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Someone Threw Up…

13 Nov

While everyone in my house slept in, I met up with family for breakfast and then on to church with my mom and sisters.

I picked up Brucee from one of his friend’s house.  How convenient.  Brucee’s buddy lives by the country store.  I like the drink Twisted Tea and this country store is the only local store that I know that sells it.  I  bought two packs…

Please know that I buy a lot of alcohol but I barely ever drink it (once every 3 weeks?!).  I just happen to talk about it a lot.

We have a Hallmark store in our town that’s been there for years (1928?!).  About this time, every year, they have their holiday open house.  They have reindeer outside the store.  I managed to walk through some of their pee.


Yummy punch and cookies…

I love their upside-down Christmas tree (sorry, it’s blurry).  It’s not for sale but I wish it were.

I used to like bringing my kids because they’d get the chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

We never stay that long and it’s more of a social thing then anything else.  Good stuff.

Mick decided it was a good night to take the boys for a birthday dinner.  We’ve already had two birthday meals for them.  I wasn’t going to fight it because I didn’t want to make dinner.  Mick chose the same sushi place The Who and I went to yesterday.  We didn’t fess up because we can’t get enough sushi.  Two times in one weekend.  I’m so lucky.  Not so lucky though because on the way home, someone threw up.  Oops.


Fun Day!

18 Jun

Proud.  I woke up today at 6:30 and ran 10 miles.  Ha!  yes, I ran 10 miles (such disbelief).  Never done that before so I was pretty geeked.

 I came back home to a very quiet house.  Made some oatmeal and took a magazine out on the back deck.   Lovely, lovely, lovely.

My boys both had tryouts for the local premiere soccer league from 1-3pm so my daughter and I dropped them off and ran up to the mall.  I ended up making arrangements for my husband to pick up the boys because I knew I wouldn’t make it back from the mall by 3pm. 

I had to return a sports bra Dicks Sporting Goods.   I felt the need to fill that void from the return so we did some shopping too. 

You can’t see it but my shirt says, “Physical Fitness” and has an obese “Gym Coach” on it.  Cracks me up.  Oxymoron, right?! 

It was hot out but the stores were nice and cool.  Fun, fun.  My daughter is a stinker — she makes me laugh.  I really enjoy doing things with her.  I miss her when she’s gone to college.  She majoring Biomedical Sciences and wants to be a pharmacist.  I kind of smother her when she’s home for the summer.  She’s a good sport about it.

She’s giving me the “stink eye” because she didn’t appreciate the picture op that I wanted to capture.   Also, she really just wanted to go into the next store. 






We needed a snack, so we ran into Mcallister’s Deli.  A lemonade for me and a sodee for her.  She had to get a cookie too.  Love their lemonade.







Ran to DSW and bought 2 pairs of really cute shoes….

Really good price and I can’t wait to wear them. 






Raced home to meet up w/the fam because we planned on leaving at 4:15 to go to a couple high school graduations for some friends’ kids.  Wore a new outfit…

I liked the super long skirt w/the simple turquoise tank but my daughter stepped in and said the tank, by itself,  was inappropriate for going out to the open houses.  So, she helped by providing me w/the little half tank to wear over it.  Too much but the husband was very ready to leave the house so no time to change.

Not sure if everyone does the high school open houses but they’re big here in Michigan.  I was surprised to find out that they don’t do them in New Jersey (my friend who’s from NJ told me this)?! 


I was pretty much done for the night but was invited to go to the movie, Midnight in Paris w/my friend and our two daughters.  I personally don’t care for Woody Allen movies but I actually liked this one.  I think it was because Owen Wilson was in it.

Tired, so tired.  I need to go to bed but wanted to brag about my 10 miles.  No, not brag, just record my accomplishment.  Makes me want to keep it up so I can document my online journal.