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Maybe Tomorrow…

29 Mar

So you think you’re a runner, do ya?

Umm, no, not today I don’t.

As with most days, I have to get myself hyped up to run.  Today was no exception.  My sons and I are going to see The Hunger Games and I was definitely not planning to behave.

As an incentive to eat popcorn at the movie theater, I needed to get in a run.

Yes, I'm usually surrounded by cats. This is what I get for being weak when visiting Petsmart.

At 4pm, I started off in comfy clothes.

You know how you get going down the road and it doesn’t feel that great but as you get to that mile point, it gets better?  Well, it didn’t.  I ran to my husband’s business and he wasn’t there so I ran around the pond.  And then, I ran back home for a total of 1.47 miles.  FAIL!!!

I just didn’t have it in me.

Now I’m going to stuff my face at the movies.

Hopefully I’ll run tomorrow.




I Blame My Mom…

28 Mar

Today I ran 11.15 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:27.  No music.  The sun was shining but the wind was gusting, hard.  It was agonizing at certain points.  There were times where I felt like I was running in place.  I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to walk.  I was having a hard time breathing.  By the time I got to my driveway, I really thought I was going to throw up.

This was my pre-run pose. I clearly felt good when I took this. I will admit I looked like a dweeb in my getup. I love these Brooks shorts I got off the sale rack at Playmakers in January.

To reward myself for my run, I got a large Tim Horton’s coffee with a shot of caramel.  $2.39 is all it cost.  It was huge and I ended up throwing half of it out.  I got it at 3:30pm and by 6, I worried that I would never sleep tonight.  Besides, the frozen cappuccinos are so much better.

When I got to work, I ran up to see my mom.  We work at the same place and she was about to get off her shift.  I noticed a new, strange contraption at her desk.  She proudly got it out saying that it was for the knots in her back.  It’s supposed to do something for you by hitting your pressure points.  She’s always buying something.  I blame my sweet mother for my spending problems.  Kidding…

Please excuse her messy desk.

Oh, and I entered a drawing today for a Glitzbandz at the blog Life is a Run.  I can always use another headband, right?  Right!

Oops, Used The Wrong Restroom…

26 Mar

At 5:44pm, I ran 9.67 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:09. Not bad…for me, at least. No music. No stops.

If it weren't for the paint chips that would probably stick to my ass, I might be tempted to rest in front of this house on these bizarre tractor chairs...

Michigan is back to where she normally is this time of year. It was 41 degrees. I could feelt a cool breeze throughout so it felt like 35. Overall, I was comfortable as long as I was in the sun. I miss our 70-80 degree weather from last week even if it was a little scary since Michigan hit some record high temps because of it.
Last week equated to Windows open and the heat was turned off. I did enjoy it.
I didn’t run Saturday and Sunday I’m afraid to say. I don’t have a good excuse for it. I had to travel to Dayton, OH with my youngest son. I was truly unhappy with my weekend plans because up until about 3 weeks ago, Mick and Roo Dog were going with us to the same soccer tourney. The guy who was supposed to register Roo’s team neglected to do so but was happy to say that he got them in another tourney in Ohio over an hour and a half away from Brucee’s tourney. Annoyed….
We had to take two cars and get two hotel rooms for two nights. Not my kind of vacation by any means. I sucked because other than going and sitting next to the other parents at the games and going to dinner with the other families Saturday night, I was a big anti-social nerd. I didn’t have drinks with them while watching the big basketball game in the bar of the hotel. I sat in my room, read, watched the movie, 127 Hours and horsed around on Pinterest in my jammies. Brucee had a blast swimming and getting into whatever shananigans he and his team could find.
The hotel had a decent workout room and even had a nice running trail nearby (according to another mother who I should have ran it with but didn’t). I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything but eat too much food and drink Tim Horton Frappe’s.
A major reason I didn’t want to to this weekend was because I am a horrible driver. On top of that, at precisely the hour and a half mark, my eyes shut. It’s like I have narcolepsy or something because nothing I’ve done in the past can keep my eyes open. I’ve tried loud music, singing, drinking a bunch of Red Bull, air conditioner in my face, slapping my face You name it, I’ve tried it. Brucee was scared too because I told him I thought we could die if he didn’t keep me awake. Poor little dude. I shouldn’t have put that much pressure on him. It all worked out because I took a Ritalin. I can’t explain why that worked but it did.
Brucee was a joy because he says and does the funniest things. On our way home, poor little guy had to use the bathroom in the worst way and I was waiting for a rest area to pull off to and it seemed one wasn’t ever going to appear. Finally, I was able to stop. Brucee tore in there and seemed to never come back out?! Men went in and came back out but no Brucee. I almost grabbed my pepper spray so I could go rescue him from the rapist that had him. Finally he came out with another guy. They were both smiling (frightening). Brucee got in the car and said that he accidentally went in the women’s bathroom….and pooped. Oh, he just kills me. He said he had to go so bad, he wasn’t paying attention to the “mens/womens” signs. The guy who was smiling said “Been there” to my 14 year old son as Brucee came out of the women’s bathroom.
I made dinner and thought I could get out the door running and eat when I got back but the aroma got to me (must be the bacon I used?!).  I found a recipe on Pinterest.  I simply took a piece of foil, sprayed it with baking spray, layered some moistened stuffing, 1/2 a chicken breast, handful of broccoli, bacon pieces, shredded cheese, and a tablespoon of Ranch dressing. I rolled it up and baked it at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.
I ate what I thought was a small portion, put on my shoes and started my run. Yes, I skipped the two hour wait. I thought my eating would be good because I wouldn’t think of food. Wrong. I couldn’t stop thinking about food for the whole run because I kept burping up my meal. No worries though. I’m a trooper and kept it down.
My daughter was home this weekend. She recently turned 21 (March 11th) and I’ve yet to have my first Margarita with her. Maybe this coming weekend. For her birthday, my little sis, Marla got her a bottle of Patron. How clever, right? My mom’s eyes lit up when she found out. My mom enjoys drinking the LICK-A!

