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9 Jul

Woke up today not feeling right.  I think I indulged too much yesterday.  Slept in.  Decided today would be a good day to take off from running. 

As long as I don’t lie around the house like this everyday, I figure it’s okay to chill today.  My two sons, Brucee and Roo (13 and 15 yrs old), on the other hand, lay around a lot.  Funny though because the other day, I could hear my two boys outside on the other side of some big pine/evergreen trees.  I yelled to them, “what are you doing out there?”.  Roo replied, “going for a walk”.  I almost fainted at this exciting news.  Well, it was short-lived because within 15 minutes, those little boobs were driving up in our yard with their grandpa’s golf cart.  Normally this would be just fine with me but I knew their grandpa was out-of-town so no permission had been granted…Arghhh!  Not cool, they had to return it immediately.

Can’t complain too much because Roo got up around 7:30 and went to work with his dad  for a few hours.  Brucee, for a small fee, took the Golden for a walk. 

Today ended up being a good day to watch True Blood, Season 3.  Can I just say that I cannot stand the “Tara” character.  She’s stupid.   Can I also say that all the vampire guys and Alcide the werewolf are all hotties on that show (aye, yii, yii…..).

Ate a deelish dinner (although not a pretty one) — pork loin, sweet potato, carrots and onions.  Found a dress that I wanted for a wedding we’re going to this weekend but cannot afford (Anthropologie $188)…

Enjoyed ice cream w/the boys. 

Sorry but I had to post the 2nd pic too because we both look like dorks..

I had Coconut Chocolate Almond.  Yummmm!

Home, home, home to watch more True Blood.  I’m so driven to get through the whole season in seven days. 

SR said something about joining twitter and I forgot that I have an account there too.  Duh…..  Mine is @shellyinmi


Asians Are Beautiful…

7 Jul

Went and got my haircut today.  It was looking a bit mullet-y.

I love the floor at the place I get my haircut.  It’s cement w/tiny spots and then a thick glaze over top.  I would love, love, love to have that in my house (especially my new kitchen) but I’m told by Mick that it’s for new construction only (cause our house isn’t strong enough for the heaviness of it).  Bum deal! 

After my cut, I came home and made little Brucee take a picture.  Sorry for all the bra strap.


I wanted him to take a picture looking down so I made him get up on a stool.  Under his breath, he said, “Dangerous…..”.  I made him do it anyways.  It’s not like I was asking him to get up on the roof. 

I’m sure you’ve notice the tat on the back of my neck.  My dad says it’s dirt and has tried to rub it off.  Oh Dad…

Trouble’s a brewin’ at my place because I just picked up the True Blood, Season 3 from the library.  I’m not going to get anything done in the next 7 days… no cooking, cleaning or exercising… (not really)


Ate a little Clif Bar (oatmeal raisin…YUMMM..should have ate 3). 

Decided I’d take a little run today.  Put on my SR shirt and took off for a 3.5 mile run (8:07 average pace).  NO MUZIC!!!  Crazy, I know, cause I always run with music but I wanted to know what it’d feel like to run “hands free”.   The whole run, all I could think about was how good my hair smelled from all the product the hairdresser put in my hair.

Got home, lifted my running skirt to get my boys’ attention.  I embarrass them…It’s okay because we live in the country.

Stole the 4-wheeler from one of my cute little skids… 


Brucee asked about my SR shirt.  Asked if that’s why I wanted to move to Southern California (cause I told him I always wanted to move to NC or South California).  I said that’s where all the beautiful people lived, half joking, of course.  He thought about this and said, “no, all the beautiful people are Asian”.   This kid is a frickin’ hoot!!

Heard a ruckus in the basement and as usual, the boys had torn up yet another room and moved my furniture around to make a “slap ball” court.  Not sure what the point of the game is but it’s very loud.

Poor little Bella.  Her tummy is making horrible noises.  This happens every week or so.  I only feed her her dog food and water so I don’t know what her deal is. 

To wrap up the evening, the boys and I went to watch their dad’s two softball games.  Since the games got done early, went to the local bar for dinner and drinks.  I only had one margarita so I didn’t overdo it. 

Night POOPY Pants!!