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Fill In The Blank. I Wish I Had ____ (verb)_____ ____(noun)____.

28 Feb

Guess what I did?  I got back on my horse.  It’s not that bad but I hadn’t run outside for six days which made me feel really bad about myself.  Sure, I was doing the treadmill and the elliptical but it’s just not the same as running outside.  It felt really good to run out in the fresh air.  I used my Garmin 405 (it worked == YES!). I ran 9.8 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:17.  It was cool at 37 degrees (felt like 32).  I was “prairie-dogging” it for the last two miles.  Between contractions, I’d run as fast as I could.  I made it.  No accident.

Confusing, I know...

Compression socks…  Are they worth it?  Do they really help you heal faster?  Is it better to wear them before? During? After?  Are they itchy because they look like they’d make me scratch.  I found an article about them at Runner’s World. (I read her…A LOT) likes compression clothing.  She said her favorite marathon socks are by CEP.  So, I decided I needed CEP compression socks.  I went ahead and ordered them in green from for $52.95 (free shipping).  By the way, they had the CEP’s in white for only $47.49 (free shipping as well).  Funny cause I ordered white first (to save $$) and realized white is just not me.  I’m loud and an obnoxious so green was more fitting.  I just love green.  I cancelled the white a few hours later and reordered in green.  I so hope they work.

New favorite song is Gold On the Ceiling by the Black Keys.  I seriously like all of their songs so this one caught my attention when hearing it the first time.    I have the free app, Songhound, on my Iphone.  Whenever I hear a song that I like and I want to know what it is, I pull out my phone and use that app to figure out what it is.  I can bookmark it for later or I can buy it from Itunes (quickly).

When I was in elementary school, I loved ordering books from the classroom book order.  I was so jealous when other kids got their book orders and I got nothing.  When my mom did let me order books, I always ordered the same thing… Mad Libs.  I loved Mad Libs.  I knew what a verb, noun, adverb, adjective, etc was so it was great fun.   I was a bad kid though.  I wouldn’t use your traditional silly words.  The story wouldn’t be funny with the words…red, jumped, slimy, silly, quickly, apple, right?!  In 4th and 5th grade, I knew I could make my story special so I’d use the words…boobies, humped, wiener, pooping, pimply, farty, etc..  I basically used ALL bad words.  My Mad Libs were filled with filth.  I know  the creators or those books didn’t think a little scumbag kid like me was going to do what I did.  As I got older, those books slowly disappeared.  I lost them, I don’t know.  When I was in middle school, I was nosing through my parents dresser drawers because I was also very nosey (little creeper, eh?).  My mother had taken all of my filthy Mad Libs and put them in her dresser.  She must have figured out my dirty secret and confiscated them.

You can go see most movies at the local movie theater for $5 a ticket on Tuesdays.  Tuesdays are pretty much our only free nights during the week so I like to go to the movies on that night.  I took Brucee and Roo to see Act of Valor tonight.  Mick passed because he was still down and out with the stomach flu.  He’s much better but just very tired.  I liked the movie but I like all movies.  I’m not a good critic at all.

With about 30 minutes remaining in the movie, Brucee started to feel crappy.  His eyes were glassy.  He  was nauseous.  And, best of all, we all shared the same drink throughout the whole movie.  I drank an Airborne as soon as I walked in the door.  I’m sure it’s too late to help but I’m desperate.  I cannot stand to throw up.  Suckss…..


Do NOT Dye The Dog….

27 Feb

Okay, I just spent $80 at Pet Supplies Plus.  It’s like Target.  You go in for one thing and find all kinds of stuff you weren’t looking for.  Did ja know they have Bed Head products for animals?  I did NOT.  I so wanted to buy the hair color for my FIL’s Maltese that we’re taking care of.  Koolaid just doesn’t do a good job and Bed Head/Pet Head had some lovely colors to pamper your pet with.  I was picturing purple…

So, what’d I buy at Pet Supplies Plus?  I got some eye goobie wipes for the Maltese.  I also got crinkle balls for my tiger cat, Thomas.  He totally goes ape shit over the crinkle balls.  He lost the other 5 we had — in about 1 1/2 days after I gave those 5 to him so I’m thinking there will be 9 lost crinkle balls throughout my house soon.  I bought flea spray for carpet and upholstery (lasts 7 months) because I’m so totally grossed out at the thought that bugs could be living in our house (found a flea on the chihuahua about a month ago).  I hope all this flea killer crap doesn’t give us cancer.  Also, I’m the new owner of flea shampoo with conditioner, puppy teething rings for the chihuahua and Maltese, dental drops (to add to the pets water for plaque and tartar).  It struck me for moment that I could put a some drops in my kids milk to help cut back on dental bills but, no worries, I came to my senses.

