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Double Dumb It!!!

30 Jun

WORK.  Wore a cute little jersey dress purchased from Target a few weeks ago.  Cheap, cheap at $24.99.

 My Grandma P is pretty funny.  She says a lot of amusing things.  One thing she’d say was “Dumb it” when she truly meant “Damn it!”.   

DUMB IT MOMENT #1…Should have gotten up at 5:30am and ran but I thought I could handle the heat at 1pm.  Wrong.  Here’s a pic of me all cocky because I was ready to take on the world (or just my small town).  It was 80 degrees and I was wrong.  I ran 3.5 miles (8:14 minute average mile) and I was busted…. I even put some energy bites and a big water bottle w/ice water in it in a cooler at the end of the driveway.    Nope, I was done.

Came inside and had a bowl of Progresso soup.  Piece of chard in my teeth which will be a good snack for later…

Tried to get Bella to eat.  As usual, she was scared.  I tease that she’s anorexic because she won’t eat.  I’ve tried everything….Seriously.  After 7 years, I just accepted, it is what it is….Plus, she’d rather be in the cat tree.


Did 3 easy sets of handweights (bi’s, tri’s and delt’s again).  And decided to give running another whirl by slipping on my Fivefingers and taking it to the treadmill….

DUMB IT MOMENT #2…Jumped on the TM and ran approximately 1.5 when the screen blacked out and I almost busted a tooth by face-planting into the console.  I didn’t but, ya know, I could have.  The cord wiggled itself out of the wall.  Phewwww…. I thought it was broken.  So, continued on my run and was able to get another 3 miles (a total of 4.5 at 6.7 mph on the TM).

 The little skids were busy so I dragged Bella’s big fat butt down to the basement w/me.  There’s not a cat tree down there so she had to pick the next best place.  As usual, she was scared out of her mind…This was probably because I run a little heavy-footed and she thought the treadmill was going to explode…

Gas started at $3.27 a gallon and jumped to $3.75 by 4pm.

Running tally today was 3.5 miles (outside) and 4.5 miles (inside) for a total of 8 miles (no idea on average pace because I’m not going to calculate that).

Finishing off the night but going to Mick’s double header softball games at 8:15 and 9:15.   I’m seeing a peanut butter and banana malt to get me through…



29 Jun

S-I-X-T-Y degrees.  Perfect temperature.  Slept in today.  Started my run at 9am.  Was able to run eight miles but it was rough.  My average mile was 8:49 a minute.  Today’s run was tolerated by listening to the Mickey Avalon station on Pandora.  My right knee isn’t loving my longer runs so I iced it with a bag of edamame. 

Trying some exercises for before and after my runs to prevent injuries.  Googled and found,  I actually think they help (especially the one for runner’s knee).  So far, so good. 

And so on and so on…

See here is a pic of my little chi chi, Bella.  Bella is my tiny 2 1/2 lb chihuahua.  She’s about seven years old.  I wanted a tiny little dog not knowing that a tiny dog usually means more health problems.  Her teeth are awful and her breath always stinks.  She has gingivitis, I’m told.  I take her yearly to have her teeth cleaned (which mens having, on average, 5 teeth pulled ea time).   I love her but she’s very boring.  She doesn’t run around on the floor like a normal dog.  She wants to be in someone’s lap or in this cat tree…

WORK.  The J O B….  Normally, I work earlier in the day but one day, every other week, I need to take my turn working the late shift so I worked 4-8pm tonight.  Wearing a favorite bracelet ($1 at the mall).


Brought to work a Smartones, a banana and a SF Red Bull.

Last minute, I was invited to go meet up with some old classmates at the town bar.  My friend was here visiting from AZ so it was really nice to see her.  I ate the Smartones for dinner but couldn’t pass up bar food.  Had my fourth meal of the day which was a grilled cheese.  My camera sucks but here’s a pic of mean and three high school buddies.


Good day and good night!

Hello? Hello, Are You There?……..

28 Jun

My phone voicemail greeting has always bored me.  I want mine to be fun and different.  One recording that I’ve heard was the person saying, “Hello, hello, hello”.  You instantly think it’s a live person and then once you start talking the the person continues, amused, asking you to leave them a message.  That was fun but again, not fun enough.  So, I did mine as follows:  “LEAVE ME A MESSAGE, PLEASE!!” in a devilish, creepy, scary, loud, wonder what the heck just happened voice (enough adjectives for you, yeah, uh huh). 

Movin’ on….

Cheeky bottoms…It’s what’s up..  I need a bikini w/Cheeky bottoms.  I don’t want my bum to show but I love the ruched back and I think it could do wonders for my flat butt.  I could order them through Victoria Secret’s but I want to try them on.  Plus, I hate paying shipping and handling — it’s stupid.   Where I live, you can’t find these bottoms in the stores.