I guess I need to blog more frequently because I’m being a bore by rambling on like this. So sorry.  Not really…


23 Mar

I woke up this morning tired.  No, I’m not hungover.  I only had 2 Margaritas last night after dinner.  We met up with some other families and then stayed to watch the big MSU basketball game (they lost = SUCKKSSS).

Before my family and I met up with other families of Brucee’s basketball team, I got my run on.  It was 80 degrees or so but it was dreary out.  It looked like it was going to rain but The Weather Channel said 30% chance of rain (actually thunderstorms).  I chose to IGNORE.

At 4:23pm, I put on my Fivefingers and took off on a run.  I started out really slow until I noticed on my Garmin that I needed to get a move on.  It was nice and breezy.  No sun.  No music.  I was so happy.  I felt a raindrop here and there but still chose to keep moving on.  NO FEAR.  Besides, I had no choice since I left my phone at home.  The only thing I had was my Garmin and my pepperspray.

After about 4 miles, the sky started falling.  It felt so good.  There was a river of water going down sidewalks and the streets.  Water was splashing all over from my plunging through huge puddles of water.  I didn’t need to stop for a drink because water was falling so fast, I had to just keep licking my lips and my thirst was quenched.  I ran by the ice cream parlor and everyone cheered.  I was like, “yes, I’m crazy and cool. I love running in the downpour.  I don’t care”.  Oh, I was loving it.  So happy.

BUT…Then… The thunder started.  Then the lightning strikes started and I was starting to freak out a little.  Every strike, I instinctively winced and cover my ears.  I looked like a dork.  I mean, forget what I looked like.  Mick would have been pissed that I was being so careless running in those dangerous conditions.  We have three kids and I need to be around to help with them.  Dumb.  But did I stop and borrow a phone to call home?  NO, I hid.  I hid in hopes that Mick and kids weren’t freaking out at home wondering where I was.

I stood next to a clubhouse in an apartment complex for around 10 minutes.(maybe 20), hiding like a wet rat.  Funny, my lips were numb from being pelted by the huge rain drops.  I kept doing the “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand” after every lightning strike cause I’m goofy in hopes that the storm would move away?!

Finally, it seemed to be letting up so I started booking home.  I parkoured over mudpuddles like I was a majestic beast.  I’m real.  I know I looked stupid.

Ha, I love that word, “book”.  We used to say it when we were little.  Did you used to say that too?

I was dripping....

I made it home in time to get cleaned up for dinner.  No worries.  It honestly was probably the most fun I’ve ever had running.  It was thrilling.  I ended up running a total of 7.66 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:20.

I took today off work.  My boys both have soccer tournaments this weekend and when I asked for the time off, I didn’t know if I truly needed today off or not.

Heck no.  I’m not cancelling a day off.  It’s hard to get time off where I work so I’m not giving it up.

PRANKS — At my work, people mess with each other.  They probably do that at most workplaces.  Chelsea messed with Steve a couple months ago by wrapping everything, I mean everything on his desk.

Keyboard, name it. They got wrapped.

Well, Chelsea messed with another person and yesterday was her payback day.  She walked in with 4 minutes to spare.  She was freaking out trying to get through the mess to her computer.  It was early and she didn’t seem too happy about it….