I asked my FIL if I could take his dog to the groomer’s when I visited him today because I totally want to get all of her hair cut off by getting her a puppy cut but he totally shut me down.  He said they’ll cut too much off (exactly) and it’s too cold out for her (no, not true).  He scares me so I’m going to do what he says.  I know he wouldn’t appreciate my dying dog purple (even though I totally want to).  It’s so funny to see my huge FIL with his tiny little foo-foo dog.  What a pair.

Oh by the way, it’s cold in Michigan…again.  Sucksssss.  If all my family wasn’t here, I’d be so gone.  I’m really having a hard time getting out the door to run outside and today was no exception.  Running is like Prozac to me.  If I don’t run outside, I get down on myself.  I get down on myself and I won’t run.  It’s a wicked cycle.

Mick’s sick.  He was throwing up all last night.  Gross… I mean, poor guy.  It’s just another downer.  Hopefully he’s not down for long.

My FIL’s been in the hospital for 25 days today.  They say they’re moving him to a rehabilitation place (by the Mall — woot! woot!) tomorrow for a two-week stay.  I’m glad.  I was so scared they’d send him home to fend for himself.  My husband and I would stop in to take care of him but he needs more care then we can give him so this rehab place is the best thing right now.

My Who Girl (daughter) is talking about not coming home for the summer.  She wants to do research at U of M or some other college far from me.  I need my girl, in my house, entertaining me.  My boys are so boring.  Their rules suck!  I’m not allowed to dance, sing, or talk (gasp!) around them.  They’re so mean to me.  She’s the only one who understands me (puts up with me).  She’s such a selfish crap thinking of herself and her career.  Yawn…

Okay, so do you have a piece of clothing that you love, love, love?

Model behavior... My fave pants and jacket (and sexy Meijer snow boots).

You know you should throw it out but you just can’t do it because there’s no replacement for it?  I feel this way about my Gap zip up sweatshirt.  It now has holes in the wrist.  Makes me sad.  I bought what I felt was a good replacement from J Crew a few years back but I still pull out the Gap and the J Crew sits in the closet.  I kind of have this attitude with my Abercrombie lined windbreaker pants too.  If I would have known what I know now about these two favorites, I would have bought like 5 of each.  Double Suckssss.  Tonight, I wore my two favorite pieces when taking my boys to their soccer practice.  I had no intentions of leaving my car.  Well, nature called and it was necessary to go in to the building right as my little guy was coming out.  Brucee says, “I can’t believe you’re wearing that”.  He was embarrassed by me.  Oh no!

I love to watch movies both in the theater and on DVD.  Sometimes, late at night, I like to lay in bed, all warm and comfy and watch a good movie before falling asleep.  I always borrow my DVD’s from library because you can request online and borrow them for free.  I love FREE.  I just requested Melancholia starring Kristen Dunst.

I’m trying to read Chaz Bono’s book, Transition, The Story of How I Became a Man but I just can’t get into it.  I already saw his DVD, Becoming Chaz so I think reading his book is pointless at this point.  I hate not finishing a book.  It feels like failure.

I think I’ll request the book, Uglies.  I like nonfiction and teeny bopper fiction.  That was kind of a secret (my liking teeny bopper fiction) but it was freeing to say.  Not really.  Rumor has it that our library is going to start charging late fees on late books.  Oh my.  They’ve never done that before.  I never return my books on time.  Yes, I’m a delinquent.  I always keep them forever.  Sometimes, I’ll even wait till I get billed for the book.  That’s when you know they’re serious.  But, you return the book and then they erase the charges.  It will not be so easy anymore.  I must be better.

So, that’s  my exciting day for today and you know where I stand.

All I Need Is Water And Protein, Right? Wrong!

