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Cell Phone In My Left Hand. Pepper Spray In My Right….

5 Feb

I must have been the only person in my town not watching the Super Bowl.  It’s just not my thing.  I pulled into grocery store’s parking lot and noticed immediately how no one was there.   It looked like Christmas Eve.

Bum deal though because the half time show with Madonna, Cee Lo, Nicki Minaj and LMFAO IS MY THING and I missed it.  Damn it!!

What evs.  I’ll see it on HULU or some other Youtubey site.

Earlier today, my mom and I went and saw the movie, “One For The Money”.  If you’re from outer space then you wouldn’t know that it’s based on the Janet Evanovich series of books.  Loved it!!  Remember though that I like/love all movies so I’m a horrible critic.

I think the only movie I didn’t like was the Pokemon movie I took my boys to around 8 years ago.   Yeah, that was killer.

Precisely at 2:58pm, I, Shelly Lynne, ran 12.18 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:15.  I’ll add it was gorgeous for Michigan today.  The temp was 37 degrees (felt like 34).  It was sunny.  Nice.  It was happy weather which I really needed.

I’m getting more and more comfortable running outside again.  The nicer weather helps but I’m sure it’s because I have both my phone and pepper spray in hand for my runs now.   I used to love running with my hands free but it’s just not smart.

It’s been sad around my house since Friday.  My father-in-law, Mick’s dad, is in the hospital.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that Mick saved his life on Friday.  He found his dad Friday morning and called 911.  Now, my FIL is in ICU hooked up to a dialysis machine.  He has a really bad infection among numerous other problems.   I had to wear a gown and gloves to visit him this evening because they say his infection is contagious.

I can’t feel sorry for myself because all I can think about his how Mick feels.  This is rough on him.  My wonderful, beautiful MIL died in 2006 so Mick’s dad needs to get better.

My own father died October 24th.  My heart still feels very heavy.  I tear up a lot when I think of him.  And, I think of him a lot.

My family and I (including Mick) spent a lot of time at the hospital with my dad.  It was hard.  Being up in that hospital with my FIL is bringing everything back.  I see them doing things with my FIL that they did to my dad.  I have to keep telling myself that this isn’t deja vu.  Mick and I are NOT going to lose another parent.

We now have 3 dogs and 4 cats.  Now I know we live in a barn.  There’s lots of fur to vacuum.  My house feels like it’s never clean anymore.

Our new addition is my FIL’s Maltese.  She’s so cute.  She’s very sweet and she gets along with all of our animals.  It’ll be hard to give her back to Mick’s dad when he comes home.

I’m trying to think happy thoughts.  I’ll have a little joy on Tuesday because I get to get my hair done.

I’m supposed to go up north with the girls this coming weekend.  With all that’s going on, it’s possible I won’t be going now.

Life happens….   It definitely has my attention.


Silly Me…

31 Jan

Swish Swish Shish….

Nope.  More like…


That’s my elliptical machine for you.

At 7pm, I did 70 minutes on the elliptical.  It should have been a crime because Michigan was strangely warm for this time of year.  It was 53 and sunny and I chose to be inside.

I ended up taking Brucee to a 3:20pm movie.  We saw Underworld.  Loved it!  Come on.  You had to expect that.  I love everything I see.

I do love vampire crap.  I do.  I do.  Not so much Twilight vampires though.  Twilight is too thirteen year old for me.  That’s just my opinion.  I did like the books in that series though.  I know I’m not consistent with my opinions.  So it is.

I took Brucee to the movies because he’s sad that his candy and popcorn days are over for the next 2 to 4 years.  He gets braces tomorrow morning.  Poor little bugger.

What the heck and I going to do for the hour and 1/2 or so that it takes to put those suckers on him?  Marshalls?  Ulta?  Target? Maybe…

CONFESSION… I’m a reality TV junky.  Tonight I watched Dance Moms.

