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Refurbished Sucks!!!

20 Feb

"Look at all that dust!!"

Ahhh.  I had a great run today.  It was sunny and somewhat warm (for Michigan) at 34 degrees.  I ran 14.34 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:08.  Niceee.

BITCH SESSION ~~ For the last couple of weeks, I’ve used the free app, IMapMyRun, because my Garmin Forerunner 405 is out of commission.  I’m not happy about my Garmin situation.  Let me explain.  I purchased my 405 back in June 2011.  It broke the end of August 2011 (after many problems getting my run stats to upload to my computer).  Garmin was quick to send me a new one which I received in Sept 2011.  All’s been well until the bezel wouldn’t respond a few weeks ago.  Garmin quickly sent me a refurbished 405.  The RF one worked one time and then couldn’t locate a GPS signal ever since.  Arghhh!  I called them today and told them they needed to pay to have it shipped back to them and that I wanted a brand new 405, not a another refurbished.  Carl said he didn’t think he had anymore new one’s since they no longer sell the 405.  After putting me on hold for the 3rd time, luck would have it, Carl found a new one with a heart monitor which is being shipped to me tomorrow (I’ve never had a heart monitor?!).  I feel like I’m the only one who has problems with their Garmin.  If I had any idea I would have had so many problems, I never would have gotten one in the first place.  I would have stuck with the free app on my Iphone.

So this last week’s been pretty rough for getting my runs on (oh, that sounded bad but I’m sticking to it).  I think the winter’s getting to me.  I’m tired of putting on so many layers to run.  I so miss running in a t-shirt and shorts.

Here’s what I’ve done in the last week:

Tues, 14th – Nil

Wed, 15th – ran 10.85 miles

Thur, 16th – elliptical 80 minutes

Fri, 17th – Nuthin’

Sat, 18th – ran 9.31 miles

Sun, 19th – Zip

Mon, 20th – ran 14.34 miles

What evs.  It’s better than what I did last February, right?

Like I said, I hope as it warms up, I stop struggling to get myself out the door.

It’s been a nice, quiet 3 day weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.  The highlight of my weekend was probably Saturday night.  Mick and I went into town for drinks.  I like vodka and Red Bull and Mick favored Sierra Nevada ale that night.  I started before we left by gulping drinking cheap wine at home.  I had quite the jump-start on him.  I really wanted to go out dancing but there’s nowhere to dance around here and we didn’t want to wander too far from home.  We went to three local bars.  The third one had a live band.  It made me feel like I was in the middle of the documentary, Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (I reference this doc frequently because I’m a bit obsessed with it).  It wasn’t country music but something southern?!  It escapes me.  All I know is I can’t dance to anything that resembles country so in my chair I sat.  No skills there.  At one point, I noticed that everyone there was dressedd so casual. One girl had off-brand Teva sandals with socks on.  Her jeans were way too short.  With a major buzz, I found this extremely funny.  Mean, I know.  I really enjoyed hanging and laughing with Mick.  He’s the best.


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Garmin Upload…

6 Aug

Anybody’s Garmin upload not working?  Does it hourglass forever?  Well, that’s what mine’s doing.  I’m hoping they fix it soon.

I was out late last night (3am) so I didn’t set an alarm for this morning.  All of our kids had a friend over last night so we had a full house (already full with just the 5 of us). 

I woke up about 10am and started my run 30-45 minutes after that.  I wasn’t into it but I ended up doing pretty good.  I ran 11.91 miles in 1:42 hours.  It was raining but it didn’t feel awful.  It was kind of nice, actually.  I wore my Ipod Shuffle that way if it gets soaked, I don’t worry about my loss.  I don’t take the Iphone when it’s raining (especially not after the toilet incident).   I do have to say that I need to revamp my music on my Ipod playlists because I find myself skipping about 50% of the music I have. 

Came home and finished power washing the deck (it’s like my life story because it took for- EV-er).   So glad that’s done but now comes step two.  I probably should sand it since it looks a little furry (not a good sign) but I’m just going to seal it.  I’ll sand it next time I power wash it. 

Fed the kiddies lunch and took a nap.  I didn’t sleep.  I just laid there for an hour which helped a little bit.

Got a new nail polish by Essie.  It’s called “Smooth Sailing”.  Love it.  It has a faint shimmer to it…

We have some very generous friends.  They keep taking our kids for us.  Now, they invited us over for a BBQ.  Plus, they don’t want me to bring anything.  I don’t have to cook!  Crazy people.