26 Feb

I haven’t hit the road a runnin’ since Wednesday, the 22nd.  I’m just so sick of Michigan’s cold.  We Michiganders have been pretty lucky considering how mild our winter’s been but I…DON’T…CARE.  Today,  the temperature was in the low 30’s but the windchill made it feel like the low 20’s.  Ughh.  No thanks.

Friday, I ran on the treadmill for 7 miles (67 minutes)

Saturday, I did nothing

Today, I ran 8 miles on the treadmill (75 minutes)

It was nice not having to layer up in a ton of clothes.  I’m just getting so tired of it.  Sportsbra, shorts and my shoes.  Let’s just keep things simple, shall we?  While thumping away on the “belt”, I watched the Lifetime channel with the TV volume turned all the way up.

My brand new Garmin showed up in the mail yesterday.  I should be excited but I’m very skeptical that it’s not going to work like it’s supposed to since I haven’t had much luck with the 405 so far.

At work, I was given a $20 ICARD.  With the ICARD, you can choose a gift card from a bunch of different places.  Normally, I’d go for a restaurant because I love to eat out and I hate to cook but there weren’t any restaurant choices.  I saw Athleta out there so I chose them.  I knew nothing was $20 at Athleta so I knew I’d be paying out-of-pocket for whatever clothing item I chose.  So what do I do?  I choose $170 worth of overpriced clothing.  One more thing to the my imaginary “Dumb Things I’ve Done” list, right?

I chose the Sidetrack Half Zip in White (love the scalloped detail in the side/back of the jacket) and the All-Star Pant  (can’t wait to roll these babies so everyone thinks I’m laid back and relaxed) in Eucalyptus.  I’ve ordered from Athleta before and was not overly impressed with their expensive stuff.  Everytime I get a catalog, I’m so turned off by their high prices but I feel like the items I chose this time were different from what I could get at the Mall.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I love these two pieces.  If not, I’ll send them back and get socks like I should have done in the first place.

Normally, I try to stay away from ordering from the internet because we’re far from rich and I shouldn’t buy stuff I don’t need but, please, what do I really need?  Water and protein?  I need more in life mentally so ordering and buying things for myself is okay as long as it’s only once in a while…. talks about the Bic Bands a lot.  They have glitter headbands and SR swears they stay in place.  I thought, what the heck, sparkly and functional, I need them (almost as much as water and protein).  I ended up getting the Skinny Sparkle in brown and the Minnie Sparkle in Aqua.  I do really like them.  They have like a velour on the inside that really keeps them in place.  I think I’m really going to wear them a lot.  Sparkles just make everything better.

Mick and I hung out both Friday and Saturday nights with our friends, M and T.  I need to cut back on the alcohol because I can’t “blame it on the alcohol” all the time….

Me and "T". Why yes, I am hilarious...

I took a crappy pic of T and I.  She said I had a weird smile so I retook it with my hair in my face and posted it to Facebook for all to see.  She and I laughed about it.  The next morning, I thought, “why did I think that was so damn funny?”.  I was such an idiot so deleted it so no one else would know how stupid I was.  I wasn’t drunk (maybe buzzed) but the picture made it look like I was wasted.

Yesterday, I took my little niece to see my cousin’s daughter at a Dance and Pom Competition.  Not only did she dance but she sang the National Anthem.  She did great.  I used my Kodak camera to record her two dances but, dumb me, I don’t know how to upload a picture from it?!  In the one dance, they did, “It’s Raining Men” and they all wore these black shiny jackets (so cute).

This is not my cousin's daughter's group but I think these guys won something.

Afterwards, I took my niece to lunch and then to the little Hallmark/gift store.  I got these cute Brighton earrings (gift for myself since I sat so well at the competition).  Some of the rhinestones look opalesque.  Pretty.  Oooooh…Ahhhhhh…

Enough ramblin’.  Chow!

U Like?

23 Feb

Let me start off by saying that the tights I wore today PISSED ME OFF.  They were so cute in the package but as soon as I put them on, they had little pulls all over them.  I’m pretty sure I’ll never wear them again since they’ll look junky.  Trash.  Bummed because I got so many compliments on them.

