10 Jun

I seemed to be going, going, going all day but I don’t think I did that much.  I know, that doesn’t make sense at all.

I rose at 7 without even trying.  I wish I could rise at 4:30am on workdays so I could run in the morning to avoid the heavy, humid heat…

I didn’t run today.  I felt I needed a day off since I ran the last two days.  My left knee’s still a little mad.

30% chance of rain tomorrow.  I kind of hope it rains (NO thunderstorms please) because I love to run in my VFF’s in the rain.  Splash! SpLiSH! SPLOsh!!  It makes me feel like a little kid.

We need the rain.  We don’t have irrigation so our grass is dying.

I did breakfast w/my mom and Grandma (and my aunt, her husband and my BIL).  My Grandma’s pissed.  They’re putting her in assisted living.  She’s 94 frickin’ years old.  She has a walker and she’s been bitching about “squishy feet”.   Everyone’s worried about her so it’s time to get her better care.  We’re afraid she’d fall and get hurt in her little apartment.   My BIL brought up that he heard she was going into assisted living and she said something really sarcastic back to him.  She’s a hoot.

She can be spicy.

RANDOM –– I just love the host from Ridiculousness, Rob Dyrdek.  I especially love when he yells, “Parkour!”.  He says it when someone clearly is attempting something stupid and of course gets hurt.  Funny stuff.  I’m sick, I know.

My boys like to go to the pond (I’m personally a pool swimmer so I don’t get so excited).  It’s a very big pond located on our landscaping company’s property.

Sophee can barely contain herself.  She cried all the way to the pond.  It’s was a long half-mile drive.  She knows when the boys get on their board shorts that she gets to go swimming.

I’m not driving. The shot’s reversed. (Roo Dog was driving)

We used to have a dock and diving board and the kids would swim forever.  The dock bit the dust and we haven’t replaced it yet.  Their newest favorite thing to do is to drag their old trampoline in the water.

Ding-a-lings jumpin’.

We used to have a water trampoline but it bit the dust as well probably after owning it for 3 years.  So anywho, I went with them and the dogs to the pond today.  I needed to work on my runner’s tan as I look ridiculous in a bathing suit.  I put sunscreen on all my dark skin and covered myself with Deep Woods Off since the horseflies are awful there (I bitch about the HF’s all the time).

Bella the Chihuahua hates to swim.

SWIM Bella! The guppies will get you!

She usually sniffs all over the shore and up on the grass.  She trieds to stay clear of the water.  I really need to keep an eye on her.  She weighs less than 3 pounds and would be an easy meal for some large bird.  She’d be defenseless.  Either way, she gets super hot so every now and then I take her out for a little dip.  She swims back to shore as quickly as she can.

WHAT I’M INTO (today)American Ninja Warrior.  Have you seen it?  I’m amazed by some of the guys that complete the challenges.  It seems to always be the buff guys who fail and the weirdo/squares that succeed?!

Who Girl decided to go for a little run at 10:00 tonight.  I wouldn’t let her do that alone so I tucked my pepper spray between my boobs, put my headlight on (which I have yet to wear running — the whole purpose of buying it) and got my bike out.

Sexy and I know it!!!

I was babblin’ along trying to keep Who entertained when all of sudden, she almost pushed my bike and I over.  “SKUNK!!!!!”.  She was right.  There was a skunk right in her path but he was a baby.  So cute.  I wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.  Don’t get me wrong, he could spray and make us stink if he wanted to but he was so darn cute.  No picture.  There was no room between my boobs for my phone and my pepper spray.



Pure Barre Anyone?

9 Jun

I knew today was going to be a hot and humid one.  I sat up straight in bed at about 7am remembering that I needed to run early because I don’t do well with heat and humidity.  Who Girl was supposed to run with me but she was non-responsive.  She may have grunted at me.  Not sure?!.

At 8am, I was on my way.  I wore my VFF’s.  Mine are the black Trek’s.  I almost bought some hot pink ones the other day because they were on clearance for $60 but talked myself through what would be an impulse purchase.  I don’t need new one’s yet.

It was so pretty.  The horseflies are awful on my road.  One, we have horses across the street and two, we have a really big pond.  I covered myself with sunscreen and Deet bug spray.  I shimmering with all the chemicals I put on.  I don’t know if I hate wrinkles and sunspots or horseflies worse.  I ran 10.24 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:44.

After my run, I couldn’t wait to take my shoes off. My feet were barking!! Nice dog butt, huh?

Who eventually got out of bed and decided to get her own run on.  I offered to ride along on my bike and she took me up on the offer.  I’m an awful support person though because I didn’t bring water, pepper spray or a phone.  Bad, I know.  She did 6 miles.  We stopped at mile 4 at the township hall to interrupt a high school open house in order to get a drink of water.  I told her to walk in, go straight to the drinking fountain without making eye contact with anyone.  Success.  Dehydration and/or fainting avoided.


