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Don’t Test Me.

31 May

So excited for the day to start.

I’m a telephone service rep at an annuity and life insurance company.  I work part-time.  Most days I go in at 8am and I’m out by noon.   I love, love, love it!  I’ve been there since 1989 and I’ve witnessed lots of changes.  I’ve worked with some really fun people.  I’ve had multiple managers and I’ve been fortunate that they’ve all been great to me.


Every once in a while, something happens and it puts a bad taste in my mouth.  This time, it’s my own fault.

We all have to take evaluations to make sure you know your stuff.  Since my associates represent the company, uneducated reps would be a very, very bad idea.  I took a test yesterday on one product line and I left work feeling really good about  it (this may be premature because I haven’t gotten my results from that test yet).  I had to take another test today.   I went to work today almost excited to take it.  I swallowed a Ritalin for it (I have a prescription).  I also bought a large SF Red Bull and a bag of candy.  I envisioned a little party.

It was awful.  I’m still pissed off about it.  I’m sure I failed it.

To make myself feel better, I need to run but I just ate 2 pieces of leftover pizza and a breadstick.

It’s raining and dreary outside which is sucking the life out of me.

When I go,  I’m going to wear my Vibram FiveFingers.  I love to wear my VFF’s to run in the rain.  I’m aiming for around 10 miles.  We’ll see.


Before I got home, I stopped a hair salon that I don’t go to on a regular basis (I go to around 3 of them depending on my mood).  Lindsay’s offering 50% off her red collection.  I love a good discount and my hair’s faded from the last color.  She’s going to fit me in Tuesday for a whole new crazy look.  Can’t wait.


People Be Judgin’…

30 May

I rode my bike today.  Yay me!!!

I have an old blue Giant and I love it.  Mick bought it for me back in 1995 or 1997.  At the time, I didn’t want a bike but I’m so glad he spontaneously got it for me.

I ride on the road and my bike is mountain bike so I wouldn’t mind a road bike.  Too bad for me because I have a lot of other needs that have to be attended to before I can even think about tending to my wants.

I rode 11.95 miles in 57.19 minutes (4:47 min/mile — is that good?).  No bike helmet.  I used to think bike helmets were lame-o but I don’t think that anymore.  I know I look like a big nerd going around town without the proper gear.  People be judgin’.  

I’ll try to buy a helmet.


I forgot to note that yesterday afternoon, at 7:05pm, I ran 7.4 miles.  My average mile/minute was 8:21.  The temperature was high 70’s but it was super breezy.  The whole run felt good.  The reason?  Who Girl went with me while she rode a bike.  She kept me company so it was kind of fun.  I normally don’t talk and run so I struggled sometimes and had to shut my piehole.

Hmm…  Mick should ride with me.  He loves when I don’t talk.

Who’s been running lately.  I’m proud to say she did 5.5 miles today (3.5 this morning and then 2 miles recently while waiting for Brucee to finish up his soccer practice).  She’s young so she could get really good at this.  I’d love to do a half or a whole with her in the future.  Who knows?  It could happen.

The following pictures were from this last weekend when we were up North with my momma.

So relieved to be done.

The night before the marathon. They had beer and naughty food. I had pasta w/a little marinara and water (to drink). Poo!

With my ma after the race.

Some of my coworkers who also ran. Some of them did the Half or the 10k.

JOY!       Fish Town, Leland, MI


Who Girl casually chillin’ on an oversized anchor – Fish Town, Leland, MI

The Dam Candy Store, Leland MI

Fishtown – Leland, MI

Another candy store in Leland, MI (we like candy)

The old reconstructed Traverse City Insane Asylum (state hospital). The basement now holds various stores and restaurants. There’s other businesses in the other floors.  They’re going to make apartments/condos in the rest of it.  Creepy.

I almost rear ended this car so Who could take this picture. A hammerhead? WTH!!!

Walking with my momma.

I’m dying here (far right).

This week’s going so fast.  Ya HOOOOO!!

Oh Yum, I Love Me Some Succulents!!

29 May

So excited when Who Girl told me that my friend, Sue (her boyfriend’s mom) had some succulents for me.  Yum, I love succulents.

