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Wounded Warrior Project

12 Dec

COFFEE/WINE STATS — 3 cups of coffee today and no wine since Sunday, Dec 4th (whole bottle = oopsy).

I went to work today.  It felt  like the right thing to do.

Lovin' everything but my shirt (J Crew). Guess sweater, BR belt, BR skinnies and Zigi NY denim shoes...

I’m starting to think that Airborne and Cold-Eeze might actually work at shortening your cold.  My cold started Friday and I’m already feeling better today.  Not so bad, eh?  I’ve been drinking tons of water and any vitamin powder that I can get my hands on (blech… don’t get confused that I think they taste good).

I skipped yesterday’s run in exchange for sleeping all day.

Not today though.  After work, I started my run at 3:07pm.  It was sunny and 41 degrees.  Beau-TEE-ful!!  I ran 9.13 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:21.

I wore a fun hat with tassels.  It made me feel like I had long braids.  No music.  I have a hard time wearing my headphones and a hat/headband.  I feel like the headphones are being pressed deep into my ear canal and I could possibly have to make a trip to Urgent Care to get them medically removed so it’s just not worth it (most of the time).  Now, if you see me or hear me mention wearing my headphones under a hat/headband, just know that I change my mind all the time and maybe I’m in the mood for medical attention that day.  Just saying.

It’s almost official.  Brucee’s last basketball game is Wednesday and so far they have lost every single game.  Poor little buggers. Brucee doesn’t let it deter him though.  He’ll be playing with a new basketball group in January.  We hope they fare better than the school team.  Mick is a really good basketball player (he’s athletically gifted in pretty much everything) so we were kind of hoping Brucee would have gotten some of his skills.  I, on the other hand, sucked at all sports.

I played tennis and was a cheerleader back in the old days and I wasn’t great at either one of those.  I was a cheerleader back when we didn’t wear real athletic shoes.  We wore Keds (sometimes the off-brand ones from Kmart that smelled like rubber since my family was thrifty).  Your Keds had to be bright white (with no tinges of yellow).  I cheered at the games to get in the way to chipper everyone up.  Now a days, the cheerleaders, wear real athletic shoes and are dancers/gymnasts.  I could do the splits but it wasn’t pretty.  It hurt like hell — felt like my crotch was ripping in half… wait a minute, that’s like childbirth isn’t it?!.  I cheated at that because I had epidurals all 3 times (AMEN).

VENTING…. Just found out that the Whoville 5k that my whole family’s running in December 18th isn’t timed and they’re backing out on the promised chocolate fountain.  No explanation for the non-timed part (maybe so they can raise more $$ for Wounded Warrior Project?!).  They realized that it was unrealistic to have a chocolate fountain in December in Michigan so they’re cheating by dipping the goodies in the chocolate ahead time and laying it out for us after the run (if we choose to run the whole thing).  Seriously, it’s an “out and back” run and they make it sound like you don’t have to go the whole way (sad…).  It’s great they’re raising all this money but the changes are making it really easy for me to back out of the whole thing.  Who Girl already picked up our Patagonia race shirts yesterday so we don’t have to truck up there to pick those up.  What’s the point of driving an hour and twenty minutes.  Pleeeazzze let me get a new attitude about the whole thing.