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Just Keep On Telling Yourself That, Crazy…

24 May

I’m a counselor.  Don’t worry, I’m only authorized, not officially of course, to counsel myself   Lately, I’ve been having to spend a lot more time with myself …..in my head….telling myself that Saturday is going to go smoothly.   You may not know this about me but I have issues…

I’m feeling freaky.  I have goosebumps 24 hours a day because this poison ivy rash gives me the frickin’ heebie jeebies.

I got a steroid injection for the rash on Tuesday and thought I could see an almost immediate improvement.  Well it was premature.  Let’s just say it was a brief moment of positivity (rarity since I’m such a negative ninny)  because I got a new spot on my stomach today.

I know I should be happy that I don’t have the rash as bad as others but it’s just one more thing hurdle on top of other challenges that come along with running a marathon.

My cold’s better but I’m still only about 70%.

I broke down and bought a neti pot because I feel so congested.  I heard they work and I’m desperate. $15 at the local Rite Aid.

Ran home and used my new neti pot as soon as I got home.  It was really weird.  I’ll spare you by leaving out the nasty details.  Who Girl got disciplined for pretending to do it to our dog.

I still have a day and a half for some improvements to my health.


Weather for Saturday is predicted to be 77 degrees with a 50% chance of rain showers.  Marathon time is 7am so I’m hoping for a cool, dry run. Fingers crossed.  Time will tell and it’s out of my hands.


Happy Days.  I love that song by Gotye called, Somebody That I Used to Know.  I love, love, love the video done by Walk Off The Earth who covered it even more.   I  like the cover version video better than the original too.  The group has covered other songs too. And, they’re coming to Common Ground in Lansing, Michigan on July 13th.  I’ll be there.

I get obsessed with things.  I really, really think the girl, Sarah Blackwood,  from Walk Off The Earth is super cool.  She’s this cute little blonde who has…. Guess?  Tattoos.  Yep.  I instantly approve.

Picture of Sarah Blackwood

I’ll be heading to Traverse City with my mom and my daughter tomorrow.  Saturday, once we get through with the shenanigans that I’ve gotten myself into, we’ll get to eat, sight see, eat, shop, and eat.


I’m Feeling Random Today…

15 May

I’m actually random everyday.  I get off track a bit.  I ramble.  Yes.

So, I know I’m not the only one who lies awake at night worrying about silly things.  Last night, I worried on and off, all through the night, about poison ivy.  I kept wanting to sit up and turn the light on so I could check out my arms, wrists and legs but convinced myself to shut my eyes.  I swear I could feel an allergic reaction coming on.

See now, I get poison ivy every year.  I feel like I’ve got a pretty good eye of what the naughty weed looks like but sometimes, when weeding, I get in a mode and I just pull, pull, pull.  I’m a robot.  I’m like an animal.  I get like this out of frustration because the weeds are never-ending in my yard.  They make me crazy.

If I have poison ivy, I figure the rash will break out just about marathon time (May 26th).  F*cking perfect.


Now that I have to taper down for marathon day, I’m enjoying my runs a little more these days.  I still hate them but not as much.  Yesterday was in the low 70’s which seemed so hot.  I could have run Boston this year due to my qualification in Oct ’11.  I’m glad that didn’t pan out for me.  I probably wouldn’t have finished it if I’d been signed up for it.  I really struggle with the warm weather?!

Since my last post, here’s what I’ve run:

Thursday, May 10th – 6.51 miles, average mile/min 8:38

Friday, May 11th – 10.36 miles, average mile/min 8:26

Monday, May 14th – 13.23 miles, average mile/ min 8:38

MUST HYDRATE — I always drink a lot of water at work.  We have a great ice/water machine right on the floor so I always have ice water at my side.  At home, I’m not so good.  To up my intake, I started carrying a big water bottle full of tap water.  I drink it all the time.  I’m not the smoothest though.  I typically have wet spots on my shirt because when I go for a drink, water dribbles down both sides of my mouth down to my shirt.  Oh well, I’m not dressed all fancy.


Today, I was so comfy at work.  I wore a cheap black dress from Target.

Yes, it was a little windy. And, the dress seemed longer inside?!

Yes, I did where a little jacket with it.

USEFUL? –– Lululemon posted some yoga poses that are good if done pre-run:

yoga - run

NEW OBSESSION — Ultra runners.  I read up on 2 or 3 blogs today where the runners discussed their running in the Zion 100.  100 miles?  OMG!!  That’s crazy…

Check out Dana at her blog to see how her 100 went.

Check out Suann at her  blog to see her experience.

I just think they’re both amazing for their accomplishments.  I can’t ever imagine running more than 26.2 miles.


