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31 Aug

Wore a Target dress today with some $10 suede shoes I picked up in Mexico about 5 years ago. 

Came home from work about noon and couldn’t talk myself into running until 3pm.  I was not feeling it.  Made myself run anyways because usually I get pumped up a mile from home…

It was not happening for me. 

Surprisingly, I ran 9.86 miles with an average pace of 8.27 minutes per mile.   I loathed every second of it.   At the 8 and a half mark, I called Mick and begged him to come get me.  He’s a sweetheart and he did.

I don’t know what it is but I’m feeling like a wall of darkness coming down on me.  I’m not sure if it’s temporary or not but I really don’t like it.  I’m going to get my light box out again to see if I use it daily if it does me any good. 

Sorry to be a downer….


Hands Off, Bitch! Those Shoes Is Mine…

30 Aug

Today was a lovely day.  Not really.

Wore a cute little Ruehl 925 skirt and a tunic-ky shirt from Express.

And, of course, I’m wearing my Adrienne Morrow bracelet.  Go get one at

Came home from work and totally crashed.  I had weird dreams too.  Something about fighting a gay male cousin over our dead grandma’s shoes.  I don’t have a gay cousin.  And my fake grandma had awesome vintage shoes.  Like I said, weird.

Brucee and I took a trip to the grocery store.  Don’t worry, it wasn’t the highlight of my day.  Close though.  I asked him if he wanted me to buy him a bag of baby pumpkins to hand out to his friends on the first day of school.  DECLINE.

I then made him stand still while I held a pepper under his nose.  Miguel. 

This is why you wash your produce people.  In a calm voice, he says, “Sometimes you make me really mad, Mom”.  He cracks me up.

My struggling college student sent a picture of her large platter of sushi.  Nice.  Glad to see she’s homesick.

Roo Dog had a soccer game and they totally got the smack down. 

Little guy’s practice is near a big college so since I hadn’t run today, I had a brilliant idea to run around campus.  I ran out in front of a car.  URRRRRRRTT!  So embarrassing.  There were tons of people and cars.  Wow, didn’t expect that in collegetown.

I did manage to run 7.42 miles with an 8:05 average mile pace in one hour (exactly).  I don’t normally run 8:05 but I’m using a free app on my phone and it tends to give me speedier times.  Nice but I don’t think it’s accurate.  Sent the Garmin away today and it’ll be forever until I get the replacement.

Starving.  I didn’t make dinner because I’m a poor planner.


Chipper UP, Buttercup…

29 Aug

It’s Monday….  All day.

Wore my comfy American Eagle jeans, a Staring At Stars shirt from Urban Outfitters, and some royal blue patent leather slipper shoes from Nine West.

Left work early to get Roo Dog to his 10th grade orientation.  After, the boys talked me into taking them to the local Mexican joint for lunch.  It was gross and I’ll never learn.

Came home and fought with my Garmin 405.  I haven’t been able to get it to successfully upload to my computer since Wednesday, August 24th.  I finally called Garmin since they helped me last time.  I only bought this watch mid-June and it seems like uploading is a problem on and off. 

Well, after being on the phone for almost an hour with a very patient Garmin representative, I’m shipping the sucker back to them tomorrow.  After 7-14 days, hopefully, they’ll be shipping a new replacement watch to me. 

I’m really bummed about the watch but I’m going to give them another chance (don’t think I have a choice?!).  For now, I’m using a free app called “IMapMyWalk” on my Iphone to track my runs.

I was pretty down after the whole Garmin incident and had proscrastinated on running.  It was getting pretty late and I needed to get dinner done so I thought for sure I’d miss my run altogether.


I showed myself though because at 7:19pm, I ran 7.23 miles with an average mile at 8:02 minutes.   I think the Iphone app is a bit more generous w/time and distance than the Garmin so I might not have really ran that fast.

 A bit sweaty (svetty)…


I felt fine but I was lucky because right before I started my run, I had just finished eating a cheeseburger, zucchini and cottage cheese. 

Even though I got in a run, today was depressing and unproductive.  I can only hope that tomorrow will be better.

My Sh*tkickers…

28 Aug

Wow.  I required a nap today. 

Last night, we met up with friends at a music festival.  It was so much fun.  I remembered a little more this year compared to last year’s.  I guess I paced myself better. 

 I love my Lucchese boots.  I took these boots to Manhattan and I wore them alll day.  They are so comfortable.  I got mine on Ebay.

I danced my ass off in my “sh*tkickers”.

Ran into a ton of people we knew.  I was primarily in the beer tent.  I only took a few pictures because I forgot that I brought my camera. 

Oh and when I drink, I’m such a hugger.  Funny because I don’t like to be touched.  Remember, I’m not normal.

Here’s a pic of me w/Teen and Trim.  Yes, I know Mike’s Hard Lemonade is gross but I don’t drink beer (or wine) so it was my only choice. 

My sister Marla and her friend Ana…

I woke up this morning feeling bad.  I don’t know if it was sinus (HELLO and THANK YOU, Michigan) or too much alcohol consumption the night before.  Took some Pseudophed and tied on my shoes because we had somewhere to be at 1pm.  I took yesterday off and besides, maybe a run would make me feel better.

The temperature was 59 degrees, the sun was shining and the breeze was just wonderful.  At 10:00am, I ran 10.82 miles with an 8:15 minute mile average.  I seriously need to run hungover more often because I think this was my fastest pace yet.  It was so strange how easy it was. 

I so cheated.  I didn’t make anything for my family reunion.  We picked up two pizzas as our dish to pass.  No one seemed to mind.

One of my 3rd or 4th cousins (?) brought this cute little Austin Healey car…

Some played volleyball.  Not me cause I didn’t want to get svetty again.  Plus, I tend to want to use my face to hit the ball.