I work in a call center part-time.  I love it!!  Besides blabbing all day to brokers, I’ve got the very difficult job of sending the previous day’s telephone stats to my coworkers.  For fun, I like to put a little personal thought or little advice in the body of the email.  I’m sure most don’t see it and delete it but some say my little notes give them a chuckle.  Weird because they never say my advice is helpful?!  Anywho,  today I arranged for a flash mob at 1pm.  I told them to do it and I told them the song was, “Push It” by Salt N Pepa.   What can I say?  I love that frickin’ song.  How can you not?  It fires me up.

Why 1pm, you ask outloud (and others stare at you because of it)?  Because I leave at noon and I didn’t want to do it.  I’d look “a fool”.  I bet those F’ers didn’t do it either.  I tried to enrich their day with some fun.

No run today.  Instead, I engaged with my broken down, piece of crap elliptical for 85 horrible minutes.  The muscle in my right calf was pissed off the whole time.  I like to watch, “My 600 lb Life” while I do the elliptical.   It’s sad, it’s happy, it’s sad, it’s happy.  I just love when they lose weight and get new clothes.  Simple joys.  The show starts out with a subtitle saying that only 5% of the people who get the stomach surgery are actually successful.  That’s a horrible, sad statistical.

Yesterday, the director, a fellow runner, said there are others at my company doing the Bayshore marathon in May with me.  Up until she said that, I thought I’d be all alone that day.  She said to get in touch with the group because they’re doing a group photo after the run.  Photo?  I hate being in photos…  So I contacted Chris, one of the fellows, and he invited me to train with them.  They run most days but I can do the shorter runs by myself, near my house.  The long runs, 17-20 milers, I can meet up with them on the weekends for.  I’m so glad.  I did a 20 miler last September with about 20 people and even though we didn’t run hand in hand, it certainly made the run go by fast.

I just want this stupid marathon to be done and over.  I suck, I know.

I drive through the ghetto to get to the hospital my FIL’s staying at.  I don’t notice what most of the businesses are around there but this little restaurant cracks me up.  It’s called, “U Like“.   It’s not smart to take pictures while you drive, but that’s exactly what this smart one did.

"U Like" is to the right of Subway.

At 5:30pm, I went to my little niece’s basketball game.  Here’s a sneaky shot I took.  I didn’t want all the teeny boppers to make fun of me for taking a picture of the school.  I’m so shady, right?

It's a dumb pic but I needed something for the blog.

I’m horrible about visiting my Grandma but I went to her place last Saturday.  Her apartment is so perfect except for the temperature being a sweltering hot 85 degrees.  Everything’s got it’s own little place.  I thought it was so sweet that she kept this ashtray that my uncle made her back when he was in the Cub Scouts.  How cute that he made her something to help with her smoking habit…


Run (of course)

See the movie, Gone

Visit my Grammy

See my little cousin perform at a dance contest

Get wasted (not really… well, maybe)

Please Rescue Me From This Dreadful Run…

22 Feb

Pop/soda/sodee is so bad for you but I’m seriously craving a fountain Pepsi right now.  It sounds so refreshing.

Today’s my late day at work (4pm-8pm) so I try to get my run on on Wednesdays.

I did just that.  It was chilly.  The temp was 34 (felt like 29).  I ran 9.19 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:24.  Before I start any of my runs, I don’t have a clue what route I’m going to take.  I usually add to my run as I go and it works for me.  Today, however, I added too much and all of a sudden, I mentally let it get to me when I was in the middle of town (3 miles from home).  I was cold.  My knees were sore.  I was DONE.  Burned OUT…

So, what do I do in this situation?

I call my Knight in Shining Armour.  He wasn’t available so I called my husband, Mick.

Mick’s sweet.  He rescued me and gave me the rest of his Taco Bell.  He said he wasn’t going to eat it.  I was eye balling his fountain Pepsi but thought it’d be too rude to ask for the rest of it.  Pooh.

My FIL is still in the hospital.  He’s out of ICU (after 2 weeks) and should be released home in the next couple  of days.  We know he had an infection, lost almost 70 pounds of fluid (280 down to 211 lbs) and we know his kidneys failed but after all the tests he’s had, I don’t really know what the heck was wrong with him.  Scary and confusing but I know he’ll be glad once he’s home again.

Since my FIL’s been in the hospital, we’ve had his little dog, Jasmine.  She’s a 10-year-old tiny Maltese.  I’m dying to take her to the groomer but it’s not my place.  As you know I have two dogs and four cats so my house was already overflowing when Jasmine arrived.  She’s alpha to my golden retriever, Sophee and chihuahua, Bella.  However, the 4 cats are pissed that she’s here.  At first, she chased and barked at them.  She thought they were  great fun.

