Bats And Spiders…

13 Jun

My daughter says that when she’s shopping, she’ll sometimes see items that she hopes I, her mother, will not see in fear that I will purchase them.

Well, yesterday, I wore one of those items.  My gold and black pants from Forever 21.  They’re so ridiculous, I really like ’em.


The kids and I had some excitement last night.  I went to the basement to watch TV and noticed something on the floor.  Irritated, I went over to pick it up with intentions of throwing it in the trash.  The boys would easily of left something like that.  I’m always picking up after them.  Well, it wasn’t garbage.  It was a huge spider.  A brown wolf spider.  I’ve never seen one that huge (3 inch diameter?!) in my house or in my yard for that matter.

I screamed bloody murder when I saw it.  I composed myself after 3 good screams knowing that it was up to me to get it out of the house.  Mick was gone working in his office.  No reaction from my three kids upstairs.  This spider was so big, It wasn’t the type of spider that you suck up with your vacuum wand.  It reminded me of a tarantula.  I had nothing to put over it so I ran upstairs and got something to put over it.  I tore back downstairs.  The spider didn’t move when I put the large empty McDonald’s cup over it.  I ran back upstairs and told the kids to get downstairs to support me.  Without any of their help, I got it outside (Who screamed and Brucee stood on the couch).

I won’t put a picture here (gives me the frickin’ heebie jeebies) but if you want to see what it looked like, click here.

I’m still traumatized and can’t stop talking about the encounter.

And, I’m afraid to put my feet on the floor when watching TV.


Today, I ran 10.18 miles.  Both knees plus my tailbone were a little sore for the whole run.  My average mile/minute was 8:20.  It was nice and cool (60 degrees?!).  It was my favorite temperature to run in.  Either way, I was so happy to hit my driveway.  I was uncomfortable not only because of my aches but I was also starving.

I worked from 4 to 8 tonight.  Who Girl decided she wanted to run 6 miles once it was almost dark.  She’s done this a couple of times in the last week.  It got pretty dark the last 1/3 of the run.  I got bombarded by a couple of bats (no one made a connection with my head).  I think my head lamp riled them up?!



I’m really ready for the movie, Magic Mike, to come to theaters.

 “The law says you cannot touch, but I see a lot of lawbreakers out there…” (SQUEAL!!!!)


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