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Lemonade! Butterfingers! Watermelon!

5 Jun

I have a major predicament.  I ran out of liquid soap in my bathroom.  No big deal, right?  I can just go to another sink in another room and wash, right?  Wrong.  That’s too damn time-consuming and I’m so crazy busy.   Thank you for your sympathy.  My life is hard.  Real hard.

So I just got home from the hair salon.  Lindsay hooked me up with some blonde, purple, and red streaks.  I’m loving it.  I’m in a good mood now because of it.  She put tons of hairpins so it’s in a sloppy updo.  I won’t be able to sleep on it like this so I’ll have to figure out something out in the morning.  I want to show off all the colors to my friends at work so an updo is perfect.

Here’s a pick of me while I was baking.  Don’t I look like I’d be in a 80’s girl band?  I think so.  Or, maybe I just look like a rooster…

I’m like so affected by the mention of certain foods, drinks, etc.  The other day, my coworker/friend mentioned that he couldn’t find a Butterfinger in the vending machines in our building to save his life.  When I left work, I went right to the store and bought a Butterfinger.  It was good.

Today, Hungry Runner Girl mentioned drinking some leftover lemonade.  Boom!!  I had to have pink lemonade for lunch (2 glasses).  Now, I’m eating total crap (chicken tenders and potato wedges) and of course, a big glass of pink lemonade.  NO worries about my eating crap.  I ate a nectarine immediately after to offset the crap.  Of course then I ate some mint M&M’s to offset the nectarine.  I can’t win.

I bought watermelon because it was in HRG’s blog a lot too but a 16-year-old boy resides at my house ate it all before I got any.  The grocery store’s less than a mile away but I just don’t feel like running over there.  I’ll text Mick.  (That’s why he’s always pissed off at me — I text him all the damn time.  His phone is old and he has big fat fingers so he can’t text for crap.  But it’s mostly due to my asking for dumb things.)

In order enjoy my lemonade, I used my new glass.  I bought my “M22” glass when I was in Traverse City.  Who Girl pointed out how popular M22 is.  They had a whole store dedicated to selling stuff w/”M22″ on it  What’s M22?  It’s a road for godsakes.  It’s a popular scenic road and we took it to Leland on my marathon weekend (May 26th).  I wasn’t paying attention to the view so I couldn’t advise whether it was worth it or not.  Either way, I bought a glass because I wanted my piece of M22 too.

It’s funny.  Now that Who Girl’s pointed out how popular M22 is, I now see M22 bumper stickers all over the place.

I’m jumping around a lot.  So please keep up.

Earlier today, I had to pick up Brucee.  Lookee who he brought along….a new friend.

“Unlock the door Mom”

He’s irritated in the pic above.  He’s like, “Mom, unlock the door”.

It’s a radish.  A paper mache radish.  I put it on Mick’s dresser.  I was afraid he’d miss it.  Excuse the huge mess.  That guy’s a slob.

Our Golden Retriever, Sophee, hated the radish.  She couldn’t be in the same room with it so I couldn’t take a picture.  Besides, that’s animal abuse.  I love my animals!!!

Eventually, Mr. Radish, will go to “radish heaven”.  Before he does, I’ll take a picture and put it in Brucee’s special boxes of rememberences.  We can’t keep that huge thing forever.  I’d say two weeks.

Speaking of animals.  Who Girl and I ran to the animal shelter to sign up to be volunteers.  We hung out in “kitty kingdom” and pet some kitties.  Some of them look so sweet.  “pet me, pet me”.  I’d go pet them and pick them up.  I’d pet them  They’d purr.  And then, they’d screech at a passing my cat.  One bit my finger, not hard, but I didn’t know what her next move was.  They all started making me nervous.  My cats are creepy and will do shady things but I know them so I’m not afraid of them.  I adopt any one of those cats if I had the room but there’s NO VACANCY at this barn/hotel/house.  Who and I wandered down to see the dogs.  Most were outside since it was a beautiful day.  We went out to visit them.  It so sad.  About 95% of the dogs are pit mixes.  Pit owners LOVE Pits.  They swear they’re the best.  They still scare me.  I love animals and I felt so sorry for those dogs.  I hope they get adopted by good people.  All animals deserve a loving home.


Don’t Test Me.

31 May

So excited for the day to start.

I’m a telephone service rep at an annuity and life insurance company.  I work part-time.  Most days I go in at 8am and I’m out by noon.   I love, love, love it!  I’ve been there since 1989 and I’ve witnessed lots of changes.  I’ve worked with some really fun people.  I’ve had multiple managers and I’ve been fortunate that they’ve all been great to me.


Every once in a while, something happens and it puts a bad taste in my mouth.  This time, it’s my own fault.

We all have to take evaluations to make sure you know your stuff.  Since my associates represent the company, uneducated reps would be a very, very bad idea.  I took a test yesterday on one product line and I left work feeling really good about  it (this may be premature because I haven’t gotten my results from that test yet).  I had to take another test today.   I went to work today almost excited to take it.  I swallowed a Ritalin for it (I have a prescription).  I also bought a large SF Red Bull and a bag of candy.  I envisioned a little party.

It was awful.  I’m still pissed off about it.  I’m sure I failed it.

To make myself feel better, I need to run but I just ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza and a breadstick.

It’s raining and dreary outside which is sucking the life out of me.

When I go,  I’m going to wear my Vibram FiveFingers.  I love to wear my VFF’s to run in the rain.  I’m aiming for around 10 miles.  We’ll see.


Before I got home, I stopped a hair salon that I don’t go to on a regular basis (I go to around 3 of them depending on my mood).  Lindsay’s offering 50% off her red collection.  I love a good discount and my hair’s faded from the last color.  She’s going to fit me in Tuesday for a whole new crazy look.  Can’t wait.