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11 Jun

I love homemade guacamole.  I could eat it all day.

I hate when I swallow my multivitamin sideways down my throat.  Ouch.

Today started out rough.  It was supposed to be hot and I wanted to run but I couldn’t get myself out of bed to do it before work.

Then, I had stomach problems so there was no way I was leaving the house.  It wasn’t safe.

I took a nap.  I ate.  I laid around.  I ate.

At one point, I talked Brucee into riding bikes to the farm to look for the baby skunk.  We found him in the neighbor’s yard (same exact place as where I saw him last night).

He was out during the day eating some dead animal.  I worry for the little guy because he’s not very smart.  Last night he was standing by the road and made no effort to run when we got close.  Plus, he was out in plain sight all day today.  I expect he’ll get squashed soon.

Being it’s Monday, Who Girl and I like to go to Zumba but I was depressed for being totally useless today.

At 7pm, Who was ready to go.  I wanted to request a nice chair in the back of the class.  I could have held her water.

But then.  ShaZAAM!!  I was fired up after one song.  The hour went fast.  I was flying high and wanted to keep going when the class was done.

Who said she’d run with me.  Who hoo!!!

At 8:50pm, she and I ran 6.62 miles.  It got dark but no worries I had the head lamp on.  We ran at an average mile/minute of 9:04.  That’s slower than I wanted to go but Who threatened to walk at mile 4 so I stopped harping  on her.

Zumba and running.  Love, love, love it!!!  Good stuff.