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18 Nov

Today for work, I wore a skirt purchased from the store Francesca’s (you’ve seen it on me before) and a silk blouse from J Crew.  I wore cream-colored “go-go” boots from Aerosoles.  I was proud of my obnoxious polka-dotted socks hanging out above the top of my boots.

So, you know I’m drinking coffee, right?  That’s the excitement in my life.  Whenever I try something, I go hard.  I throw myself into.  No, I didn’t ease into with just one sissy cup.  I’ve had at least four today.  I was so wired all day.  This could be bad.  Not just healthwise but jobwise.  I was so amped up, I was talking so damn fast that I was skipping words.  It all made perfect sense to me because I heard all the words in my head but when I left the words out to my callers, they didn’t always get it.  I had to repeat myself… a lot.  It worked out.  They probably thought I was tired and just needed a cup of coffee.  Yeah, right!!

It’s Friday.  I should have a weekend full of fun planned, right?  Well I don’t.  I suck…

I’d bug Mick to do something but he has his own plans tonight.  He has a bunch of guys over to his shop for a poker tournament.  I don’t play poker.  He hasn’t banned me (yet) so I could hang out there and visit but I’ll probably put on my dork clothes and hibernate at my house.  I’m not a night owl. 

I dragged Brucee around the Mall for a couple of hours.  I returned the Miss Me and Crash & Burn jeans I bought this last weekend.  I return a lot of stuff to the store.  Usually it’s because I have regret…shopper’s remorse.

I wasn’t feeling remorseful for long.  I ended up buying an 8-cup French press from Macy’s.  Shoot, it was only $20.  I plan on using this at work since the coffee they supply us with sucks ass.  I also got a headlamp for running in the dark.  I don’t need to get squashed.  Safety first, right?

Oh and by the way….I’m a winner.  I won some ROC20 Sports Drink Mix from Amway Nutrilite.  Yay me!!  I registered on Skinnyrunner’s blog and I actually won.  Love it!!


13.1 And 26.2 Tattoos…

8 Nov

For work, I wore my favorite Banana Republic skinnies and an old J Crew shirt…


Bum deal.  I can’t wear the Running Fit shirt because it’s too small.  Mick picked it up for me yesterday “just because”. He doesn’t want me driving to Ann Arbor to exchange it because that’d be a waste of gas so I’m paying $6 to ship it to the store and they’ll mail me a large.  Can’t wait to get my new shirt.

After work, I did the dirty deed.  I got both a “13.1” and a “26.2” tattoo.  Many people would say, “Why a tattoo?”  or “Why not a bumper sticker?” or “Why not just get the 26.2”?  Well, that’s an easy question for someone like me who loves tattoos.  Umm, I love tattoos.  Besides, I earned it by running the 1/2 marathon in September and a Full in October.


I took a “creeper” picture of Curtis while he was “poking me with holes” and “fillin’ me full of ink”.  Sha ha haaaa…

Now I do plan on doing another marathon in May 2012.  The sign up for the Traverse City marathon opens on December 1st.  Once I complete my next marathon, I will not get another “26.2” tattoo.  One is enough.  Even I have my limits.

So, that was the excitement of my day.  I’m pretty lame-o, I know.  I didn’t run.  I didn’t feel like it.  I didn’t make dinner so we took my momma to a local pub for a fattening, high-carb meal.  Since my dad died, I just want to be around my mom as much as I can.  Mick’s good about letting me do that.

Oh and I’m going to start shopping soon for a coffee maker so I can start my coffee addiction.  Alecia from Tin Can Treader  gave me the recommendation for a french press (she’s friends with peoples from The History Channel and they recommended the french press to her).  It’s gotta be a good purchase, right?  I cannot wait to start buying flavored creamer…

Let me just say that I love Alecia because she wore a prom dress to do The Warrior Dash.  That is cool.  I aspire to do TWD.  We have one in Michigan but the waves fill up quickly so I need to sign up soon.  I don’t think I’d have the balls to wear a prom dress though.  Who knows.  Maybe I can come up with something equally as tricky?!

My boss told me today that she and her husband signed up to do the Whoville 5k on December 18th in December.  My husband and my kids and I are signed up as well back in October.   I’m so happy that there’ll be other familiar faces.  She and her hubs scored Patagonia shirts as well.  I noticed that there are only 10 spots left because they’re cutting it off at 600 entries.