I got a little nervous when Sue told me she put them on my front porch.  I knew one of our animals would get in them and they’d be ruined or picked over (you know, more difficult for me to eat without dog hair or filth mixed in).  Well, silly me, succulents are baby cacti, not cookies and cupcakes.  If you knew Sue and her husband, you’d know that they are excellent cooks and bakers so it’d be okay for someone to think a succulent is something edible.


I promise I didn’t take a bite out of any of them.


I’m still recovering from my marathon weekend — both physically and mentally.  I did the Bayshore Marathon on Saturday and I didn’t PR.  I said I wouldn’t but I’m always negative in hopes of doing better.  That’s my thing.  That’s how I roll….

Saturday morning in Traverse City was absolutely perfect for a 26 mile run.  My poison ivy was still lingering but not terrible.  I had congestion but again, bearable.  It was cool and it didn’t get super hot.  There were tons of trees for shade and we ran along the most beautiful route which was the Traverse City Bay.  I was nervous but not insanely nervous like I was for the 5k I did a few weeks ago.  I started out around 8:30 min/mile and felt great.  I ran well until about 11 miles when I realized I had to pee super bad.  I finally relieved myself at a porta-potty (there were lots of them) and continued on.  I drank Gatorade and water at almost every station.  I had 3 Gu’s total.  Around mile 16, I hit a wall because I realized I was tired and I had 10 frickin’ miles to go.  I knew I couldn’t keep up the 8:15 min/mile pace I’d been doing.  I started to heavy counsel myself at this point.  I made deals with myself.  If I could see an incline, I could walk.  If I saw a decline, I had to run.  I ran/walked the rest of the 10 miles and finished with at 3:55 hours (9:02 average mile/minute?!).

I got a sub 4 and I should be very happy but I’m not. I paced myself so poorly.  I passed people and they passed me about 5-6 times.  I know they hated me and probably wanted to yell, “will you just pick a pace and stay with it, you Dumb Turd”?!  If I would have run a slower pace for the whole race instead of running and walking like I did, I would be more happy with my performance.  I want a REDO.  I’m glad registration for the Bayshore for 2013 isn’t open yet because I would have signed up for it Saturday.

My family was so relieved that I was finally done with my marathon.  They figured this was the end of my bitching and moaning.  No more sputtering about not wanting to do this race.  Well now, all I do is bitch and moan about how I performed Saturday.  They’re sick of it!!!  My last place to vent is this blog so I’ll try to keep my bitching to a minimum.

On December 1st, the registration will open at 8am.  Will I register for the Bayshore 2013 marathon?  I don’t know.  Time will tell.

Almost Ready For The Bayshore Marathon…

25 May

This is it.  I just finished my 2 mile run.  The next time I run, it’ll be in Traverse City at the Bayshore Marathon.  I’m just a little nervous but that’s because I took two Xanax last night.  I slept like a rock and I’m a little groggy still this morning.  No more Xanax for me because I really don’t care for how it makes me so….dead.

All I know, is tomorrow, after 1pm, I’m going to be on Cloud 9, regardless of how well I run.   I am going to totally pig out.  Yes!!!!

Still some packing to do.  I have my running outfit ready…

I’ll be leaving soon with my mom and daughter.  I hope I behave myself or Who Girl will lay into me.  She’s my voice of reason.  Tough love.



Just Keep On Telling Yourself That, Crazy…

24 May

I’m a counselor.  Don’t worry, I’m only authorized, not officially of course, to counsel myself   Lately, I’ve been having to spend a lot more time with myself … my head….telling myself that Saturday is going to go smoothly.   You may not know this about me but I have issues…

I’m feeling freaky.  I have goosebumps 24 hours a day because this poison ivy rash gives me the frickin’ heebie jeebies.

I got a steroid injection for the rash on Tuesday and thought I could see an almost immediate improvement.  Well it was premature.  Let’s just say it was a brief moment of positivity (rarity since I’m such a negative ninny)  because I got a new spot on my stomach today.

I know I should be happy that I don’t have the rash as bad as others but it’s just one more thing hurdle on top of other challenges that come along with running a marathon.

My cold’s better but I’m still only about 70%.

