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Willy Wonka Did Me Wrong….

24 Apr

I missed my much needed 19 miler on Saturday.  That’s what Hal said I was supposed to be doing for my marathon training.

Instead, because I was out of town at a soccer tournament, I ran on the treadmill on Saturday at the hotel a measly 7 miles.  It took a little over an hour but at least it was something.  No music.  No TV.  No one to talk to.  Super boring.

Before Saturday’s TM run, I hadn’t run outside since Wed the 18th.

The last few days have been mentally tough for me.  I was getting more and more depressed each day I wasn’t running outside.  I was full of excuses and they all sucked.

Finally, today I got out and ran 10.11 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:14.  It wasn’t easy to get today’s run in.  I procrastinated from 12:30 until 5:15pm.  It was really windy but the temp was 59 degrees.  Everything worked out.  I was quite comfortable once I got out there.

During my procrastination, I ate and slept.  I made a serious “wrong turn” but eating a rejected piece of candy that I gave Brucee back in January.  If he rejected it, I should have tossed it in the trash but instead I put in our handy-dandy candy bowl on top of the fridge.  It looked like licorice from the outside and but it didn’t taste like licorice at all.  I can’t explain the fruit punch flavored paste that oozed out of it.  It was really gross but I ate all of it.  It didn’t sit well at all.  Almost sabotaged my run.  Why did I eat it?  I can’t answer that.

SUBJECT CHANGE.  KEEP UP — My mom just purchased a new home.  The little old lady who lived there before passed away but before she did, she was able to pack away 700 Barbie dolls in the basement.  All in the original packaging.  Some of them were old.  HOLY FRICKIN’ BARBIES!!!

Astronaut Barbie, McDonald’s Barbie.  I really wanted to look through them out of morbid curiosity.  What the heck was that woman thinking?!  About a quarter of the basement floor was covered.  This picture doesn’t show all the girls…

PINTEREST I love PInterest.  I love to pin to Pinterest.  I spend too much of time on Pinterest.  Do you get me?

I found this shirt looking for something to pin….

Youth Yes I Wore This Shirt Yesterday t shirt funny shirt printed on our soft tees size S-3XL


It will be mine.


Yes, I Look Like A Dork…

1 Oct

I look forward to the weekends since I know I’ll have more time to do ME…

Besides having to get Brucee to a soccer game (which happened to be smack in the middle of the day), I needed to run a long one.  It seemed simple to get both done but due to cold weather, sore stomach, and aches (right ankle and right knee),  I allowed procrastination to creep in.   I didn’t get a long run in today. 

It was frigid this morning.  I want to run regardless of the elements.  I keep saying that but I have no idea what I’ll be dealt on the 16th.  No run

Took Brucee to his game.  Depressed me since they lost so bad.  Poor little guys. 

I forgot how to dress when it gets cold out.  It’s more difficult when it rains on top of the cold and wind.  Thank goodness there was no rain.  I ended up being comfy.

And, I ended up looking like a dork…

Started my gimpy-like run at 5:23pm. 

I ran 10.11 miles with an average pace of 8:01.  I overdressed.  I’ve been told that you need to put enough clothes on where you feel pretty cold the first 3 miles because after running three miles, you’ll be fine with the minimal clothing.  It’s so hard to gauge what clothing would give me that.  With the wind chill, the temperature was about 40 degrees (felt colder than that even with the sun out). 

My dad came home from the hospital this afternoon but the doctors are baffled by him.  Here’s my mom’s take on it:

Tom is home! Yeah! Still do not have any answers. Tom went into the hospital by ambulance from Urgent Care on Wednesday—with pericardial effusion, very low hemoglobin, inflammation in the lungs, blood in the urine. Now, mysteriously, he is getting better, after being on strong antibiotics. Still waiting for the results from the many blood tests, and ultrasounds. Thank you so much for all of the prayers!

It’s good news/bad news in my eyes.  I want my dad to be comfortable (and he clearly wasn’t at the hospital).  I just worry that they let him go too soon since they didn’t have answers yet.  I so hope my dad’s problems are over or soon to be over.  We need him around for a long time.   These last few days have been scary for us all.

To wrap up today, Mick, the kids and I went to see the movie, Moneyball.  It dragged a little but we liked it (I like everything).