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I Love Frat Boys?!

7 Sep

After dropping the boys off at their schools (middle school for Brucee and high school for Roo Dog), I promptly got out the lightbox.  I sit near it for like 30 minutes.

She’s old but she should be solving ALLLLL my problems…

I’ve been good about using the lightbox everyday now for a few weeks.  I’m going to keep using it, regardless of whether I feel something or not.  There are studies that show lightboxes work so there can’t be any harm in using it.

Laid around for an hour or so, ate some breakfast and then all of sudden, I was ready.  I was ready for a run.  I looked goofy today.  I wore my “I Love Frat Boys” t-shirt.  I felt kind of pedofilish (real word?) in it.  My kids hate it when I wear it so why not run around town for 9 miles showing everyone.

I ran 9.15 miles with an average mile of 8:18.  Listened to the Dixie Chicks on Pandora.  I wish they were touring because now that I’m a regular concert goer (NOT, I have space issues), I would totally see them.  I don’t really care for country music but I do like these ladies.

All of over my town, you can find tree stumps such as this one.  I think this one’s new…

The guy takes these old trees and carves various things into them.  There’s one that looks like squirrels are running all over it.  There’s an eagle.  I love them.  I’ll try to remember to take more pictures of them.

Damn you Barefoot Contessa.  I love Food Network but I hate it when that bitch makes stuff like chocolate ganache cupcakes.  I craved cupcakes the other day.  I ate one and I need to give it a rest so I did not need this temptation.  I know, I need to change the damn channel.

My cute little cousin, Leanne, told me that I could find Smartwool products among other good quality clothing at www.steepandcheap.com.  Here’s what she said:

Every 30 minutes a new deal on outdoors stuff comes up (there is usually a lot of athletic clothing) and you only have 30 minutes to buy whatever it is. It is such a rush. I always overbuy. Which is how I know that they are very good about returns. I buy all my smartwool stuff at least 50% off on there.

She’s right.  I found and bought a Stoic merino wool base layer long sleeve for $28.99 ($59 retail).

My sons had a practice and a game tonight.  It was cool and rainy at times.  I threw on some comfy Ruehl 925 lounge pants.  I’m also wearing a Hanes’ Men’s v-neck t-shirt.  I love these shirts.  You’ll probably notice I wear them a lot (they come in a five pack).  Thanks to my daughter for turning me on to them.

I stopped at the grocery store to get Brucee a drink and some other odds and ends.  While walking to check out, I found this cute scarf.  I love the cream lace sewn into it.  It was $12.99. (please excuse Bella Blue’s crotch shot)

Because their shoes got wet, I had to pull out the Cabela’s shoe dryer.  This was a great purchase.   I’ll be able to use it on my running shoes if they get wet. $39.99 at cabelas.com