossed and turned for the new few hours.

I’ll be a walking zombie today.  People, walking zombies are out.

RUNNING (and what not):

Tuesday (19th) ran 5.94 miles (average mile/minute 10:12) — (slower pace cause I ran w/Who Girl)

Wednesday bike ride 10.7 miles

Thursday ran 8.08 miles (8:45)

Friday ran 8.24 miles (9:14) — (ran with Who Girl again)


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