Post Run Goodness

29 Jun

Have I been running?  Yes.  Since my last post, here’s how…

Sunday, 10.57 miles w/average mile/minute 8:29

Tuesday, 5.16 miles (on a high school track Up North) w/average mile/minute 8:43

Thursday, 11.10 miles w/average mile/minute 8:28

Friday(TODAY), 7.13 miles with average mile/minute 8:47

What’s my favorite part of my run? …. Being done, of course.  There’s that great sense of pride for getting out there and doing it but I just want to be home.  I, for the most part, don’t enjoy the actual running part.  Please?!

I wanted to run early this morning.  I started later than I’d like because I wanted to run with my daughter and she has a hard time getting out of bed.  I covered myself with Off but I still got bit in my hairline by a horsefly.

My 2nd favorite part of my run is when I get to eat something like this….

My sister told me to grind up the flax seeds or I won’t realize the benefits. I just grind the seeds with my “shark teeth” as I eat so I don’t need a grinder.

Lots of favorites.  I also love slipping off my wet, sweaty clothes and putting my dry jammies back on.

Earlier this week…

My kids and I got back Wednesday from a little trip Up North.  It was beautiful up there.  The weather was perfect.  We had a brief visit with my aunt, cousin and her two girls.


They’re a riot. So cute.

Travel in comfort. Old J Crew dress and Ed Hardy shoes.

We visited a great Amish store.  We picked up all kinds of goodies.

Found a little surf store with lots of Billabong clothes.  I didn’t buy anything because I’m too cheap.

I’m not a wine drinker but I stopped in a wine store called Durand’s Wine Company to purchase a gift for some friends.  I bought some white riesling for meeself.  You know, one for them, one for me…

Leelanau Peninsula is in Michigan

I was drawn to the store because there was a sign that said “free wine tasting”.  Oh, that’s for me.  The cups were so small.  And, they poured for you.   How was I supposed to get a buzz?  WTH?!

We left the Golden Retriever home with my husband but we took the Chihuahua.  When she pants, she’s either really nervous or really excited.  We’re not quite sure which it is.  Either way, look at her clean teeth.  What teeth she has left, that is.  She just had a teeth cleaning a few weeks ago and she had to have five more teeth pulled.  I think she has like seven left.  I now have to soak her food in water before I can feed her.

Is she a bat or a rat? That’s my 2 1/2 lb Bella Blue.

4th of July’s coming.  Have fun but don’t blow your hand off.

My favorite 4th of July memory… Blowing up ant hills with Adam and Erick using M-80’s.  M-80’s are large firecrackers.  We were around 10 years old and our parents gave us an endless amount of them do what we pleased with.  Good times.


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