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Dance, I Said!

13 Feb

Well hello Strangers!!

Goof Off Girl is here.  I’ve been having a hard time posting lately.  I’ve actually been really busy.  No, not busy for just me.  I’m genuinely busy.  It’s GO GO GO  all day long.  “No naps” type of busy.  Crazy busy, I know it.

I’ve been horrible running outside.  I wanted to run Thursday but my Garmin broke and it mentally messed me up so I jumped on the elliptical that night.

Why did I finally decide to post today?  Good question.  It’s because I ran which makes me want to BOAST.

Boast rhymes with a lot of words.  I’m extremely observant, huh?  I’m a deep thinker.

Friday, I went on a “girls’ weekend” with some really fun ladies.  We went up to my good friend Janet’s cottage.  Good stuff.  No, I didn’t take any pictures because I suck.  I was having too much fun to pull that sucker out.

I drank…A LOT.  I’m not super proud of that.  I danced…A LOT.   Let’s just say I really liked the songs, “Shake That” by Eminen and “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

I didn’t exercise at all (unless you count the dancing but the dancing was cancelled out by all my chowing and drinking so I guess that was a “wash”).  I didn’t even jump on the elliptical Sunday when I got back into town.  I was really hung over and I said, “screw that”, I can take a three-day weekend off.  I’ve been so good (because I now do both running and elliptical in hopes of cutting done on my running aches and pains).

So, back to my evil doings this weekend.  I drank a ton.  I was hungover on both Saturday and Sunday.  I was a dancing COUGAR!!!  Oh yeah, “watch out young men, I wasn’t afraid of any of you!”

Friday night’s dancing buddy was Opey.  Need I say more?  He was safe dancing partner.  “No worries, Mick”.

Saturday’s victim was a young man who was wearing jammie pants.  I know how to pick ’em, eh?  Let me explain.  He was snowmobiling and underneath his snowpants, he had on jammie pants.  Who cares?  I used him to dance with.  He was my bitch that night.

It was fun.  I needed fun — innocent fun, of course.

Yesterday, I got back in town with enough time to hang with my beautiful daughter.

We ran up to see Mick’s dad who’s still in ICU at the hospital.  Sucks seeing him there.  He finally got off the dialysis machine that’s not really dialysis (?!).  The machine was running 24/7 so it’s nice that he’s not on it.  Now, we have our fingers crossed that his kidneys wake up and do their f’in job.  It’s so scary.  The next few days will tell us a lot more.

Yes, I did run today.  Woot! Woot!  Let me just say that it was super cold and I don’t remember what the temperature was.

I ran 9.86 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:12.  Not bad since it was super cold and I felt like the Tin Man in my running get-up.  My nose ran the whole run and I couldn’t feel the inside of my right nostril for the last 3 miles.  That…was…bizarre.

Enough running and exercising talk.  Let’s discuss the status of my professional life.  I’m a serious worker.  I work part-time and I personally feel like I’ve got a really good cubicle.  I sit by really nice people and I have a window seat.  Nice.  Spoiled.  Today, our boss asked for a volunteer to move their desk.  The new desk is not by the window but it is by the director of our call center.  This means whoever moves their desk near the director will have to be very professional.  I know, you all are saying, “don’t volunteer, don’t volunteer”.  It will probably be the end of my 21 years at this place but I work part-time so I owe it my coworkers to volunteer (especially since none of them offered to move when I approached my manager on it).  Gosh, I hope I don’t lose my job over this.

I CAN BE PROFESSIONAL.  I CAN BE PROFESSIONAL.  I CAN PROFESSIONALIZE MYSELF.  Maybe I should get on ADHD medicine.  I have a habit of shouting out things…inappropriate things.

I’m doomed.



31 Aug

Wore a Target dress today with some $10 suede shoes I picked up in Mexico about 5 years ago. 

Came home from work about noon and couldn’t talk myself into running until 3pm.  I was not feeling it.  Made myself run anyways because usually I get pumped up a mile from home…

It was not happening for me. 

Surprisingly, I ran 9.86 miles with an average pace of 8.27 minutes per mile.   I loathed every second of it.   At the 8 and a half mark, I called Mick and begged him to come get me.  He’s a sweetheart and he did.

I don’t know what it is but I’m feeling like a wall of darkness coming down on me.  I’m not sure if it’s temporary or not but I really don’t like it.  I’m going to get my light box out again to see if I use it daily if it does me any good. 

Sorry to be a downer….