I broke down and bought a neti pot because I feel so congested.  I heard they work and I’m desperate. $15 at the local Rite Aid.

Ran home and used my new neti pot as soon as I got home.  It was really weird.  I’ll spare you by leaving out the nasty details.  Who Girl got disciplined for pretending to do it to our dog.

I still have a day and a half for some improvements to my health.


Weather for Saturday is predicted to be 77 degrees with a 50% chance of rain showers.  Marathon time is 7am so I’m hoping for a cool, dry run. Fingers crossed.  Time will tell and it’s out of my hands.


Happy Days.  I love that song by Gotye called, Somebody That I Used to Know.  I love, love, love the video done by Walk Off The Earth who covered it even more.   I  like the cover version video better than the original too.  The group has covered other songs too. And, they’re coming to Common Ground in Lansing, Michigan on July 13th.  I’ll be there.

I get obsessed with things.  I really, really think the girl, Sarah Blackwood,  from Walk Off The Earth is super cool.  She’s this cute little blonde who has…. Guess?  Tattoos.  Yep.  I instantly approve.

Picture of Sarah Blackwood

I’ll be heading to Traverse City with my mom and my daughter tomorrow.  Saturday, once we get through with the shenanigans that I’ve gotten myself into, we’ll get to eat, sight see, eat, shop, and eat.

Was That Cocaine?

23 May

I woke up today not feeling that great.  I’m sure it had to do with my night rager.  I didn’t go to bed til 3:30am which is unheard of for me.  I’m blaming the iced coffee from 5pm and the steroid shot .

Even though I wasn’t feeling it, I did a 4 miler today.  I didn’t want to get off my tapering marathon training.  Hal put a lot of thought into it and I don’t want to insult him.

Yes, I did toss them in the trash after my run.

Wearing the holey socks that I wore to bed the night before, I was off and stumbling by 11:11am.  I ran 4.01 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:21.  I ran a new route today because I couldn’t handle running by the huge deer carcass covered with what looked like 5 lbs of cocaine.  I’m pretty sure it was lye because that’d be a terrible waste, right?

I wore really old, worn out shoes.  Why?  They match my outfit and I love yellow.

I just got these Nike shorts from the Nike Outlet in hopes of wearing them for the Bayshore Marathon.  I’ve worn them twice now to test them for problems, and I think they’re going to work out.  I’ll be layering up with Bodyglide just in case….


DISAPPOINTEDI thought my poison ivy would be gone today but it’s still there and it itches but not as bad.  Better news is there are no new outbreaks.


I love tattoos and I love fashion.  Both are expensive and Mick wants me to avoid both.  Looked what I googled…

A bunch of fashion bloggers who happen to have great tattoos.  Love, love, love.

My favorite is this inner calf tattoo…

I told myself "no leg tattoos" but I really like this one.

No worries.  I’m pretty sure (never say never) I’ll never get a leg tattoo.  Besides the girl is a fashion genius/diva and can get away with not looking trashy.


CLARIFICATION — My little sis mentioned that I may want to clarify how I got poison ivy under my boobs and in some other uncomfortable spots.  I did not roll around nekked in the weeds.  I think I contaminated some of my clothes when I washed my work gloves with a load of laundry.  It was about 3-4 weeks ago so I’m not sure items need to be rewashed.  No one else has had an outbreak so my husband and kids may be immune?!  Either way, I think the oil from the gloves transferred to my boulder bras and granny panties.  Oops!  I will never wash my work gloves again.  They will be tossed in the trash from now on when I suspect they’ve come into contact with the “devil weed”.

The Benefits of Chafing….

22 May

As if?!  There are NO benefits to chafing.  Avoid it.


So there’s not too much to report as far as running goes.  I’ve run thrice  (threece?) since my last post:

Friday, May 18th — 7.32 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:35.

Sunday, May 20th — 9.02 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:30.

Today, May 22nd — 2 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:29.

