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All I Need Is Water And Protein, Right? Wrong!

26 Feb

I haven’t hit the road a runnin’ since Wednesday, the 22nd.  I’m just so sick of Michigan’s cold.  We Michiganders have been pretty lucky considering how mild our winter’s been but I…DON’T…CARE.  Today,  the temperature was in the low 30’s but the windchill made it feel like the low 20’s.  Ughh.  No thanks.

Friday, I ran on the treadmill for 7 miles (67 minutes)

Saturday, I did nothing

Today, I ran 8 miles on the treadmill (75 minutes)

It was nice not having to layer up in a ton of clothes.  I’m just getting so tired of it.  Sportsbra, shorts and my shoes.  Let’s just keep things simple, shall we?  While thumping away on the “belt”, I watched the Lifetime channel with the TV volume turned all the way up.

My brand new Garmin showed up in the mail yesterday.  I should be excited but I’m very skeptical that it’s not going to work like it’s supposed to since I haven’t had much luck with the 405 so far.

At work, I was given a $20 ICARD.  With the ICARD, you can choose a gift card from a bunch of different places.  Normally, I’d go for a restaurant because I love to eat out and I hate to cook but there weren’t any restaurant choices.  I saw Athleta out there so I chose them.  I knew nothing was $20 at Athleta so I knew I’d be paying out-of-pocket for whatever clothing item I chose.  So what do I do?  I choose $170 worth of overpriced clothing.  One more thing to the my imaginary “Dumb Things I’ve Done” list, right?

I chose the Sidetrack Half Zip in White (love the scalloped detail in the side/back of the jacket) and the All-Star Pant  (can’t wait to roll these babies so everyone thinks I’m laid back and relaxed) in Eucalyptus.  I’ve ordered from Athleta before and was not overly impressed with their expensive stuff.  Everytime I get a catalog, I’m so turned off by their high prices but I feel like the items I chose this time were different from what I could get at the Mall.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I love these two pieces.  If not, I’ll send them back and get socks like I should have done in the first place.

Normally, I try to stay away from ordering from the internet because we’re far from rich and I shouldn’t buy stuff I don’t need but, please, what do I really need?  Water and protein?  I need more in life mentally so ordering and buying things for myself is okay as long as it’s only once in a while….

Skinnyrunner.com talks about the Bic Bands a lot.  They have glitter headbands and SR swears they stay in place.  I thought, what the heck, sparkly and functional, I need them (almost as much as water and protein).  I ended up getting the Skinny Sparkle in brown and the Minnie Sparkle in Aqua.  I do really like them.  They have like a velour on the inside that really keeps them in place.  I think I’m really going to wear them a lot.  Sparkles just make everything better.

Mick and I hung out both Friday and Saturday nights with our friends, M and T.  I need to cut back on the alcohol because I can’t “blame it on the alcohol” all the time….

Me and "T". Why yes, I am hilarious...

I took a crappy pic of T and I.  She said I had a weird smile so I retook it with my hair in my face and posted it to Facebook for all to see.  She and I laughed about it.  The next morning, I thought, “why did I think that was so damn funny?”.  I was such an idiot so deleted it so no one else would know how stupid I was.  I wasn’t drunk (maybe buzzed) but the picture made it look like I was wasted.

Yesterday, I took my little niece to see my cousin’s daughter at a Dance and Pom Competition.  Not only did she dance but she sang the National Anthem.  She did great.  I used my Kodak camera to record her two dances but, dumb me, I don’t know how to upload a picture from it?!  In the one dance, they did, “It’s Raining Men” and they all wore these black shiny jackets (so cute).

This is not my cousin's daughter's group but I think these guys won something.

Afterwards, I took my niece to lunch and then to the little Hallmark/gift store.  I got these cute Brighton earrings (gift for myself since I sat so well at the competition).  Some of the rhinestones look opalesque.  Pretty.  Oooooh…Ahhhhhh…

Enough ramblin’.  Chow!


Patting myself on the back.

15 Jun

Just ran 8 miles for the first time in my life.  Maintained an 8:04 mile pace.  So inspired by skinnyrunner.com.  Hope I can keep this up because I feel fantastic.  BONUS  – I think I heard a cow birthing a calf (I had my headphones in). 

Excited because my new Garmin GPS watch is coming today.  Considered waiting at the end of my driveway to greet the UPS man but I don’t want to look too pathetic. 

I’ll mow the lawn and then I’ll take my two boys to a movie since I don’t have to work until 4pm today.  I work at and annuity and insurance company.  I’m a telephone customer service work.  I normally work 8am to noon everyday for once every two weeks, I have to work a 4-8pm shift.  No biggee.  I like to mix it up.