It was so much fun chowing and seeing family we haven’t seen since last year (or longer with some of them).   My aunt and uncle open their home every year so we can come and get together.  My aunt and uncle are great people.

We had the chance to go to friends’ to lounge and swim in the pool after the reunion but Mick and I were exhausted.  We were home by 5pm.  I napped and watched the movie, Your Highness. 

I’m actually looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE!!

Are You High?

27 Aug

It was a beautiful day in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I had to wake up at 4am to get Brucee to his 7am game.  I was so tired, I was bit spastic until I crashed at 8:30am.  No nap for me.

Even though it was sunny, breezy, and 80, it was a long day.  I was supporting my son but all I could think of was that I just wanted to sleep.


I’m a unicorn.

Are you high?

I’m going to vomit (referring to my driving).

Don’t be taking my picture.

You’re crazy.

Can I have your purse?

Mom, did you know there’s a part of your elbow called the Weenis?


Okay, funny story, or a bizarre story I should say.  The Who and I are watching Brucee’s soccer game and we had slipped off our flip flops (because it felt good).  Some lady says to Who, “can I borrow your flip flops, there’s a glare from the sun on the bleachers?”.  Who, who is the sweetest thing, said, “sure”.  Within about 10 minutes, the ding a ling, weirdo lady, proceeded to slowly and slyly slip  The Who’s flip flops on her own feet.  The Who didn’t want me to make a production of it but I was so annoyed.  She had a huge bandage on her feet and she was gnarly.

(The Who’s flips are kind of hidden (next to the Adidas soccer slides)).   The Who’s afraid I’m going to get  caught taking a picture of the dumb woman’s feet.  The’s Who’s eyes are not really cross-eyed (not that there’s anything wrong w/people who have crossed eyes). 


Got home about 6:30pm.  Showered the sweat and sleepiness away…


Oh I’m going to regret it.  I just know it.

Runs With Knives…

26 Aug

I literally was running with knives today.  I know, I’m a crazy beeyotch.  Yes, Wusthof and a bread knife would be dangerous in the right hands (not mine). 

Started my run about 9:30am.  I ran 14.71 miles with an 8:39 pace.  This run had to be my worse yet.  I’m not talking about my pace at all.  I was tired and I couldn’t turn it around.  I had half a Clif bar beforehand since I thought I was going to die if I didn’t eat something.  I had a cramp below my right rib for the first 4 miles.  I almost called Mick at least 2 or 3 different times to come rescue me but charged though it. 


Minutes after these photos were taken, I was arrested.

Thank goodness I was out by 1pm because I needed to mow the lawn.

FACT — My Garmin has not uploaded two of my last runs and I’m starting to get quite perturbed.  I like to see the little map of my run and I like to see each mile’s pace too.  It gives my great joy to see everything compiled on my laptop.  I BASK in it.

Took poor Brucee for a blood draw.  Little sport was nervous.  Afterwards, he said it was, “no big whoop”.   He said he’ll request that  his next blood draw be taken from his neck.  He’s all talk.


Marla, my little sis, came in to town.  We went and stuffed ourselves with sushi and then did a little shopping.  I didn’t buy one thing.  Yeahhhh me.  Mick’s always telling me to stop shopping.  He’s right.

 American Eagle pants, American Eagle grey/white shirt, Express tank and Steve Madden shoes.

This weekend is our family reunion on my dad’s side.  Family from California (Sacramento area) are in town along with other relatives in Michigan who we don’t get to see very often.  We met up with some of them uptown about 7:30pm.  I have to get up at 4:30am tomorrow morning so I didn’t visit for long.  I’ll see them more Sunday.


So tired.  Have to sleep.

Crotch Hands…

25 Aug

Oh gee whiz.  Stupid Garmin refuses to upload successfully to my laptop.  I’ve been trying since about 3:15pm.   

Up at 6:30 for work.  Wearing a watermelon tulip shirt, a green skirt from Urban Outfitters and Target white eyelet wedges.  I hate to iron but I had to iron this outfit — it was unavoidable.


Wicked Witch Way.  That’s where you’ll find Momma…

Like I said, work was slow; therefore, very boring…

Came home and my daughter had packed up everything and left for college.  So sad.  I know I have to focus on her happiness and let my selfishness go…

To help with my blues, started my run at approximately 1:40pm and completed 9.86 miles.  I was so rushed because my little guy had a doctor’s appointment and my middle son had a soccer game at 5pm. 

Bruce was bored.  Afterall, they didn’t have a TV in the examination room at the doctor’s for him to hook the Playstation up to.  Caught him touching the floor lamp.  Gross.  Yuck.  I immediately told him “hands off” because that’s what the doctor uses to look at ladies’ crotches.  Oh, he didn’t like that.  He didn’t like that I went there.   I told him I was trying to be effective and I knew he wouldn’t touch the lamp again if he associated it with something unspeakable.  He was still disgusted.

I made Bruce take a picture of me by the ear diagram.  NO reason, just because.  Brucee was not happy of having to take a picture of me because his greatest fear came true…the doctor walked in and B still had the camera in hand.  My poor son.  I’m weird, he’s not.


As we were walking to check out, Brucee took a shot of antibacterial soap.  He then proudly exclaimed, “No crotch hands for me”!  Awesome, this kid is awesome. 

My day ended nicely by seeing Roo Dog score a goal at his soccer game (along with another three attempts on goal). 

Bought new landline phones tonight (to replace the others destroyed by July 28th’s storm).  I seriously don’t think I can ever get rid of my home telephone.   We’ve been together forever.  I OWN that #.  NO ONE else can have it. 

RANDOM… Cannot wait to see the movie, “Our Idiot Brother”.  I love all movies but my favorites are comedies and horrors.