I sent an email out at work today asking for someone to pick up the dirty qtip that’s been laying in the stairwell for the last 3 weeks?  Why should I have to?

3 weeks? Come on, folks. Don’t chu ever clean the stairwells?

My Parents’ Favorites…

28 Sep
Today was borderline crappy.  My dad ended up in the hospital.  He’s a young, good-lookin’ fella so it was unexpected and very alarming.  He had a stroke a few years ago but other than that, he’s been pretty healthy.  He’s active.  He’s been admitted overnight for testing so hopefully the specialists can get to the bottom of his pale coloring, labored breathing and irregular heart beat.  In the end, I not only feel bad for him but I feel really bad for my mom since she’s full of dread and helplessness.
Before all the drama with my dad began, I dressed for work like most days.  I wore some new American Eagle jeans (yes, it seems all of my jeans have been AE lately, right?).  My sweater’s a year old and from Express.  Just noticed the fogginess near my buttocks — a ghost grabbing my hiney?  Maybe?!

Heels – super comfortable Mary Jane’s from Aerosoles.

Left work at noon as I usually do.  Since my parents were playing the waiting game at the hospital, I had the pleasure of visiting with my other siblings.  They are my parent’s favorite children.  They would be….”the boys”…. Ralphie and Toby.

I used to think my mom was going to say something about my two sons when she referenced “the boys” but she was referring to her dogs.

“The boys” are “daisy” dogs (mixture of Poodle, Bichon, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and possible other breeds that the breeder won’t disclose).  My parents got them from some Nazi lady in Grand Rapids.  Here’s her website –www.daisydogs.com.  She had tons of rules when my parents adopted the boys.  Some of the rules include:

– She had to meet everyone in the household (in my parents case it was just my mom and dad).

– She picked out your dog.

– You couldn’t enter her home and pick out your own puppy yourselves.  She chose the dog based on your personality.

My parents would normally of walked away from a weirdo like that but they were sold on the dogs because they were hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  Plus, they’re supposed to be very sweet.  Ralphie and Toby are very sweet and extremely entertaining.  My parents intended on getting one dog but Jennifer/Nazi lady talked/suckered my parents into getting two dogs at a discounted price.  She said one dog would be lonely.  They were the “boobies” of the litter.  Ralphie had an overbite and Toby supposedly had bad knees.

After spending time with my brothers, headed home, I ran 12.04 miles with an average pace of 8:07 (total 1:37 hours).  No music.  All was well and beautiful until near the end when I got a little chilled.  Not sure why because it was in the high 50’s?!

Today was a weak day for me.  I itched.  I scratched.  I had cat scratch feva!!  Not really.  I know I don’t have it bad with this poison ivy rash after looking at the pictures of other people’s rashes on the internet.  But….damn it, I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I found poison ivy under a tree right up by the driveway.

I feel like those plants are a bunch of demons just laughing at me.  I haven’t had an allergic reaction for a few years so I got cocky.  I thought I was invincible and I am most definitely not.  I’m not sure if I picked a poison ivy plant while weeding or if Sophee, the golden retriever, got it on her fur while frolicking through the trees and such.

Earlier today, I tried putting bandaids all over my arms to help take my mind of the nasty, oozing bumps but that only helped for an hour or so.  I have scars from previous years of getting the rash.  The reason…I have no self-control and I itch and gouge out my arms with my fingernails.  Messed up, I know.

Today is day 5 of the rash so I figure I have another 7 days of misery.  More bumps will surely come.  They always do.

Poison Ivy. Oh Balderdash!

24 Sep

Oh Crikeees!!  I woke up with poison ivy on my arm this morning.  I always ruin myself when I have poison ivy because I can’t not touch it.  I’m obsessed with it.  People comment on how much I stare at it.  I itch myself til I bleed.  I have millions of weeds just waiting to be harvested in my yard and I innocently thought I could pull a couple.  WRONG!!

Today was the day I was supposed to do the 20 mile “fun run”.  The run was being offered to the public by my favorite running store, Playmakers.  It was mainly for those signed up for the Detroit and Grand Rapids marathons.  As you know, I’m not signed up for either one but was curious to see what 20 felt like.  My highest run before today was 17.71 so I really wasn’t that far off.

When waking up at 6:30am, I was trying to think of a good reason for backing out but no reason appeared.  Threw on some runwear for the 45 degree weather.  No one probably cares what I wore but because I was nervous I was going to forget something, I neglected to take a picture of run look.

Beautiful!  It was perfect.  My gloveless hands were ice cold for the first 3 miles.  The sun was shining.  No breeze.  No rain.  No music (no need for it).  Just running along the river with new friends.