I do NOT know why she has snowflakes on her desk. That wasn't part of the prank.

SWAGGLIN’ — Do you Swaggle?  I did.  I got two pairs of compressions socks for $50.  That’s half off, my friends.  Check it out!  I got my socks in yellow and pink (in a smaller size so I can loose feeling in my lower limbs).

RANDOM — Oh, and I’m now addicted to Pinterest (not pronounced Pin Interest).  YOu can really see what a goofy person I am out there.  You can see how I must think I’m 25 years old by the crazy things I pin.  I’m sick I tell ya.  Lovin’ it!!!

Knuckle Sandwich

19 Mar

I stink so bad. At least I can smell it.

Why do I stink? I ran. Why not shower? Because I want to shower right before bed. I love going to bed fresh and clean. Love it, love it, love it!!

Oh yes, I ran. I so needed it. My youngest is getting in trouble, gradewise, at school and I don’t know how to deal. Got me?

The weather was beautiful. It was about 80 degrees today. This is scary weather in the month of March for Michigan. There was a great breeze. At 3:10pm, I ran 11.37 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:46. That’s slow for me but I seem to be getting slower and slower. I think it’s because everything hurts.  I ran half the first half with music.  I turned it off when I got to a house that I knew had a dog that sounded like he wanted to rip my throat out.  After I passed the house, I simply forgot to turn it back on.

This warm weather is causing everything to pop up and bloom. Pretty but bad because we’ll probably get at least one other freeze which will kill everything.

So, my son Brucee has been doing bad in Science. Science was not our problem today. I got a progress report from his English teacher. Brucee lost a whole week of points for causing trouble for the substitute teacher one day. The notes said “sleeping in class”. I emailed the teacher saying maybe my son was sick. Why didn’t she send him home?! She said this wasn’t his first time. And, she said she’d never punish a child for being sick. Turns out, the sub had them reading their books (books they chose) and Brucee didn’t feel like it. Plus, he was tired (probably because of his crappy diet) so in his mind it was the perfect time for a nap.

It gets worse, he got a really bad grade on an essay about why or why not religion should be taught in school. She said his essay was awful. He said that if religion was taught in school, kids would kill animals and burn crosses on their desks? WTH? My son is so sweet. I couldn’t believe he wrote that. I mean, I know he did but where’d he get that opinion from? Not me or my husband?! I picked him up from school and went down the list of questions I had for him. He, of course, got very upset. Afterall, he only wants to discuss playing video games (which he lost privileges to) and going to movies. In regards to his religious stance, he said he didn’t know what to put and the animal killing and cross burning came to mind so he “went with it”. He said that if it was a problem he figured his teacher would have come to him. ??? “No, Son, I get to look like a bad mom and I get to come to you”.

His school conferences are Wednesday. Can’t wait.

Today’s run was necessary. I like to go on a run when I have a lot on my mind. It feels good. Well, at least until your tailbone starts hurting. It’s hard to focus on anything else when that happens.

This morning I wore a maxi dress (looked crocheted) that I picked up super cheap from Pitaya. Since it was sheer I obviously needed to wear another dress underneath. I didn’t like my choices in my own closet so I looked at Target. I picked up a dress that l figured I could wear under the maxi or alone. It was $19.99 and not bad-looking. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get misshapened the first time I wash it.

Bed head...

In November, I’m going to see Madonna in concert with my little sis, Marla. Marla told me we get Madonna’s newest CD out of the deal. Yay! Love free stuff.

Good news! My father in law is coming home from the rehabilitation center tomorrow. He’s been gone since February 3rd. He really wants this. My husband really wants this so this is good for all.

This weekend, I have to take my youngest son to Ohio for a soccer tournament. That’s four hours of driving, one way. Even though I don’t have to cook a meal the whole weekend, I’m really dreading the driving. I get like Narcolepsy when I’m in the car. It always hits me at the hour and half mark. I’ve tried everything: drinking tons of caffeine, air conditioning blowing in my face, slapping my face, loud music, getting out and walking around at rest areas. I told my son that we need to converse for the whole four hours. He seemed thrilled at the idea. I’m going to buy a bag of sunflower seeds. Supposedly the action of manipulating the seed in your mouth, removing the seed and discarding the shell keeps your mind active.

Eating sunflower seeds could solve all my problems in all avenues of my life. I seriously think I have undiagnosed ADHD.

I need a root beer in the worst way but I need to go to bed.

