10 Jun

I seemed to be going, going, going all day but I don’t think I did that much.  I know, that doesn’t make sense at all.

I rose at 7 without even trying.  I wish I could rise at 4:30am on workdays so I could run in the morning to avoid the heavy, humid heat…

I didn’t run today.  I felt I needed a day off since I ran the last two days.  My left knee’s still a little mad.

30% chance of rain tomorrow.  I kind of hope it rains (NO thunderstorms please) because I love to run in my VFF’s in the rain.  Splash! SpLiSH! SPLOsh!!  It makes me feel like a little kid.

We need the rain.  We don’t have irrigation so our grass is dying.

I did breakfast w/my mom and Grandma (and my aunt, her husband and my BIL).  My Grandma’s pissed.  They’re putting her in assisted living.  She’s 94 frickin’ years old.  She has a walker and she’s been bitching about “squishy feet”.   Everyone’s worried about her so it’s time to get her better care.  We’re afraid she’d fall and get hurt in her little apartment.   My BIL brought up that he heard she was going into assisted living and she said something really sarcastic back to him.  She’s a hoot.

She can be spicy.

RANDOM –– I just love the host from Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek.  I especially love when he yells, “Parkour!”.  He says it when someone clearly is attempting something stupid and of course gets hurt.  Funny stuff.  I’m sick, I know.

My boys like to go to the pond (I’m personally a pool swimmer so I don’t get so excited).  It’s a very big pond located on our landscaping company’s property.

Sophee can barely contain herself.  She cried all the way to the pond.  It’s was a long half-mile drive.  She knows when the boys get on their board shorts that she gets to go swimming.

I’m not driving. The shot’s reversed. (Roo Dog was driving)

We used to have a dock and diving board and the kids would swim forever.  The dock bit the dust and we haven’t replaced it yet.  Their newest favorite thing to do is to drag their old trampoline in the water.

Ding-a-lings jumpin’.

We used to have a water trampoline but it bit the dust as well probably after owning it for 3 years.  So anywho, I went with them and the dogs to the pond today.  I needed to work on my runner’s tan as I look ridiculous in a bathing suit.  I put sunscreen on all my dark skin and covered myself with Deep Woods Off since the horseflies are awful there (I bitch about the HF’s all the time).

Bella the Chihuahua hates to swim.

SWIM Bella! The guppies will get you!

She usually sniffs all over the shore and up on the grass.  She trieds to stay clear of the water.  I really need to keep an eye on her.  She weighs less than 3 pounds and would be an easy meal for some large bird.  She’d be defenseless.  Either way, she gets super hot so every now and then I take her out for a little dip.  She swims back to shore as quickly as she can.

WHAT I’M INTO (today)American Ninja Warrior.  Have you seen it?  I’m amazed by some of the guys that complete the challenges.  It seems to always be the buff guys who fail and the weirdo/squares that succeed?!

Who Girl decided to go for a little run at 10:00 tonight.  I wouldn’t let her do that alone so I tucked my pepper spray between my boobs, put my headlight on (which I have yet to wear running — the whole purpose of buying it) and got my bike out.

Sexy and I know it!!!

I was babblin’ along trying to keep Who entertained when all of sudden, she almost pushed my bike and I over.  “SKUNK!!!!!”.  She was right.  There was a skunk right in her path but he was a baby.  So cute.  I wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.  Don’t get me wrong, he could spray and make us stink if he wanted to but he was so darn cute.  No picture.  There was no room between my boobs for my phone and my pepper spray.



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