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I Run A Lot But Not Always…

9 Aug

Woke up today feeling silly so I dressed silly.

I wore my new green skirt and purple tights from Urban Outfitters.  I liked it because I had a lot of color going on.

Came home and in exchange for running, I ate lunch. 

When I was finally ready to run at about 3:30, it was raining and a big thunderstorm was on its way.  I decided it was a good day to run on the treadmill.  In the past, my treadmill routine was pretty blah — 6 mph for 40 minutes.


Today, once I got going, I switched between 5 minutes at 6 mph and 2 minutes at 8 mph.  I finished with a little over 6 miles (no incline).  Running outside is definitely preferred but my treadmill kept me from skipping my workout altogether.

When I run inside, I like to wear my Vibram Fivefingers but I was prepped for running outside so I wore my Livestrong Nike Free’s.


Holly@rustbeltrunner.com asked what I think about Nike Free’s and whether I considered myself a minimalist.  I don’t consider myself anything.  I do own VFF but I have troubles with them on the uneven country roads.  I try to only wear the VFF on the high school track or on my treadmill.  I took the VFF on a cruise this last April and they worked great on a snorkeling excursion, on the ship’s treadmill and were good with all the walking I did while on that vacation.

I been running a lot this summer.   I like it.  It’s addicting.  I want to see how far I can push myself (14.35 miles so far).  I get depressed and running helps me feel good naturally. 

As far as the shoes I like to wear?  To be honest, when I buy a pair of shoes, I buy them because I like how they look.  I know now that I’ve made that statement that no other runner will take me serious but it’s true.  I wanted black shoes the last time I was shopping for shoes.  I will say that I’ve had a pair of Nike Free’s before and I liked them.  The only thing I don’t like about them is that they pick up a lot of little stones which I end of bringing in the house.  It’s about time to retire the Nike Free’s because I’ve put a lot of miles on them this year.  No worries though because I have a new pair of Mizuno shoes that I picked up about 3 weeks ago…

Why’d I pick these Mizuno’s?  Because they’re loud and obnoxious, that’s why.

To date, I’ve only done about 3 or 4 5k’s so far.  Every one of them made me extremely anxious before (like starting once I signed up).  I’m not competitive and no matter how I tried to rationalize with myself that I was only competing with myself, I couldn’t get over the awful feelings I was having.   I’m thinking about doing a 1/2 marathon in Lansing next month but I can’t get myself to sign up.  Besides, I can run a 1/2 marathon on my own, listening to my music.  It’s so peaceful.  I would ruin the experience for myself if I signed up for a 1/2 marathon.

As far as my running history.  I’ve eased into running in the last 3-4 years.  I wasn’t able to run outside when the temperature was below 50 degrees.  I have a treadmill and would use it on colder days but I really don’t like it… so boring.  When I did run outside, I’d run around my block which I thought was a feat but it was same run every time which was 3.5 miles.  I definitely plateaued.

Things got better this spring.  I got a free GPS app on my Iphone and then traded up to a Garmin 405 watch.  Knowing how far I’ve run and my pace are big for me.  They’re incentive for me to push myself.  I’m more comfortable just running and running…

I hope that when things get colder I can keep running outside.  I realize that living in Michigan that there will be days where I won’t be able to run outside and I’ll deal with that when I get to those days.  As long as I ice, I feel pretty good (right knee and sometimes my right hip get angry).  Plus, the running has to be helping my Osteopenia that I was diagnosed with about 12 years ago.


Mary Poppins Carpet Bag Shoes…

8 Aug

Wassup?  I said, WASSUP?  Today was a good day so I’m in a good mood.

It didn’t feel much like a Manic Monday.  I went to work and pretended to be professional.  The dress code is pretty relaxed.  We can wear jeans everyday which is nice.  But I do get sick of wearing jeans, especially in the summer.  Today I threw on some white pants from American Eagle and paired them with a really old Oakley shirt.  I put on some brown sandals…

I felt guilty about the sandals  (and looking at picture now makes me think…HIDEOUS.  WTH was I thinking).  Being that I felt guilty and I knew I’d be paranoid about them (since at work they say, “NO SANDALS” (they’re pretty clear about it)) I changed them.  Even though it may have looked idiotic, I put on my Mary Poppins carpet bag shoes instead.  Very comfortable.  They’re actually made by the brand, Sanuk.

I so love that movie (and The Sound of Music).  Remember how MP had that bag and she took out all kinds of crap out of it (like a frickin’ coat tree?!).   I need to watch it again.

To tell you the truth, I shouldn’t have worn either shoe today.  I should have gone barefoot.  Those MP carpet bag shoes look huge on me.   Let’s just focus on the shirt.  It’s safer…

Came home with the intentions of running right after work.  Except, I had to stop at the store.  Stopping at the store ALwaYS makes me hungry so I sabotaged myself and went home and had leftovers (which were blah).

I did manage to run but I didn’t start it until 3:23pm.  I did good though because I ran 10:46 miles with an average mile of 8:30 (which is faster than I usually run).  It was cloudy at first but then the sun came out, “balls out”, that is.  It was only 77 degrees but it felt hotter.  My right hamstring was talking really loud the whole run.

RANDOM FACT — Gas was $3.56 a gallon today.  I didn’t buy any.

Started a Healthy Cooking recipe of Simple Minestrone soup (soo good).  I usually start stuff but then I require The Who’s (my daughter) help to finish it up.  I needed her to step in because Brucee had practice tonight (he has practice 4 out of the 5 days this week — that’s some crazy craze).  The Who’s great at stepping in when I need her help (and she loves to cook).  I keep saying this but I’m going to miss the hell out of her when she goes back to school (Aug 25th).

The Who told me to stop referring to her as Who Ha (ex… I love my little Who Ha).  She’s says it’s not appropriate.  Huh?  What?!

Ran off with Brucee and a SF Red Bull and half eaten celery stalk covered in peanut butter to Brucee’s practice. Dropped him off and ran off to shop (I suck, I know).  I went to Urban Outfitters and my daughter gave good advice (kind of ) by telling me to go just to the clearance area.  I scored!!  I got a head cover thingee (correct name?!), a belt, a green skirt, a bandeau (for a girl who has smaller breasts than me), purplee tights, and a small purse for when I need to go boozin’ with my husband, Micker.  Here I am wearing all my new goodies…

I think this could actually be a “bar” outfit (originally I didn’t plan on wearing my new things together but, they do all kind of work well together). 

Now I wasn’t totally being selfish when I was shopping today.  Before going into Urban, I went into another store.  They’re getting rid of their guys’ stuff so they had all the guys’ jeans 1/2 off.  Joe Jeans for Mick for $70?  I’m serious (serious this one time).  I almost got em but he has a big butt and big thighs and they were marked “classic fit” so I didn’t want to have to return them.  I’d rather tell him about them in hopes that he’ll want to go there and try them on first.

I was so happy because today I discovered that Betsey Johnson is following me on The Twitter (@shellyinmi).  If she sees my blog she’ll be in awe of my dressing (picture above is a perfect example).  Actually, maybe she’ll feel sorry for me and send me free clothes.  That would be so awesome.

I’ve been putting this off (3 days now), but I took a picture of one Mick’s recent purchases at the fair.  I was so embarrassed and I didn’t want to put in on my blog but I need to be honest to my readers (all 3 of you).

Yes, he paid $ for it and no, it’s not for one of our sons.  It’s for him to wear.  Hoping that I made fun of it enough that he never actually wears it (except for maybe mowing the lawn).

Question…Would you still be my friend if I wore my underwear over my clothes?  I’m still being serious…