Fart Smelling Burps

28 Dec
Today was the coldest day I’ve ever run outside.  The scary thing is that it will not be the coldest this winter so I need to mentally prepare myself.  I have a feeling I’ll be battling very low, uncomfortable temp’s in January and February.  Either way, it’s a pat on the back that at 10:40am, I ran 9.04 miles with an average mile/minute of 9:02.  9:02’s slow for me.  I’m trying to overlook it.  If I run at all, it’s a really good thing.
Now, when I say it was cold, I mean the temperature was 21 degrees (felt like 14).  I’m probably wimpy in most people’s eyes.  I always imagined that running in that temp would make it difficult to breathe.  Thankfully, I never felt like it hurt when drawing in air.  It was actually very refreshing.
I took care of my sad, pathetic, Charlie Brown Christmas tree today.  I took the ornaments off (should have left them on).  I left the lights on it and threw it in the utility room after throwing a garbage bag over it.  Good, easy livin’.
MY TEETH HURT!!  I hate whitening my teeth.  They’re sensitive and the gel sets my nerves off for the rest of the day.  I’m getting paranoid that my coffee obsession is going to wreck my teeth.  Time to dig out my teeth/dental trays.  My dentist made mine for me 10 or so years ago (before they sold whitening kits in the stores).  I filled them up with the bleaching gel (the gel’s less than a year old).  After a half hour,  rebrushed my teeth and the trays.  Viola!
By 4:30pm, my teeth were screaming.  I popped two ibuprofen with no relief.  I tell you, beauty can be so painful.  I think my body hates me for all the crap I’ve put it through.  I’ve punished myself with laser hair removal, tattoos, laser tattoo removal, waxing, piercings, branding and a few unmentionables.  I was kidding, Mom, I’ve never had branding done (but I wanted to back in the 90’s).
After working till 8pm, I met up with my daughter to see the movie, “The Descendants“.  I was starving.  Who Girl wasn’t starving because she met up with her friends for pedi’s and sushi.  She was sweet and brought me leftover sushi.  Before I knew she was bringing me the sushi, I had it all planned out that I was getting nachos, popcorn, and a big fat hot dog.  I would have burped hot dogs for the whole movie.  Who Girl, in turn, would lean over to me and ask me if I farted because those burps really stink.  In the end, Who Girl saved herself from smelling fart smelling burps.
The Descendants was sad.  I did like the way they kept saying the word, TWAT.  The word TWAT cracks… me… up.  I wish I could use it on a regular basis but that’d be frowned upon.

Should I Cover My Ass?

21 Dec

So….should I?

I asked myself the question everyone asked themselves.  Not really.  I ask about covering my ass because being that it’s cold outside, I wear running tights outside.   I usually run with just the tights but sometimes I feel a bit exposed.   I’ve tried wearing sweatpants or capris over the tights but then I feel too stiff.  Can’t….move…

Ah.  Solution.  Since I go back and forth on the matter, I’ll wear just tights when I’m feeling awesome and I’ll wear something over them when I’m feeling vulnerable and shy.  Perfect.  Thanks for your help.

I did get a new pair of Nike tights.  I don’t know why I was so attracted to them but Mick said they were ugly and that they looked like camouflage and I said, “no”.  Who Girl (smartest daughter in the world) said it looked like I fell in a bunch of sticks and was bleeding from my injuries…

I'm not angry...really.

Today, at 3:39pm precisely, I took it to the road and ran 9.25 miles.  It was 37 degrees (felt like 30).  It drizzle drazzled the whole time.  My average mile/minute was 8:20.  This run felt pretty good.  It was music free but that was good because music can be distracting.  I tend to let my mind wander when listening to music.  It was dark and dreary out and I could have died with all the cars racing by at the minimum speed of 55 mph.  I survived.  Lucky Mick.

While running through town, I didn’t see anything interesting but I did see a travesty….

Slimy Lime...

My wonderful little town.  What the hell were these people thinking.  This picture doesn’t even come close to showing how incredibly bright the lime green paint was on this house.  Wow.  Seriously….wow.

Oh, I did work today.  Workaholic, I am.

Horseback riding anyone?

I didn’t care for my outfit but didn’t have time to make adjustments.

After all my house duties were done, I went to see the movie, “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” which just came out in theaters.  Exceptional.  I seriously loved it.  I don’t care if it was long (2 hours and 38 minutes), I could have watched more.  I might just have to read the series all over again.

While I was enjoying my movie…alone, Brucee was watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol by himself.  Loner, just like his momma.

I have tomorrow and Friday off.  I hope I’m productive.

