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Just Behave…

12 Apr

I thought I’d challenge myself today by wearing 5 inch heels.

Black polka dot shoes and a yellow striped tank from Forever 21

Love this picture I found on Pinterest. I didn’t like cats until about 5 years ago. At that time, I decided we needed a cat and now we have four. They’re creepy but I love them so much. After cleaning their litter boxes (which is totally disgusting), they do look at me funny…..

I ran today. Yay me! At precisely 2:01pm, I ran 9.11 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:17. It was a cool 54 degrees so I wore shorts and t-shirt. No music. Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I listened to music while running. I just don’t feel safe with the distraction of music. I feel like someone’s going to run me over so I need to listen for oncoming cars. The life insurance’s paid to date so I don’t know who Mick could have called to run me over. I’m a pain in the butt to live with, people. Kidding…. (not about being a pain but for saying something bad about Mick)

NEWEST WANT — Okay, so I’ve always liked the look of the Toyota FJ Cruisers. I decided that I need to own one. It makes total sense to me. My daughter needs a new car so she can have my 2004 Ford Explorer. My son’s about to get his license so he can get her old car. This leaves me carless. So Mick!! Let me pick out a car. I want an FJ Cruiser. I don’t even care what color.

Ya still with me? Good. I needed to add again that I love Pinterest. I never knew what the big stinkin’ deal was so I waited forever to get on board. I thought it was for crafty people or girls who wanted to get married (next time I marry, I’m eloping). Now that I’ve been invited by the Pinterest folks to be a member (after a one week wait), I don’t have time for any of my responsibilities. I’m so damn busy with my social media sites. Ridonkulous!! Check out what I’m into. I’m under “Shelly in MI”. Big surprise that I chose that name, huh?

Tomorrow will hopefully be a fun day. I’m getting my blonde hair colored copper-y brown and I’m driving up to visit my daughter at her college. We’re going to go see her schoolmate dance. It should be a ton of fun. I just need to remind myself, “I am not 21, I am not 21, I’m an old lady who cannot embarrass her daughter”. Behave Shelly!!!



23 Mar

I woke up this morning tired.  No, I’m not hungover.  I only had 2 Margaritas last night after dinner.  We met up with some other families and then stayed to watch the big MSU basketball game (they lost = SUCKKSSS).

Before my family and I met up with other families of Brucee’s basketball team, I got my run on.  It was 80 degrees or so but it was dreary out.  It looked like it was going to rain but The Weather Channel said 30% chance of rain (actually thunderstorms).  I chose to IGNORE.

At 4:23pm, I put on my Fivefingers and took off on a run.  I started out really slow until I noticed on my Garmin that I needed to get a move on.  It was nice and breezy.  No sun.  No music.  I was so happy.  I felt a raindrop here and there but still chose to keep moving on.  NO FEAR.  Besides, I had no choice since I left my phone at home.  The only thing I had was my Garmin and my pepperspray.

After about 4 miles, the sky started falling.  It felt so good.  There was a river of water going down sidewalks and the streets.  Water was splashing all over from my plunging through huge puddles of water.  I didn’t need to stop for a drink because water was falling so fast, I had to just keep licking my lips and my thirst was quenched.  I ran by the ice cream parlor and everyone cheered.  I was like, “yes, I’m crazy and cool. I love running in the downpour.  I don’t care”.  Oh, I was loving it.  So happy.

BUT…Then… The thunder started.  Then the lightning strikes started and I was starting to freak out a little.  Every strike, I instinctively winced and cover my ears.  I looked like a dork.  I mean, forget what I looked like.  Mick would have been pissed that I was being so careless running in those dangerous conditions.  We have three kids and I need to be around to help with them.  Dumb.  But did I stop and borrow a phone to call home?  NO, I hid.  I hid in hopes that Mick and kids weren’t freaking out at home wondering where I was.

I stood next to a clubhouse in an apartment complex for around 10 minutes.(maybe 20), hiding like a wet rat.  Funny, my lips were numb from being pelted by the huge rain drops.  I kept doing the “one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand” after every lightning strike cause I’m goofy in hopes that the storm would move away?!

Finally, it seemed to be letting up so I started booking home.  I parkoured over mudpuddles like I was a majestic beast.  I’m real.  I know I looked stupid.

Ha, I love that word, “book”.  We used to say it when we were little.  Did you used to say that too?

I was dripping....

