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Out For The Count!!

31 Dec

Oops.  I didn’t post yesterday.  It got away from me.

It’s hard to post on my boring days but yesterday was anything but boring.

My day started out lovely.  I got to be by the water with my brothers…

My brothers, Ralphie and Toby. Yes, they lick their butts.

My sisters and I (and our husbands) are helping my mom with her dogs since she’s carrying a Handicap Parking Pass.  My mom’s getting better so eventually I won’t get all the alone time with the boys.   My mom has MS but she’s normally a walking maniac.   A lot of people don’t know that she has MS because she moves so well.  At first, we thought my mom’s back problems stemmed from an MS flare from the stresses of my dad’s sickness/death.  She fessed up that when she fell at my sister’s on October 9th, she did do some damage to her lower half.  We were landscaping my sister and BIL’s new house and my mom (within 10 minutes of starting the project) jumped on a shovel to get some real depth in the dig.  She fell backwards and broke her pubis maximus in three spots and tore her labrum.  CRAZY LADY!!!  Pretty sure her brain was unaffected.

My sisters and I should have known she was going to do something like this before because she thinks she’s invincible and tries to fly.  We’ve all encountered her falling while doing very stupid things.

ANYWAYS, the day progressed.  Who girl and I took Sophee for a walk as well which lasted over 3 miles.  Sophee didn’t move from the couch for the rest of the day.  Can you say, “OUT…of…SHAPE”?

Okay, there’s no easy way to explain the next relationship.  The kids and I went to a birthday party for Who’s boyfriend, Deeg’s Grandma.  She turned 80!!!  It was from 2-4 so Mick couldn’t come.  He was working.

Awesome food at the PAR TEE

Deeg's parents, Deeg's Grandma and Who Girl...

I had good intentions to make dinner last night but was sucked in to going out to meet friends for dinner.  I can’t ever turn down an invite.

By the time I came home, I was totally whooped.  Bed at midnight and I was out for the count….


Moo! Oink! Moo! Oink!

5 Nov

Okay, so I lied.

I said my Friday night was going to be wrapped up by my going to the Mall to get basketball shoes for Brucee.  Well, that idea fizzled out.  I rented movies from Redbox and hung out in my bedroom.  Total Fail.

Before I hibernated to my room, I ordered Brucee’s shoes from Eastbay.  Because I’m driven by free shipping I knew I needed to order additional to meet the free shipping minimum.   To save $$ (ha ha), I ordered myself two pairs of Eastbay running tights (light blue and pink).  Because I got two, I got them for $25 each.  I hope they don’t suck.

It was 32 degrees and I was ready for a run.  Besides, we had to drive an hour and half away for my great nephew’s (whoa that makes me feel old) birthday party.  I knew I couldn’t fart around anymore.  Started my run at 11:04am.  I ran 11.41 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:09.  It was beautiful and sunny.  I never felt cold or hot for that matter.

I would have to say that I’m getting addicted to listening to music again (during my runs).  I can’t stand hearing my feet thump on the ground.  It becomes agonizing.

I love a good party.  We drove over an hour away to my niece’s son’s first birthday party.  It had a “Farm” theme.  My niece (“C”) did a great job. It was nice out so a lot of people hung outside.  Straw bales, prizes mixed in a bin of corn, cake shaped like a barn, cupcakes designed as pigs, chicks and lambs (so wished I would have gotten a picture of these).  We ate pulled pork, pigs in a blanket, baked corn casserole bundles and macaroni and cheese bundles.  She didn’t miss a beat by adding all the cute little farm touches to everything.  “C” and her husband were wearing their plaid shirts and little guy had his bib overalls on.

Before we knew it, we had to head back home.  I just love being around family.  It’s just such a comfort to me.

Random.  Mick’s favorite top six movies (not in any order, of course):

Man on Fire

Remember the Titans

Live and Let Die

Casino Royale

Happy Gilmore

Trinity Is Still My Name

On the way home, I’m not sure why, but bed times were brought up.  Mick told the boys he went to bed at 7:30pm (back when he was their age).  They asked how late he stayed up in high school and he said 2am.  Surprised them, so he explained that he didn’t go to school at that point because he dropped out of school in 10th grade to work.  He fibs to them a lot (and then never tells them the truth).  It’s sad.  Of course, I told them that I used to fly helicopters in the Army…

I gave Mick crap for not taking me out on a date the night before.  I thought maybe I could milk a couple of drinks up at the local pub if I annoyed him enough.   I had four (4) Twisted Teas.  Small buzz.  Church in the morning will be NO PROBLEM.  I got this.