Daylight Wasted…

6 Nov

They say we saved an hour today but I’m not sure what I did with mine.  It was just a Go GO GO day to me.  No nap or TV.  Sheez!

I didn’t run.  This is a total travesty too because it was frickin’ beautiful in Michigan today.  Gusty winds but very pretty out.

9am – Breakfast at the local “Slop N Stop”(grandma, mom, aunt & uncle and Mick and our boys)

10am – Church (Week two.  Let’s see if I can keep it up.)

12pm – Arrived home to witness my two sons cleaning the garage?!  WTH.  They moved summer stuff to the barn below.  What irritates me is Mick just tells them to do stuff and….wait for it….they do it?!  I tell them to do stuff and there’s whining and other shenanigans so it never gets done (if do it myself — easier and it gets done correctly).  Did some laundry and other unnoticed housework.

1pm – Went to Gamestop.  Boys traded in $4000 worth of video games and got $212 in-store credit.  What did they say about this waste of $ — SCORE!!!   They could care less what was paid for the items as long as they can buy new stuff with their in-store credit.  But due to unsatisfactory grades neither boy will be buying any new games or playing them until things improve.

2pm – Bravo’s for a “yum yum” of a meal (Muah had a wood grilled salmon and asparagus salad and a loaf of bread dipped in scrumptious dipping oil).

3pm – Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Brucee only wanted a Puma half-zip jacket and they didn’t sell Puma so he didn’t want anything (Crazy…Loco?!).  Roo on the other hand, scored some new clothes.  Had to buy him basketball shorts because that’s what high school boys wear here in the winter.  No, he doesn’t play basketball.

4pm – Headed to the movie theater.  We watched Tower Heist.  Good stuff (but, you will rarely get me to say I didn’t like a movie).  Hey, I just go for the popcorn and pop.  The movie’s just a bonus.

6:45pm – Stopped at my Mom’s.  We did various chores and visited with my lovely mother.  She’s the best.

8:30pm – Took boys home so they could get ready for school tomorrow.

Seriously, that was my day.  Probably not busy to most but it was busy for me.  I had fun with my boys (and our other family members).

Not sure who thought this was a good decorating idea…

Oh yeah, that’d be me.  A collage of clocks is a great idea until you run into daylight savings time.  Besides the collage, I’ve got at least 15-20 clocks to adjust in my small house.  What can I say?  I like to know what time it is?!

Be Nice To Me….

7 Oct

Be nice to me.  I gave blood.  As some of you probably know, the needle they use has a diameter the size of a regular size spaghetti noodle.  Whoa!  I think I’m going to wear this sticker everyday.  I need to take really good care of the sticker so it doesn’t get dog-eared or lose it’s stickiness to make it look believable.

Friday! Friday! FRIDAY!!

I couldn’t wait to go to work today.  Know why?  Yep, I wanted to enter myself in the drawing for the iPad2.  I hope I win.

At noon, I looked out the window for like birds, criminals and what-not and I saw a Red Cross Blood Mobile in our parking lot.  Hmmm.  I gave blood about 5 years ago and it didn’t go well.  I successfully donated but I got faint and they had to throw me on my back and put my legs in the air (I was wearing a dress at the time).  It was traumatic.  It messed me up and it took awhile for me to want to donate again.  I kept putting it off because I kept getting tattoos.  I thought I had to wait 12 months before donating after getting a tattoo but they must have change the rules because it’s okay now as long as you get your tattoo done in a sterile environment in a licensed facility.

I had time so I filled out all the paperwork and I answered all the questions (lived in Africa – NO, had sex with a man who had anal sex with another man – Umm, NO).  I was confident that this blood donation would go well because my body is tougher now and it could handle a little blood loss.

Look how happy I am.  Oh and look at the weirdee/creeper in the background.  I thought I was being slick doing a self  pic… NOT!

