Waiting….I’m Always Waiting…

13 Jan

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday.  Actually, that’s old news.

Casual shoe day at work.

Oh, by the way, Who Girl, can I borrow this shirt?

I was so happy at 2:30pm because I knew I got to pick up my sweet darling teenage boys.  They’re not really sweet.  They’re easily irritable.  I always pick up Brucee first.  He had three little pimple/blemishes on his chin.  He snapped at me when I pointed it out.  It was a dumb move on my part but he’s been talking about entering puberty since age ten.

On our way to get Roo Dog,  Roo called and said he had to retake a test which would take about 20 minutes.  Brucee got lip-py about waiting for Roo so I said he could get a treat if he pumped gas in my car.  See, I was not dressed to go out in public.  It felt like 13 degrees out and I was wearing boxers, my generic Crocs and a zip up sweatshirt and knew I shouldn’t leave my car.  To be honest, I don’t care about what people say and I’m always underdressed.  I was just lazy.

At the gas station, I yelled out the car window at Brucee giving him step-by-step instructions on how to use my gas card and the gas pump.  He struggled but got the job done.  Good times.

All I had was a twenty $ bill.  Silly me for not telling Brucee to stick to $3-4 for his snack.  He spent $9 on a bag of beef jerky and a Monster drink.  I didn’t authorize the Monster.  He simply said, “sorry” while smiling.

Ran back to the high school parking lot expecting my middle son to walk out to the parking lot so I could go home and nap.  Waited.   Waited some more.  Roo Dog called my cell phone at 3:40 and asked where I was.  Derrr…  In the parking lot.  Annoyed.  I wasn’t going to drive home just to have to drive right back to the school.

I drive their little butts all over the place and I don’t think they really care.  They don’t ride the school bus…ever.

I have to accept it though because that’s why I work part-time.

After driving Brucee to a practice that didn’t exist (I screw their schedules up all the time), came home to prep for the High School Basketball game.  Whoa, Ho, Ho!  It’s gonna be a crazy night for me, right?


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