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Has Been…

19 Sep

I didn’t remember until last night but I the day off today.  Ha!!

Once I remembered it, I thought I’d better go in to work because I didn’t need it off and I didn’t have anything to do.  I knew I’d just laze about.  The Who (daughter) talked me into staying home because she was waiting to go back to school until this morning AND she wanted me to take her to breakfast before she left.

Mick joined us for breakfast.  He cracks me up because the guy can chow.  He always looks awesome probably because he works out religiously every night.  Look at the obnoxious platter he got…

After a nice breakfast at the The Depot (old train depot) got Girlee on her merry way.

I decided that since I had the day off, I’d go see a movie.  I don’t know why I was so obsessed with seeing it but I really wanted to see Straw Dogs.  I went to the 11:10 showing.  I think I wanted to see Eric from True Blood (Alexander Skarsgard).  I mostly love all movies (regardless if they’re really good or not).  I kind of wish I wouldn’t have seen this one because it was pretty brutal.  I’m not wimpy…there were just certain things that bothered me.  I won’t share anymore because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone else.

So excited because the 3rd season of Breaking Bad was ready for me to pick up at the library.  It’s one of my favorite series.

Speaking of obsessions, I’m also strangely obsessed with Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad. 

Aaron Paul Picture 2528811 | Aaron Paul AMC Host The Premiere of 'Mad ...

In the special features of either season one or season two he was wearing a “Has Been” shirt.  I couldn’t find it anywhere so I had one made.  A little messed up, I know.

Starting at 3:49pm, I ran 4 miles with an 8:08 average mile. 

My Garmin was real screwy on my run.  It displayed a 9:45 average and then after 10 minutes it was showing an average 4:40.  I’m thinking it was messed up because it lost its GPS signal?!  When it was showing the high 9’s I thought there was something wrong with me because I felt like I was pushing myself and the pace would NOT improve?!  I was relieved when it showed the lower, impossible pace because I knew I wasn’t losing my mind.  WHAT EVS!

Crazy but I’m considering doing this “free to the public” 20 mile training run offered this Saturday morning at 8am.  Let’s call it a “FUN RUN“.  It’s not so scary when I call it that.

My thinking is that if I can do the 20 miler, I could do a marathon in October of this year.  This is surprising considering how much I hated the 1/2 I did yesterday.  At first I thought it’d be too soon to do a marathon but @SamSkinnyJeans is doing it.  She mentioned it today on her blog at http://www.healthhappinessandskinnyjeans.com/?p=447.

I flip-flop all over the place but I know I want to earn and get a “26.2” tattoo.  I realize that’s stupid to probably 97% of the people but I don’t care what anyone else says.  I like tattoos.  It’s that simple.  At least to me.

Whether I do the marathon in Oct ’11 or May ’12, I know that I’d have to go a heck of a lot slower.  I’m good with that.  It’s important to my survival, right?  Ha Ha….  Also,  going slow ensures that I can set the bar low so if I did do other marathons, it’d be easier for me to see improvement.  I don’t know how I’ll ever beat my 1/2 marathon time I did yesterday (7:48 pace).

Oh yeah, BABY!!  Dancing With The Stars is on tonight.  I cannot wait.  There are so many good people on this time.  I DVR’d it so I can skip through all the commercials. It’s hard to watch TV live when you can watch it through DVR, right?


Sugar Free Red Bull — it’s my poison…

20 Jun

Set my alarm for 5am to do my run.  Alarm went off and I reset it for 6:30am (normal wake up time).  Ha, it didn’t work out to run this morning but maybe next time, right?

Not a pretty day here in Michigan today.  Dreary and rainy all day.  Got to wear my new shoes though.  Hard to see in the pic but I still loved wearing them!!

I used to be addicted to drinking Red Bull.  Then, I got addicted to drinking Sugar Free Red Bull.  Now, I just drink it once in awhile.  Got a huge one yesterday because the only size they had…honest..

Enjoyed my SFRB today.  Yummm..

I deserved it though.  I ran 10 miles w/a 8:23 average pace.  I’m hurting because I know I’m doing too much, too soon.  I’ll go less tomorrow.  My run was extremely boring even though I mixed up my route.  There was a 60% chance of rain and I didn’t want to bring my Iphone so no tunes for me.  Good thing I left it behind because it did rain.  Normally I would have snubbed the the run to avoid the rain.  I would have  just ran 40 minutes inside on the treadmill but I’m on fire so I braved the rain.  Yes!! This is big step forward for me. 

I’m just knocking down my invisible barriers.  Before I know it, I could be running a 1/2 marathon in September.  Seriously, a friend asked me to run with her.  I said no initially because I hate, hate timed, organized races.  I get tons of anxiety from them.  Matter of fact, the day I turn in the paperwork, BOOM!, the anxiety’s there and it just intensifies until the race is done.  And I’m talking about just 5k’s as that’s all I’ve ever done in the past. 

Bummed, though.  Even if I did the 1/2 marathon, I wouldn’t be worthy of the 26.2 clothing.  Too bad they don’t have a 13.1 clothing line….