I Should Be A Barber!

18 Jun

No run today.  I’m trying to run every other day.  I don’t want to overdo it.  This works for me (so far).

Zumba tonight (I hope).

After work today, I stopped at the bike store.  I stuffed my Giant bike in the back of my Explorer in hopes they’d unload it for me (since I was wearing a long flow-y skirt).

I’ve had my bike over 10 years and I have NEVER gotten any maintenance done to it.  Two days ago, I noticed a flat rear tire.  That’s funny because I just replaced the rear tire tube on one of our other bikes about a week ago.  Wonder if someone’s breaking in our garage to wreck our bikes?!  No, because I’ve never done anything to my bike, the tires were actually cracked so I’m sure the tire tubes are getting really bad as well.

I told the guys to clean that baby up.  I wanted new tires ($66 for two) a new seat ($35).  I complained about the chain which he said was almost worn out (new chain $20).  He said he could do a maintenance package ($65) so that everything was lubed up and operating properly.  Everything, including tax, will come to $212.  Ouch!  I’m not too upset about it.  It’s cheaper than a new bike and besides, I’ve never spent a dime on this bike since I’ve owned it.  I get to pick up tomorrow after work.  I cannot wait.

Came home and noticed that’s Brucee’s hair had gotten just a little long.  Sat him down while Who Girl and I took turns shaving it.

Oblivious to the hair chunks we shaved out of his head.

Who told him that the battery died so he’d have to leave it like that for a day until we could get the battery charged up (it uses an electrical cord/no battery).

Brucee is a skinny dude but due to his poor posture, his tummy looks like a smiley face?!


Ran 11.10 miles on Friday, June 15th (9:23 average mile/minute) – I walked a little over a mile and a half.  It was too hot and humid for me.  I even ran with a bottle of water and I’ve never done that before.  And, my left knee was sore.  I know.  Bitch Bitch BITCH!!

Ran 10.08 miles on Sunday, June 17th (8:36 average mile/minute)


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