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I Know Who Killed Me…

24 Aug

I worked late today so I had all morning to do my run.  I started my run at 9:55am.  I ran 7.27 miles with an average mile of 8:44.  I had all the intentions of running further but The Who (my little 20-year-old) suggested a movie since it was our last day together.  I didn’t decide I wanted to see the movie until I was miles from home.  Thank goodness I was carrying my Iphone because my three kids picked me up.  They had a changed of clothes, a washcloth and a water bottle for me to refresh myself.

Today’s running wear:  tank was a freebie from the movie theater when I saw “I Know Who Killed Me” which Lindsay Lohan starred in.

We saw Collin Farrell in Fright Night.  He looked a heck of a lot different than he did in Horrible Bosses.  Collin is delicious!!

Annoying.  Another hair in my mouth.  Went to pull it out and it was connected to my head.  Being that I’m trying to grow my hair out this was actually a good thing.  My hair’s been so short for so long, I haven’t had issues with hair getting in my mouth.  Usually the hair belongs to a dog or a cat or my daughter so this was good.  Who am I kidding?  I could shave my head in two weeks…THAT’S no joke.

Today I wore a ring that belonged to my mother-in-law, Dee.

Dee is Mick’s mom.  She left us to go to a better place in January of 2006 after a long battle with cancer.  Dee was the best mom, best mother-in-law and the best grandma.  She was super positive and very funky.  It’s not her birthday or the anniversary of her death but seeing her ring today in my jewelry box made me miss her more than normal days.   We miss you, Dee.

LOOK AT MY SKIN!!  Everyone, put sunscreen on your neck and on your hands.  Those places get missed a lot and I’m proof of that.  I’m from the ’80’s so I tanned wayyy too much.

I’m wearing an old H&M dress and my daughter’s Nine West shoes. And yes, I’m wearing my Adrienne Morrow bracelet.  I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it last week.

RANDOM…I never thought I’d hear myself say this (type this) but I love bats.  Those little bastards are out there working overtime trying to eat all the extra mosquitos.


I love my Sophee Girl too.  She’s always happy… In turn, she makes me very happy.


Hello? Hello, Are You There?……..

28 Jun

My phone voicemail greeting has always bored me.  I want mine to be fun and different.  One recording that I’ve heard was the person saying, “Hello, hello, hello”.  You instantly think it’s a live person and then once you start talking the the person continues, amused, asking you to leave them a message.  That was fun but again, not fun enough.  So, I did mine as follows:  “LEAVE ME A MESSAGE, PLEASE!!” in a devilish, creepy, scary, loud, wonder what the heck just happened voice (enough adjectives for you, yeah, uh huh). 

Movin’ on….

Cheeky bottoms…It’s what’s up..  I need a bikini w/Cheeky bottoms.  I don’t want my bum to show but I love the ruched back and I think it could do wonders for my flat butt.  I could order them through Victoria Secret’s but I want to try them on.  Plus, I hate paying shipping and handling — it’s stupid.   Where I live, you can’t find these bottoms in the stores.

I’ll crumble and order.  It’s a guarantee.  I’m liking the white macrame top ($24) and the cheetah bottoms ($16).  They do come in cheetah, yes, they do.

Off to work in my old H&M dress and nude Aldo pumps…

Gas is $3.27 a gallon.  Wow, how low can it go?!

After putting in a rough four hours, put my Supergirl cape on and flew home.  Started my run at 12:55pm and finished with 11.2 miles (no walking) and an average 8:36 mile pace.  Weather was beautiful at 72 degrees.  Also, to help pass the run, I listened to the Jessie J radio station on Pandora — good stuff!!


Once home, took my little guy to all-you-can-eat chinese buffet (yuck).  What can I say?  He really wanted to go.  He got a plate full of grossness (didn’t take a picture because I’m embarrassed I let my child eat like this).  But, I did good.  I got steamed veggies w/a side of garlic sauce…

Started to watch Big Love, Season 4.   Hoping these DVD’s don’t make me unproductive because I’ve done so well in the last couple of weeks.

Dinner.  Little sista (daughter) made most of dinner.  She took ground pork and combined it w/shredded cheddar cheese and cut of apples.   She formed burgers w/them.  We put avocado, pickles, red onion and tomato on top.  Very good.  Served them w/cottage cheese and sweet potatoe fries (cut up w/olive oil, seasoning salt and pepper).  Full stomach.  No room for ice cream.    

Food for thought~~

      If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?

Hey Batta Batta Batta….

23 Jun

Yes!  Woke up at 5am and off running at 5:15am.  Creepy because it was dark and misty.  I ran slow (8:54 average pace per minute) but I was still happy I ran the whole way which ended up being 8.6 miles.   At one point, I was running behind an old guy.  He didn’t realize it but we were “running buddies”.   Gotta take what I can get.

Due to the mist, I decided to get crafty so I didn’t stress about leaving my phone at home or ruining it in the rain.  I brought a huge one gallon storage bag and put Clif Shot Bloks, my Garmin watch and my cell phone in it.  I looked ridiculous but I felt so much better having all my stuff vs having to run without it.

Wore a cute bracelet to work today.  It’s from H&M.  Love the fact that it was like five or six dollars.  This was another oldie but goodie that I purchased at the Chicago H&M about 3 years ago. 

After work, was able to get 4 foils of highlights put in my hair.  Normally, I get the 3-4 foils every 6-8 weeks when I get my haircuts but I’m trying to grow out my hair a little bit so I’m skipping the haircut.  I can’t go much longer on missing a haircut or my hair’s going to look mullety.

Gas was $3.44 a gallon.

Came home after the highlights and I was sooooo tired.  I was just dragging.  Took a good long nap (2 hrs?!).  Today was a seriously nonproductive day as far as house and yardwork went.

AND, I have to pay my son to walk the dog.  Never thought we’d have a dogwalker on staff.  I thought I’d totally get a housekeeper before a dogwalker….

Ran down to the workout room and did 3 different types of weight lifts at 2 sets a piece.  My arms are so skinny and I’d like them more defined but if I’m not going to put in the time, it’s not going to happen for me.  I know this but I’m still so tired, sooo, better than nothing.  

Went to my husband’s double-header softball games (#22).  “Ehhh batta, batta, batta, SWING”!  They lost.  He gets irritated w/his team but he’s a good sport about.  He’s a pretty good player (not playa). 

Oh and here’s me, NOT watching the game…

I love a good book.  I tend to read mostly nonfiction and memoirs but occasionally, I’ll read me some fiction.  I started w/the “Hunger Games” and then I had to read the 2nd book of the series, “Catching Fire”.   And to finish things up, I had to read the 3rd book, “Mockingjay”.  I like the first two books but I’m not really into the 3rd one.  I just want to finish it so I can move on.  I have a about six books out from the library that I have to read and return and this Mockingjay book is holding me up.  Off to bed…..