I made it home in time to get cleaned up for dinner.  No worries.  It honestly was probably the most fun I’ve ever had running.  It was thrilling.  I ended up running a total of 7.66 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:20.

I took today off work.  My boys both have soccer tournaments this weekend and when I asked for the time off, I didn’t know if I truly needed today off or not.

Heck no.  I’m not cancelling a day off.  It’s hard to get time off where I work so I’m not giving it up.

PRANKS — At my work, people mess with each other.  They probably do that at most workplaces.  Chelsea messed with Steve a couple months ago by wrapping everything, I mean everything on his desk.

Keyboard, pens...you name it. They got wrapped.

Well, Chelsea messed with another person and yesterday was her payback day.  She walked in with 4 minutes to spare.  She was freaking out trying to get through the mess to her computer.  It was early and she didn’t seem too happy about it….

I do NOT know why she has snowflakes on her desk. That wasn't part of the prank.

SWAGGLIN’ — Do you Swaggle?  I did.  I got two pairs of compressions socks for $50.  That’s half off, my friends.  Check it out!  I got my socks in yellow and pink (in a smaller size so I can loose feeling in my lower limbs).

RANDOM — Oh, and I’m now addicted to Pinterest (not pronounced Pin Interest).  YOu can really see what a goofy person I am out there.  You can see how I must think I’m 25 years old by the crazy things I pin.  I’m sick I tell ya.  Lovin’ it!!!

Do You Really Want To Know?

30 Jan

I sometimes hesitate to post because I know I’m being boring.

I’m blogging about the same thing everyday.  Yawn…

What did I wear?.

Did I run?

If so, what was my pace?

What stupid ass thing did I do that day?

How did I irritate Mick (husband)?

How did I irritate the kiddies?

Same ole stuff….  So, I end up skipping my post and my mom gets after me.  She’s funny like that.

Anyways, let’s get on with it, shall we?  I wore a new top from Charlotte Russe.

I don’t like Charlotte Russe but I gave the store a walkthru on Saturday (with my 20-year-old) and found this special shirt made for a teeny bopper.  Perfect for me, right?  I’m kind of a teeny bopper… And, it’s a summer shirt but, “WHO CARES?!”, I say.  I don’t.  Actually, I do.  Mentally, I think it makes it okay when I call myself out on stuff.  That’s just how I work.

After picking up the boys from homeschooling…. at the neighbors….  No, they go to the public school.  So, I was saying..  After picking the skiddies up from school, I put on tons of clothing to the point that I looked like the little brother from The Christmas Story and went for a run.

I ran 10 miles exactly (average mile/minute of 9:07).  Yay me!!  I did little circles at the base of my driveway because I got to 9.89 and couldn’t stop because I wanted to round it up to ten. The temp was 32 degrees (felt like 24).  Slush and ice were everywhere.  I went slow because I didn’t want to fall on my ass.  See now, I had a chapstick in my back pocket and if I fell on it, that’d hurt like a whammer-jammer-no-thank-you-maamer.

No, I'm not constipated...

Came home and whipped up some stuffed shells for dinner.  We didn’t get to eat them til 9:30.  Monday’s are busy due to the boys’ late soccer practices.

Oh and my house still stinks.  I didn’t sweep up the flea powder.  The flea powder bottle said to leave it for 24 hours.  I’m leaving it on for 42 1/4 hours just to be safe.  It’s probably cancerous but I can’t stand the thought of a flea infested house.  Gives me the frickin’ goosebumps.

YOU ASKED ABOUT MARIE?  Oh, you didn’t.  Marie, a coworker, had her first of three sessions for a tattoo that takes up a large part of her torso.  I hate my stomach so I can’t imagine putting a tattoo there because it’d just draw unwanted attention.  Marie’s young and tiny so I approve.  Why am I mentioning my coworker?  Well, she said she put pictures of it on Pinterest.  I’m not part of Pinterest so today I requested an invite.  Just what I need…. Another distraction from doing the things I should be doing.  Aye yigh yigh….

WHAT EXCITING THING AM I DOING TOMORROW?  Brucee, poor little guy, is getting his braces on Wednesday morning.  I think I’m going to take him to the movies tomorrow so he can eat popcorn and candy.  Once the braces are on, he won’t be able to do that anymore.  I’m not paying for repairs on those suckers.

Another thrilling day in my life.  Hold on.  It could get crazy tomorrow.

What a minute.   Should I just make shit up?