I’ll crumble and order.  It’s a guarantee.  I’m liking the white macrame top ($24) and the cheetah bottoms ($16).  They do come in cheetah, yes, they do.

Off to work in my old H&M dress and nude Aldo pumps…

Gas is $3.27 a gallon.  Wow, how low can it go?!

After putting in a rough four hours, put my Supergirl cape on and flew home.  Started my run at 12:55pm and finished with 11.2 miles (no walking) and an average 8:36 mile pace.  Weather was beautiful at 72 degrees.  Also, to help pass the run, I listened to the Jessie J radio station on Pandora — good stuff!!


Once home, took my little guy to all-you-can-eat chinese buffet (yuck).  What can I say?  He really wanted to go.  He got a plate full of grossness (didn’t take a picture because I’m embarrassed I let my child eat like this).  But, I did good.  I got steamed veggies w/a side of garlic sauce…

Started to watch Big Love, Season 4.   Hoping these DVD’s don’t make me unproductive because I’ve done so well in the last couple of weeks.

Dinner.  Little sista (daughter) made most of dinner.  She took ground pork and combined it w/shredded cheddar cheese and cut of apples.   She formed burgers w/them.  We put avocado, pickles, red onion and tomato on top.  Very good.  Served them w/cottage cheese and sweet potatoe fries (cut up w/olive oil, seasoning salt and pepper).  Full stomach.  No room for ice cream.    

Food for thought~~

      If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

Princess and the Pebble…

27 Jun

Last night was fantastic.  Mick and I went to the U2 concert.  It was crazy, like 70,000 people crazy.  I do NOT like crowds but I did okay.  Florence and the Machine opened.  She looked so beautiful in her flowy cranberry colored dress (w/gawdy purple flowers around the neck).  I’m in love w/her right now.  Surprised though because I found out she’s only like 25 and she looked about 40?!  She might of  just needed a nap.  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 

On our way there…

Myself getting a pre-concert sodeeee…

Me again…hmmm…at the concert …

Bono, Mullins,  Adam Clayton, and The Edge were incredible.  I just love them.  I bought the tickets for Mick but I think I got a lot of the gift as well.  Glad we went.  The weather was perfecto. 

~~Then, I woke up.  No, it wasn’t a dream…~~ 

Little delay in getting up this morning but I got it done.  Woke up at 5:45am and started my run at 6am.  Ran around the block twice which is a total of 7.2 miles (8:08 average pace per mile).  It was perfect weather for running.  The temp was 63 degrees.  I had a pebble in my shoe for most of the run.  Fun, right?  I guess I’m a princess since I could feel the pebble.

Listened to the Florence and the Machine station (random, right?) on my Pandora app.  I realized that she redid the song “Addicted to Love” — awesome (originally by Robert Palmer in case you’re too young to know the MTV video where the 4 chicks are playing guitars w/NO bras…Ick…). 

Then….Work, of course…

Wearing Roxie shirt, 7 For All Mankind Flares, and Steve Madden cork wedges.

Soooo……..I love to watch TV.  I go through spurts where I watch it too much.  I got a DVR about a year ago and I use it…. a lot.  I really enjoy the skip button so I can avoid the commercials.  This makes it hard to watch shows live.  Shows will stack up on the DVR so sometimes I just need to stop everything and watch/catch up on my favorites…. Chopped, 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom, My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, Toddlers and Tiaras, Storage Wars, Tosh.0, Dancing With The Stars, and Hoarders.  There are many more but I needed to stop somewhere.

Picked up Big Love Season 4 DVDs from the library today.  That’s going to take time to watch the whole season in one week.  Love me some polygamists!!

U2 360

26 Jun

Last night was fun.  Ate a deeelish Smore w/a Reeses on it.  As expected, the mosquitos were awful.  We put on bug spray but the bugs treated it like sugar water.   We didn’t stay out too late which is fine with me.

Here’s my daughter and her friend.

Here’s Mick, looking gangsta.  My daughter made fun of his shirt (Ecko Unlimited) and hat because that’s what she does. 

Here’s me, myself and I making a total mess of my face. 

Awake at 8am.  Exhausted.  Went to bed the night before at 12:30 which is way past my comfort zone.  Cannot get motivated to do ANYTHING.  Decided today was a good day to rest in hopes that tomorrow will be better.

My parents, my aunt and uncle and my grandma go to breakfast every single week on Sunday morning at 9am.  I decided I wanted to stuff my face w/some good ole greasy breakfast so I snuck out of the house without waking my husband or kids. 

Came home, washed the car, or should I say, helped Mick wash my car.  Came back home and took an hour nap.  Still so tired. 

Here’s little guy making himself breakfast…Eggo waffles, tons of peanut butter and a Reeses (leftover from the bonfire).

