Pure Barre Anyone?

9 Jun

I knew today was going to be a hot and humid one.  I sat up straight in bed at about 7am remembering that I needed to run early because I don’t do well with heat and humidity.  Who Girl was supposed to run with me but she was non-responsive.  She may have grunted at me.  Not sure?!.

At 8am, I was on my way.  I wore my VFF’s.  Mine are the black Trek’s.  I almost bought some hot pink ones the other day because they were on clearance for $60 but talked myself through what would be an impulse purchase.  I don’t need new one’s yet.

It was so pretty.  The horseflies are awful on my road.  One, we have horses across the street and two, we have a really big pond.  I covered myself with sunscreen and Deet bug spray.  I shimmering with all the chemicals I put on.  I don’t know if I hate wrinkles and sunspots or horseflies worse.  I ran 10.24 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:44.

After my run, I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off. My feet were barking!! Nice dog butt, huh?

Who eventually got out of bed and decided to get her own run on.  I offered to ride along on my bike and she took me up on the offer.  I’m an awful support person though because I didn’t bring water, pepper spray or a phone.  Bad, I know.  She did 6 miles.  We stopped at mile 4 at the township hall to interrupt a high school open house in order to get a drink of water.  I told her to walk in, go straight to the drinking fountain without making eye contact with anyone.  Success.  Dehydration and/or fainting avoided.


Oh gosh.  I forgot about last nights shenanigans.  Our friend was sponsoring last night at the race track and gave us tickets so we could enjoy the festivities.  I thought, ‘what the heck’ so I went along.  We sat with a bunch of people we knew.  Not sure why I showered because it’s so dirty.  Nobody else looked like they showered.

And it was so boring.

Junky cars…

At one point, there was a break or an intermission that I wasn’t ready for.  A truck and trailer pulled out on the track and parked in the middle.  Curious site.  Smoke started coming out of the top of the trailer.  Eventually some country singer popped out with a headset on.  He proceeded to walk down the trailor ladder, across the track and up into the stands.  He sang 3-4 songs.  It was awkward.  I felt bad for him because no one was really reacting.  We saw one random lady singing along which is good…I guess.

Literally 3 steps away. I couldn’t fake that I was into it.


GROUPON — Pure Barre Deal.  I was thinking of buying this Groupon but the only one I know who’s done it, Who Girl, says she didn’t like the class.  It’s 5 classes for $35.  The deal’s on for 3 more days.  I may or may not buy?!


We visited some friends at their daughter’s high school open house.  It was brier because we had somewhere else to go.  We were invited to Who’s boyfriends house by his parents for dinner.

We brought my mom who has clearly lost her mind.  She got some purple stripes in her hair today.  I will be blamed by my sisters for this.

She was deep in conversation.

After enjoying some wine and indulging in a fantastic meal, we had to get on to Brucee’s last soccer game.

WINE! I gulped that stuff down.

Roo (middle son) and Mick (unlucky spouse)

Full day complete.


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