Jasmine thinks Frank is the "black devil". Frank hisses and growls at Jasmine.

Well they got to talking and decided they were tired of her shit.  Several times they have cornered her.  They puff up double their size and give her the stink eye.  They give her a slap on the butt which makes her scream and howl.  She usually runs and hides under the golden retriever’s chin.  We realized Jasmine’s kind of stupid because the 4 cats will easily bait her into another room away from all of us and corner her.  They’re declawed and I can’t see them biting her but I know she’s very intimidated at this point.  Not fun and games anymore.

We crate Jasmine when we leave because I don’t fully trust her not to have an accident.  My FIL says she’s never been crated but I really think it’s best considering I don’t know what the cats would do if they had her to themselves…..

I haven’t mentioned it only because I haven’t been posting regularly lately but I’ve been so nervous about my head for the last couple of days.  Why?  It itches.  I thought I had to have lice.  The more I thought of it, the more I itched.  I was getting consumed by the thought of it.  Brucee ran a brush through it and said he didn’t see anything so obviously they didn’t make me feel licefree.  Mick can’t see 3 feet in front of him so I didn’t bother to ask him.  My daughter’s away at school.  What do you do?  Call Mom.  She’s a professional lice and lice egg finder; afterall, I had lice (a louse and 100 eggs) back in the third grade.  She checked me good last night and said I was good.  No lice.  Phew!!  Maybe I have dandruff?!

Besides running, I haven’t done anything today besides watch DVR’d Ellen Degeneres, Chopped, and Teen Mom II episodes.

After cleaning up my act (shower), I’ll grab a fountain Pepsi on my way to work.  Perfecto!!

Refurbished Sucks!!!

20 Feb

"Look at all that dust!!"

Ahhh.  I had a great run today.  It was sunny and somewhat warm (for Michigan) at 34 degrees.  I ran 14.34 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:08.  Niceee.

BITCH SESSION ~~ For the last couple of weeks, I’ve used the free app, IMapMyRun, because my Garmin Forerunner 405 is out of commission.  I’m not happy about my Garmin situation.  Let me explain.  I purchased my 405 back in June 2011.  It broke the end of August 2011 (after many problems getting my run stats to upload to my computer).  Garmin was quick to send me a new one which I received in Sept 2011.  All’s been well until the bezel wouldn’t respond a few weeks ago.  Garmin quickly sent me a refurbished 405.  The RF one worked one time and then couldn’t locate a GPS signal ever since.  Arghhh!  I called them today and told them they needed to pay to have it shipped back to them and that I wanted a brand new 405, not a another refurbished.  Carl said he didn’t think he had anymore new one’s since they no longer sell the 405.  After putting me on hold for the 3rd time, luck would have it, Carl found a new one with a heart monitor which is being shipped to me tomorrow (I’ve never had a heart monitor?!).  I feel like I’m the only one who has problems with their Garmin.  If I had any idea I would have had so many problems, I never would have gotten one in the first place.  I would have stuck with the free app on my Iphone.

So this last week’s been pretty rough for getting my runs on (oh, that sounded bad but I’m sticking to it).  I think the winter’s getting to me.  I’m tired of putting on so many layers to run.  I so miss running in a t-shirt and shorts.

Here’s what I’ve done in the last week:

Tues, 14th – Nil

Wed, 15th – ran 10.85 miles

Thur, 16th – elliptical 80 minutes

Fri, 17th – Nuthin’

Sat, 18th – ran 9.31 miles

Sun, 19th – Zip

Mon, 20th – ran 14.34 miles

What evs.  It’s better than what I did last February, right?

Like I said, I hope as it warms up, I stop struggling to get myself out the door.