Went to a high school open house and chowed again.  Now getting ready to go see U2 in concert.  I get major anxiety from concerts because the space issue where everyone’s touching you bugs me.  I have an imaginery bubble that everyone seems to cross into.  Plus, I worry about how quickly I can escape when the concert’s over.  Even though I stress, I always have a good time. 

I’ll be going bed late tonight.  Aye yii yii….

Smores w/Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Oh Yeah!

25 Jun

Slept in.  Up at 7:50am and ran 10.7 miles.  Average pace of 8:32 a mile.  Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful day.  I got a new bra from Target for $17.  It’s black tie-dye so fun, right?

Not ready to invest in a fanny pack for my runs.  Today, I used one of my boys small backpacks.  HATED IT!  It was all over the place.  I tried readjusting it over and over but I couldn’t get comfortable w/it.  I just can’t stand not having my stuff w/me when I run so I’m going to keep trying different things.   One friend told me not to refer to it as a fanny pack but instead refer to it as an “athletic pro-hydration system”.  Another friend told me to look into purchasing a “Spibelt”. 

For breakfast, I usually have oatmeal and yogurt but today I had my favorite…cereal.  I could honestly just eat cereal all day long.  I was good today and had one (big) bowl of  “Autumn Wheat” by Kashi.   Love this stuff. 

Here’s my favorite cooking magazines.  I found the recipes that I used for Father’s Day in the “Simple and Delicious”.  I love when these come in the mail.

Did three easy sets of hand weights (bi’s, tri’s and delt’s).  While in the weight room, I noticed how incredibly messy it was in there.  Animal hair, dust, you name it!!  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t clean a room.  I cleaned that baby up!!  Poor Mick cause that’s kind of like his “man cave” and it’s been majorly neglected.

BELT DUST!! What the H—?  I felt like such a slob.

Oop.  There’s the confiscated Xbox.

Here’s a picture of me and my friend Chris from high school.  She lives in Colorado but flew in for a visit.  Chris is brave because she belly dances in front of crowds of people.  She’s really good at it.  She’s crafty too so check out her stuff at…

Dragged Mick along.  He’s so good to me. 

My niece and her family were in town so we took our kids and dogs and met up w/them at the pond.  Mick, in the past, has dumped tons of beach sand and treated for weeds so it was a great place to swim.  It needs work this year.  Plus, we need a new dock.  We had a ton of rain so Mick got a really late start w/landscaping so he’s been unable to put the time and $$ into the beach.  Funny that the kids didn’t really seem to care.  Note….I’m a pool swimmer only.

Here’s Baby Cade…  He’s my great-nephew.

Can you say….BONFIRE!  SMORES!  SMORES W/REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!  Woot Woot!  Of course, I can also say gosh darn mosquitos too and how much I hate blood-suckers.  Argh!  Off we go for some chocolately peanut buttery goodness….

And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away….

24 Jun

Rise and shine!!!!  Up at 5am and started my run at 5:20am (but woke up at 2, 3, and 4am because I kept thinking I missed my alarm).  During my run, I kept thinking I was being tracked by a cougar and I was going to die at any moment.  It was dark and I was scared but charged forward.  I ran my block twice which is 7.2 miles.  No walking or stopping.  I had to deal with annoying mist/rain for most of the run.  I had my reflectors on my wrists since I was running in the country (I think you’re actually supposed to wear them on your ankles but I’m a leader not a follower).  Oh and I ran in my jammies. 

Wore a new extra long skirt from Express to work.  Looks good w/a tank and flip flops but that’s not work wear so I had to improvise. I feel like I’m getting my bohemian on.

After work, I dropped off our life’s savings and my boys’ premiere soccer paperwork for the 2011-2012 season.  Our kids come first so what can I say?  My father in law gets peeved at our spending so much $ on sports because, back in the days….it was free.  Well, it isn’t free anymore. 

Joy, Joy….thrilled to say that I got my “Seagulls” shirt from today.  Happy days!!!  Fits perfect and I cannot wait to wear it.

Came home and put the boys to work, weeding.  Of course I had to pay them, the greedy little suckers. 


And while they were working away, I was in the house, hiding their XBox 360.  That’s what happens when their grades aren’t up to par.  Not sure when I’ll return it but it’ll be a good month I’m thinking.  They’re so cute in their little “Crocs”.

The boys tracked down their dad to help them w/ a ratty-looking tree that was knocked over by a storm two weeks ago.   The oldest, with only a driver’s permit, asked to use my car to pull it out of the ground.  Scary, the things they think to do…with a car. 

Mick went and played poker.  The kids and I went to the movies.  I saw “Bad Teacher” w/my daughter and the boys saw “Kung Fu Panda 2”.   Ice cream and a frozen banana(?!) followed.

I have a couple high school open houses and I plan to meet up with some high school mates tomorrow (flew in from CO and AZ).  Should be a buzzzy but fun day.  Chow!