After you donate, they tell you how long it took.  My time was 6:21 minutes.  Not bad if I was running a mile.  It seemed to go so fast.  I don’t know how long it took to donate last time so I’m going to say that this was my personal best.  Should I try to beat my time next time?  Probably not.  Especially because I couldn’t feel my fingers and I couldn’t hear anything when she took the needle out.  Yes, I almost fainted again.  I hate feeling like a wussy-wuss, a helpless baby.  The girl next to me was having problems and the “bloodsuckers” were trying to help her.  I didn’t want to make too much of a stink but once I felt the heavy nausea rollin’ in, I had to say something.  They weren’t alarmed at all.  They put an ice pack behind my neck, put me on my back and threw my legs up in the air again  and cough.  Coughing gets the blood flowin’.

Pat on the back because I think I just saved like five lives.  Yeah, they’ll divvy that “super blood” up.

Glad I didn’t wear a skirt today.  I wore my newly purchased clearance yellow Banana Republic sweater.  I rarely pay full price for anything (except milk and meat).

My shoes are by Blowfish.

Poor Snookie.  She’s sad.  Her boyfriend didn’t like that she smooshed with Vinnie.  This picture of her isn’t flattering either.

She kind of looks like a cupie baby (maybe not).   Yes, I like reality TV.  I don’t drink coffee or smoke cigarettes so I get to have one bad habit, right?

LEGIT CONCERN — The blood donation FAQ online says that it takes 24 hours to replenish your missing blood supply but can take a few weeks to replenish your red blood cells.  I hope this doesn’t affect my marathon in 9 days.

PICKLE JUICE — I’m doing the Grand Rapids Marathon on October 16th and they’re advertising that at miles 15 and 19, they’ll have pickle juice for us.  I love pickles but not when I running.  I read that pickle juice is good during a strenuous workout because it helps replenish the salt content and electrolytes you’ve lost.  I’ll will be trying it.

RANDOM FACT — I really like the movie, From Paris With Love.  John Travolta was so hot in it.

No run today.  Bummed but I did a good thing today by donating.  This is the first time in months that I took two days off.  Hope I’m not too lazy to run tomorrow.

It’s so nice out.  The high today was 79 degrees.  Mick, the boys and I are going to the high school football game.  It’s Homecoming.

Horrible Bosses…

18 Jul

I was wide awake at 5am w/o my alarm even going off.  Checked the weather and it was a 60% chance of scattered thunderstorms.  In fear I’d get caught up in a storm, convinced myself to wait and use the treadmill later in the day.

Came home from work and had leftover pork ribs.  Yuckee.  They weren’t as good the second time. 

My daughter, Who Who, wanted ice cream.  I wanted to run even though it was 90,000 degrees.  Even though there was a heat advisory, we compromised.  She’d ride her bike while I ran.  This was good because if I fainted, she could call the insurance company for her father to make sure our coverage was current.


While she pedaled as slowly as she could (in hopes of not falling over), I ran 7.1 miles with a slower pace of about 8:45 but I didn’t care.  I was sweating gallons of sweat.  I stopped twice for water. 

While my little babes got ice cream (peanut butter malt), I paced around for about 5 minutes (littles poops was talking to some of her friends — errr) which really made it hard to get started again.  Lucky for me that while I was pacing, there were about 20 kids (summer daycare field trip?) in the ice cream place staring at me in my exercise bra (so awkward).  A nice lady stopped and said, “it’s too hot to run”.  Sma!

 Made it home safely (probably to my hubby’s disappointment). 

For dinner, made chicken lettuce wraps w/edamame for dinner.  Good stuff. 

Went to the movie, Horrible Bosses because I’ve wanted to see it since it came out.   I loved it!!   But don’t go by my opinion because my little sister says I like everything I see (which is true).   I totally didn’t shower and I’m sporting runner’s hair (worse than bedhead).

So accident prone lately.  I had my new camera (haven’t really used it since I got it for Xmas cause I’m scerred of it) and came running down the stairs to upload some photos to the computer and  the camera fell out of the case and rolled down like 6 (carpeted) stairs.  Oh no!!!!  Camera’s fine.   My sweet daughter, who was doing P90X at the time, says, “you moron”.  She’s right though.  What the heck is wrong w/me? 

I need to be more careful.  If I drop my phone in the toilet again in the next 12 mos the insurance people will drop their coverage so I’ve really got to pay attention. 

Yes, my new phone will be here tomorrow.  So full of joy at the thought of it. 

 Trimmed my nosehairs and went to bed.

Does everybody trim their nosehairs?

Have you dropped your phone in the toilet before?