CHALLENGES — Saturday (19th) I noticed a little poison ivy rash on my neck.  Oh no.  Sunday, I noticed it under my boobs, right in the crease.  Yesterday, more rash on my upper back and other horrible spots.  Argh!!  Today, I started really worrying that new outbreaks would continue for another week.  Saturday’s the Bayshore Marathon and I have no plans to back out.  Running while sweating and achy legs with a mix of itching just don’t mix at all.  Since I started sharing my concerns with friends, I was told to go to Urgent Care and get “the shot”.  The shot is a steroid (Solu-medrol) that lots of people have gotten to help with their poison ivy rashes.  The more I thought about it, the more I thought I needed it.  Normally I just choose to itch the shit out myself.  I’m really surprised I haven’t contracted a secondary bacterial infection because I’m awful with the itching.

But let’s consider something that I haven’t admitted to many.  The last time I had a steroid (pill form) a few years back, I had an anxiety attack which I’m pretty sure was linked to the steroid I was taking at the time.   Call me a dip because I don’t care.  I’m ready for an anxiety attack and I have Xanax if one comes.  I want the rash to stop and go away.

I got right in at our local Urgent Care and they gave me the shot in the buttock.  Ouch!  I have tattoos so you’d think I have some high pain tolerance but I do not.  I hate shots just like everyone else.  Anyways, here it is, ten hours later and all of my red itchy patches are flat.  They don’t itch anymore.  I can’t wait to see the progress tomorrow.  AMAZE A BALLS!!!!!

While I was there, I told them I have a cold/sinus thing.  I’ve only had it for 3 days so normally I wouldn’t have said anything but since I was there, they prescribed me a little antibiotic for what appears to be a sinus infection (I know, SUPER BUG).  Who Girl was mad I got the antibiotic.

Between now and Saturday morning, I’m going to drink tons of Airborne and suck on lots of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  Why?  Because my mom told me to.  Don’t cross my mom.


My kids constantly ask for things like most kids.  My boys like shoes.  Brucee’s been talking about getting Nike Free’s for a month or so now and I kept telling him to wait.  He’s growing so fast and I really wanted to wait till school started in August before purchasing new ones.  After all, he had a brand new pair of Nikes….I thought.  Unfortunately, he was right and he had actual proof that he needed the shoes.  He said both shoes had holes in them.  Check it…

Poor guy was forced to wear two shoes in this condition.

The last couple of weeks have been tapering weeks and I feel guilty not running my normal mileages.  Today called for a 2 miler.  Huh?  What chu talkin’ bout Hal (Higdon)?  I didn’t feel like running so I was relieved.  I felt like absolute crap (headache, uncontrollable coughing, dry throat, etc, etc, feel sorry for me, etc).  Anywho.  I ran with Who Girl.  Two miles with an average mile/minute 8:29.

Mick, Who and I needed to go to her apartment since today was the last day to do it.  It’s an hour and twenty minutes away and we needed to get her bed, desk, dresser.  We also needed to do some light cleaning too.  All I cared about was going to the restaurant, Twisted Rooster, to chow.

Mick told us a few days ago that he’d do what we asked with retrieving furniture and he’d go to dinner wherever we wanted as long as we didn’t get home, late, like 11pm.  We got home at 11:30pm.  Oops.  I’ve over it.  So dinner, yes, we went to dinner.

My family loves when I ask to take a picture…

Mick looks angry. He’s not. He’s just annoyed.

I ordered the Mesa Chopped Salad…

Light but yummy…

Who Girl ordered the Grouper Sandwich…

w/ Salt and Pepper french fries…

Mick ordered a burger with an egg on it.  Sorry, no picture.


No joke.  This morning, when I was getting ready for work, I was out of sorts (hint…hair in horrible headband and ponytail) because I messed up a simple detail.  Umm, check the earrings.  This was something I should have noticed before I left the house but I didn’t notice until 9am (I start work at 8am).  I showed a couple of people, for “shits and giggles”, and they all replied with, “did you do it on purpose?”  Huh?  Umm…no.

No that’s not a booger in my right nostril — it’s the inside of my nose piercing (just had to point that out). Noticed my lipstick’s a bit crooked too. Who can I blame that on?

In the crappy pic above, can you see a little poison ivy rash on the right side of my neck?  Sorry, it’s just too convenient to take pictures with my Iphone.

Sleep.  I need sleep but it’s not coming.  I’m high on coffee and the other mass of drugs and supplements I took today.