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Knuckle Sandwich

19 Mar

I stink so bad. At least I can smell it.

Why do I stink? I ran. Why not shower? Because I want to shower right before bed. I love going to bed fresh and clean. Love it, love it, love it!!

Oh yes, I ran. I so needed it. My youngest is getting in trouble, gradewise, at school and I don’t know how to deal. Got me?

The weather was beautiful. It was about 80 degrees today. This is scary weather in the month of March for Michigan. There was a great breeze. At 3:10pm, I ran 11.37 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:46. That’s slow for me but I seem to be getting slower and slower. I think it’s because everything hurts.  I ran half the first half with music.  I turned it off when I got to a house that I knew had a dog that sounded like he wanted to rip my throat out.  After I passed the house, I simply forgot to turn it back on.

This warm weather is causing everything to pop up and bloom. Pretty but bad because we’ll probably get at least one other freeze which will kill everything.

So, my son Brucee has been doing bad in Science. Science was not our problem today. I got a progress report from his English teacher. Brucee lost a whole week of points for causing trouble for the substitute teacher one day. The notes said “sleeping in class”. I emailed the teacher saying maybe my son was sick. Why didn’t she send him home?! She said this wasn’t his first time. And, she said she’d never punish a child for being sick. Turns out, the sub had them reading their books (books they chose) and Brucee didn’t feel like it. Plus, he was tired (probably because of his crappy diet) so in his mind it was the perfect time for a nap.

It gets worse, he got a really bad grade on an essay about why or why not religion should be taught in school. She said his essay was awful. He said that if religion was taught in school, kids would kill animals and burn crosses on their desks? WTH? My son is so sweet. I couldn’t believe he wrote that. I mean, I know he did but where’d he get that opinion from? Not me or my husband?! I picked him up from school and went down the list of questions I had for him. He, of course, got very upset. Afterall, he only wants to discuss playing video games (which he lost privileges to) and going to movies. In regards to his religious stance, he said he didn’t know what to put and the animal killing and cross burning came to mind so he “went with it”. He said that if it was a problem he figured his teacher would have come to him. ??? “No, Son, I get to look like a bad mom and I get to come to you”.

His school conferences are Wednesday. Can’t wait.

Today’s run was necessary. I like to go on a run when I have a lot on my mind. It feels good. Well, at least until your tailbone starts hurting. It’s hard to focus on anything else when that happens.

This morning I wore a maxi dress (looked crocheted) that I picked up super cheap from Pitaya. Since it was sheer I obviously needed to wear another dress underneath. I didn’t like my choices in my own closet so I looked at Target. I picked up a dress that l figured I could wear under the maxi or alone. It was $19.99 and not bad-looking. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get misshapened the first time I wash it.

Bed head...

In November, I’m going to see Madonna in concert with my little sis, Marla. Marla told me we get Madonna’s newest CD out of the deal. Yay! Love free stuff.

Good news! My father in law is coming home from the rehabilitation center tomorrow. He’s been gone since February 3rd. He really wants this. My husband really wants this so this is good for all.

This weekend, I have to take my youngest son to Ohio for a soccer tournament. That’s four hours of driving, one way. Even though I don’t have to cook a meal the whole weekend, I’m really dreading the driving. I get like Narcolepsy when I’m in the car. It always hits me at the hour and half mark. I’ve tried everything: drinking tons of caffeine, air conditioning blowing in my face, slapping my face, loud music, getting out and walking around at rest areas. I told my son that we need to converse for the whole four hours. He seemed thrilled at the idea. I’m going to buy a bag of sunflower seeds. Supposedly the action of manipulating the seed in your mouth, removing the seed and discarding the shell keeps your mind active.

Eating sunflower seeds could solve all my problems in all avenues of my life. I seriously think I have undiagnosed ADHD.

I need a root beer in the worst way but I need to go to bed.

But, I don’t deserve a root beer,  I had my husband drop my middle son, Roo, off at practice to find out an hour later that I had my husband drop Roo off at the wrong location.  Oopsy.  So, he sat and missed his practice.  I make so many of these types of mistakes.  Mick said he was giving me a knuckle sandwich when he got home.  He was kidding… I think.

Any ideas on how to keep awake while driving 4 hours are totally welcome….


Me, Today, This Hour

14 Jun

New favorite thing to do is read blogs. This is a whole new world for me. I have a lot of downtime, it seems, waiting at my boys’ practices or waiting for them after school. Instead of running off to shop and spend $ I don’t have at the Mall or Target, I sit here and read what other people do for fun or exercise.

I’m trying to set a good example for my kids by taking good care of them, their dad, our house, and of course, myself. I’m married to a landscaper and we live in MI w/our 3 kids. My daughter is going to be a junior in college and my two boys are going to be in 8th and 10th grade.

I like to run. I was running 3.6 miles almost everyday but I’m hoping to change that my increasing and mixing it up so I don’t get bored. I only like to run when it’s 50 degrees or warmer so I have to use my treadmill/nemisis when it’s cold out.

I’m not smooth at this at (blogging) so please be patient. Thanks for reading.