It’s been a nice, quiet 3 day weekend.  Back to work tomorrow.  The highlight of my weekend was probably Saturday night.  Mick and I went into town for drinks.  I like vodka and Red Bull and Mick favored Sierra Nevada ale that night.  I started before we left by gulping drinking cheap wine at home.  I had quite the jump-start on him.  I really wanted to go out dancing but there’s nowhere to dance around here and we didn’t want to wander too far from home.  We went to three local bars.  The third one had a live band.  It made me feel like I was in the middle of the documentary, Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (I reference this doc frequently because I’m a bit obsessed with it).  It wasn’t country music but something southern?!  It escapes me.  All I know is I can’t dance to anything that resembles country so in my chair I sat.  No skills there.  At one point, I noticed that everyone there was dressedd so casual. One girl had off-brand Teva sandals with socks on.  Her jeans were way too short.  With a major buzz, I found this extremely funny.  Mean, I know.  I really enjoyed hanging and laughing with Mick.  He’s the best.


Sunglasses giveaway

PlanetGear giveaway

Dance, I Said!

13 Feb

Well hello Strangers!!

Goof Off Girl is here.  I’ve been having a hard time posting lately.  I’ve actually been really busy.  No, not busy for just me.  I’m genuinely busy.  It’s GO GO GO  all day long.  “No naps” type of busy.  Crazy busy, I know it.

I’ve been horrible running outside.  I wanted to run Thursday but my Garmin broke and it mentally messed me up so I jumped on the elliptical that night.

Why did I finally decide to post today?  Good question.  It’s because I ran which makes me want to BOAST.

Boast rhymes with a lot of words.  I’m extremely observant, huh?  I’m a deep thinker.

Friday, I went on a “girls’ weekend” with some really fun ladies.  We went up to my good friend Janet’s cottage.  Good stuff.  No, I didn’t take any pictures because I suck.  I was having too much fun to pull that sucker out.

I drank…A LOT.  I’m not super proud of that.  I danced…A LOT.   Let’s just say I really liked the songs, “Shake That” by Eminen and “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa.

I didn’t exercise at all (unless you count the dancing but the dancing was cancelled out by all my chowing and drinking so I guess that was a “wash”).  I didn’t even jump on the elliptical Sunday when I got back into town.  I was really hung over and I said, “screw that”, I can take a three-day weekend off.  I’ve been so good (because I now do both running and elliptical in hopes of cutting done on my running aches and pains).

So, back to my evil doings this weekend.  I drank a ton.  I was hungover on both Saturday and Sunday.  I was a dancing COUGAR!!!  Oh yeah, “watch out young men, I wasn’t afraid of any of you!”

Friday night’s dancing buddy was Opey.  Need I say more?  He was safe dancing partner.  “No worries, Mick”.

Saturday’s victim was a young man who was wearing jammie pants.  I know how to pick ’em, eh?  Let me explain.  He was snowmobiling and underneath his snowpants, he had on jammie pants.  Who cares?  I used him to dance with.  He was my bitch that night.

It was fun.  I needed fun — innocent fun, of course.

Yesterday, I got back in town with enough time to hang with my beautiful daughter.

We ran up to see Mick’s dad who’s still in ICU at the hospital.  Sucks seeing him there.  He finally got off the dialysis machine that’s not really dialysis (?!).  The machine was running 24/7 so it’s nice that he’s not on it.  Now, we have our fingers crossed that his kidneys wake up and do their f’in job.  It’s so scary.  The next few days will tell us a lot more.

Yes, I did run today.  Woot! Woot!  Let me just say that it was super cold and I don’t remember what the temperature was.

I ran 9.86 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:12.  Not bad since it was super cold and I felt like the Tin Man in my running get-up.  My nose ran the whole run and I couldn’t feel the inside of my right nostril for the last 3 miles.  That…was…bizarre.

Enough running and exercising talk.  Let’s discuss the status of my professional life.  I’m a serious worker.  I work part-time and I personally feel like I’ve got a really good cubicle.  I sit by really nice people and I have a window seat.  Nice.  Spoiled.  Today, our boss asked for a volunteer to move their desk.  The new desk is not by the window but it is by the director of our call center.  This means whoever moves their desk near the director will have to be very professional.  I know, you all are saying, “don’t volunteer, don’t volunteer”.  It will probably be the end of my 21 years at this place but I work part-time so I owe it my coworkers to volunteer (especially since none of them offered to move when I approached my manager on it).  Gosh, I hope I don’t lose my job over this.

I CAN BE PROFESSIONAL.  I CAN BE PROFESSIONAL.  I CAN PROFESSIONALIZE MYSELF.  Maybe I should get on ADHD medicine.  I have a habit of shouting out things…inappropriate things.

I’m doomed.