So glad I followed through with it.  I had a goal of running easy with a 9 minute mile average.  I was afraid of getting lost on the course because I’m so navigationally (not a word?!) challenged.  Lucky me because I chose to run with people who were running about an 8:18 average.  Sadly, they either stopped to get drinks at the aid stations (and never caught back up) or they just decided to be done at mile 18.  I kind of freaked because I was sure I’d get lost without them..  I’m serious, I have two GPS’s going in the car whenever I go anywhere.  The trail was marked but not very good for this girl’s eyes.

In the end, I ran the 20 miles in 2:49 hours (about 8:27 mile average).

Went to Roo’s soccer game and then back home for a shower, meal and a nice nap.

Mick and I went to the Detroit Tiger’s game.  I wore my new American Eagle skinnies and a top from J Crew which had a keyhole in the back of it.  Love my knee-high boots…

The plan was to surprise our friend’s wife.  It was her birthday.  It was so much fun.  We chowed and drank for the whole game.  I think  that the Tigers lost 6 to 5 (wasn’t totally focused on the game).  Great fireworks at the end.

Look it’s Mick….

Popcorn all over the carpeting…

What’s going on with my neck?!

Mick and I were the only losers who didn’t get a hotel room at MGM.  Too late.  We didn’t have a choice once we figured it out because we left our 13 and 15 year olds home alone.

Mick didn’t drink and I drink a lot.  Good thing he was driving, right?  I can barely drive sober.  I’m a suckee driver.

I Ran In My Jammies….Again..

1 Jul

Hopped out of bed and charged forward for a run.  Not really.  I got up and started my run at 5:30am.  I ran 8 miles with a average pace of a 8:30 mile.

Tackled a big hill in town, Jokerson Hill…  It’s a one way only going uP….

Listened to the Mickey Avalon station on my Pandora app again.  I love Pandora.  I don’t need to buy any more music on Itunes when I have this app.  The station plays all of my favorite songs plus new ones that I didn’t know about.  Funny, cause even though I was listening to Mickey Avalon, a bunch of songs, nothing like his music, came on.  For example, the U2 song, “Hawkmoon 269” came on.  Even though it seems to be a little off, I still love this app.  To top it off, it’s free.  Free is always good.

So glad I was able to get my run over this morning because the temperature was perfect (65 degrees).  It got so hot and humid  (83 degrees).  Please take notice that, ONE, I heart my dog and, TWO, I ran in my jammies……again. 

THE J..O..B……oFF to work.  Wearing some old, outdated pants (so old they might be back in?!), I had on a little poncho with some cork wedges.  Iced my knee at my desk because I ran out of time at home.  Work went well.

Came home to a personless home.  Who Ha, my daughter was working at her 9-3  job at the pharmacy.  Roo, my middle son was working with his dad, landscaping (becoming a man, yessiree) and Brucee, my little guy, went to a waterpark and on an overnighter w/a buddy.  The animals were all here to greet me.  Ate a hot dog (actually called a “dinner frank” — huge and full of junk) and some pasta salad so unhealthy lunch (but it was good).  Proceeded to my bedroom to watch Big Love, Season 4 and crash on my bed.  Took a nap on and off for a few hours.  Overall, very unproductive. 


wHO Ha’s been running on the high school track and now has ventured out on the road.  She loves my new Garmin.   I love her and that she takes good care of herself.  I’m proud of her but definitely not taking credit for it.  She’s always been athletic.  Metabolisms are faster when you’re younger and then slow down as you get older (no secret, I know, but so annoying when you’ve personally experienced it….the good ole days of eating whatever and whenever I wanted are so long gone…) so I’m glad to see that she’ll always be good to herself.   

On an annoying note, here’s my boys, Roo and Brucee, doing what they do best…..playing with their technology.  I need to let it go as long as they eventually get off the couch and get outside..  They’re on their summer vacation and they really are good boys.  Sooo funny!

Suspicious, tiny blister appeared on the underside of my forearm.  I’ve had poison ivy about 5 times in my life.  It’s awful.  I have scars to prove it.  Nothing works for me.  I so hope this little blister is all that’s coming…. It’d make sense that I have PI because I’ve been a mad woman weeding lately.

I live in the country but not far out of town.  Sometimes, I just run my block which can be boring.  I like running in town because there’s more to see.  I notice all kinds of scents when I run.  For instance, the other day I smelled pot.  This morning, I noticed a house that had a horrible scent of cat pee.  Made me sad that people had to live in that stink.  I guess that odor could have been something else but, to me, I definitely smelled cat pee.  Next, running by a home, I smelled moth balls (and yes, I have small hands so I was able to get their legs apart).  I’d hate to have a home that smelled like moth balls too but not as bad as cat pee.  Finally, a good smell…..I ran by a home that had the strong scent of roses.  Beautiful roses…..

I’m wondering if anyone notices unusual smells/odors the their runs?!