But, I don’t deserve a root beer,  I had my husband drop my middle son, Roo, off at practice to find out an hour later that I had my husband drop Roo off at the wrong location.  Oopsy.  So, he sat and missed his practice.  I make so many of these types of mistakes.  Mick said he was giving me a knuckle sandwich when he got home.  He was kidding… I think.

Any ideas on how to keep awake while driving 4 hours are totally welcome….

Another Oops…

16 Mar

Today, I wore a skirt that I purchased weeks ago from Forever 21.  It was like $20-30.  Cheap, cheap, cheap.  Not me.  The skirt.

Gap top, Forever 21 skirt and Nine West shoeboots.

Came home with running on my mind.  The bad thoughts from yesterday’s run had totally left the building.  I had a fresh slate.

At 3:05pm, I was off on a run.  I planned on running about eight miles.  I wore my Vibram Fivefingers.  I haven’t worn them on a long run for a long time so they worked well today.  No 8 miles for me.   I ran 6.97 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:37.

Left my VFF's on the deck to dry. I don't want them to stink.

It was around 75 degrees again which is so unseasonable warm for March but I loved it because I got to wear a tank top.

After my run, I had to take Brucee to his 5pm practice.  On the way there, I stopped and pickup treats.  I got a huge Red Bull and beef stick.  Brucee was disgusted by my beef stick and didn’t take advantage when I offered him a bite.  It was the kind where your teeth don’t penetrate right away.  You must apply pressure to break through the skin.   Yum.   Kidding.  I know that’s gross.

Once Brucee and I got to his practice, we discovered that there was no practice.  Darn.  I pull this shit all the time.  It makes my whole family crazy.  We went to Target and I scored some dresses for work, cute shorts, some tank tops, and some other little goodies.

Took Brucee to meet up with his dad for basketball practice and then continued on to meet up with my mom and my other son, Roo, for dinner….at the bar.  No, I didn’t drink and it was only 7pm.  I had a 1/2 a chicken fajita salad and it was just so-so.  When asking for the bill, we were told our bill had already been taken care of.  I think it was my friend, Andy.  So nice.

It’s going to be nice this weekend (77 Saturday and 73 Sunday).  It’s also going to be a very busy weekend since both boys have a bunch of games.  Plus, it’s Saint Patty’s Day tomorrow.  Whoop!! Whoop!!

Oh and I cannot wait to see the movie, 21 Jump Street.

I WANT NEED — Deborah Lippmann glitter nail polish.  My daughter’s friend bought her some for her birthday. I’m envious.

Walk Of Shame…

15 Mar

Today’s goal?  It was to not let the suspenders of my bib overalls fall in the toilet.

Could have been in the girl music group, Bananarama. Remember them?


Another beautiful day.  At 1pm, I ran 7.75 miles with an average pace of 8:45.  I was slow.  I was sweating.  I had to go to the bathroom and there was no bathroom to be found because I ran in the country.  I finally got desperate once getting into town and used the bathroom at an elementary school.  And, I felt like I was going to barf.  I seriously was not ready for the heat.  I wasn’t ready for the sweltering 73 degrees.  Pathetic.

I’m glad I ran but it was not a fun run.  I wanted to be done the whole time.  After running the 7.75 miles I still wasn’t home.  I had to walk an additional 1.35 miles to make it to my driveway.  I was so nervous I was going to be late to pick the boys up from school.

My "walk of shame"...

After all the madness I created for myself, I decided it was a great day to take the golden retriever (Sophee) and our peach Main Coon mix (Peyton) to the vet for shots, flea med, heartworm and such.  No one came to help me so I thought I could handle two pets on my own.  When walking into the vets, Sophee charged forward to greet all the other animals and I dropped the crate with the cat in it.  He was pissed.  He really didn’t want to go in the first place (derr, what animal does) because he hissed at me when I put him in the crate and then howled in the car all the way to the vets.  Poor guy.

$225 later, we were on our way home.  That was only for 2 animals.  Peyton is our only outside cat.  I’d love him to be an inside cat like the others but he’s a ninja when the door opens cause he slips outside.  When he goes outside, he eats dead animals so I have to constantly treat him for worms ($9 each pill).  Disgusting.    I felt so horrible when dropping him because the vets’ waiting room was full.  I looked like a great mommy to my animals.

It was Biggby’s 17th birthday today.  They offered their Tall drinks for 99 cents.  Whoop tee Doo!  People were lined up around the building for their 99 cent drinks.  Who has time for that circus?  Not me.

The weather was strange today.  It started raining and hailing.  My favorite cat, Frank, started moaning and howling.  Funny.  At least, I thought it was.

To end my night, I watched the movie, Let Me In and enjoyed a bowl bowel of Edy’s Cookie Dough ice cream.