Oh gosh.  I forgot about last nights shenanigans.  Our friend was sponsoring last night at the race track and gave us tickets so we could enjoy the festivities.  I thought, ‘what the heck’ so I went along.  We sat with a bunch of people we knew.  Not sure why I showered because it’s so dirty.  Nobody else looked like they showered.

And it was so boring.

Junky cars…

At one point, there was a break or an intermission that I wasn’t ready for.  A truck and trailer pulled out on the track and parked in the middle.  Curious site.  Smoke started coming out of the top of the trailer.  Eventually some country singer popped out with a headset on.  He proceeded to walk down the trailor ladder, across the track and up into the stands.  He sang 3-4 songs.  It was awkward.  I felt bad for him because no one was really reacting.  We saw one random lady singing along which is good…I guess.

Literally 3 steps away. I couldn’t fake that I was into it.


GROUPON — Pure Barre Deal.  I was thinking of buying this Groupon but the only one I know who’s done it, Who Girl, says she didn’t like the class.  It’s 5 classes for $35.  The deal’s on for 3 more days.  I may or may not buy?!


We visited some friends at their daughter’s high school open house.  It was brier because we had somewhere else to go.  We were invited to Who’s boyfriends house by his parents for dinner.

We brought my mom who has clearly lost her mind.  She got some purple stripes in her hair today.  I will be blamed by my sisters for this.

She was deep in conversation.

After enjoying some wine and indulging in a fantastic meal, we had to get on to Brucee’s last soccer game.

WINE! I gulped that stuff down.

Roo (middle son) and Mick (unlucky spouse)

Full day complete.

White Trash…

8 Jun

Woke up and took the babies to school.  It’s their last day.  Both will be going to high school next year (9th and 11th grades).  So strange.  Of course, even stranger is that my oldest will be a Senior at college.  She won’t be done after her Senior year because she needs to get into a Pharmacy program after that.  Crazinesssssss

Oops. Forgot to take care of the vacuum before taking my picture.

Wearing my new Bayshore Marathon shirt (by Brooks), I set off for a seven mile run.  After about an 1/8 of a mile, I wanted to turn around and go back because my knee was still not 100%.  It didn’t hurt that much.  It felt weak.  It felt like my leg could bend the wrong way if I didn’t focus on it.  I started walking real gingerly.  I was thinking that turning around wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  After about a 1/2 mile, I started trotting again, real slowwww.  Eventually, I felt stronger and I wanted to go on.  I ran 8.44 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:56.  Worst mile = 10:32  Best mile = 8:22

Then comes my favorite part of my runs.  RECOVERY….

I used an empty Gatorade bottle to mix up some Propel Zero. Banana with crunchy peanut butter. Very nice….

I have a confession.  It’s something I’m not proud of.  Last night, Who Girl and I wanted ice cream so we jumped in car to go get us some.  I have 4 cats and only one of them, Peyton, likes to go outside (we have no choice in the matter).  Sometimes he’ll jump in the car.  Once in the car, he meows the strangest meow.  It’s kind of comical….so we thought.  He was lounging in the driveway, minding his own business.  Who and I thought it’d be a good time to take him with us.  Sure enough, Peyton did his thing and meowed super loud all the way to the Dairy Thrill.  Lots of giggles until the poor guy started panting.  If you don’t know cats, you may not know that panting is bad.  It means Peyton was super stressed.  We felt horrible.  We got him home and he seems okay.  We learned never to do that again.

I love animals (even though you wouldn’t have know that based on last night’s behavior).

See, Pee Pee’s fine.

I think I’m going to the round de round race track tonight.  It’s suckee and normally I wouldn’t go but our friend is sponsoring.  Plus, some of our friends are going.  Plus plus, I think I’ll be drinking.  It’s a great people-watching place.  WHITE TRASH HANGOUT.  Anywho,  that’s where’ll I’ll be.  I know not to wear white.  It’s a filthy place.  I’ll come home with black specks (pieces of tire) all over my face.  Good times, right?

Favorite Shirt…

7 Jun

Do you have favorite running shirt?  I do and I wore it yesterday morning when I ran.  It’s my half marathon shirt from September 2011.  It was nippy and I didn’t think a short-sleeved shirt would cut it so I got my favorite long sleeve out.  I don’t like the shirt because of what it says.  I love it because it keeps me warm but not too warm.  The sleeves are long but not tight so I don’t get all claustrophobic when wearing it.  Love…

Yes, I know my calves are bigger than my quads. I do NOT like it.However, I’m mad at the shoes. 


Yesterday, at 8:02am, I ran 11.79 miles (8:39 min/mile average).  For the most part I enjoyed my run but midway through, my knee started to hurt.  This doesn’t happen very often so it was a major red flag.  Afterwards, when walking on it, it hurt and it felt like it wanted to give out.  I’m blaming the shoes.  I got these for $39.99 from the Nike Outlet.  I bought them for the color which shows you how careful I am about getting the right shoe.

My left knee hurts about here…

I know, I need sunscreen in the worst way. My skin is torqued.

I won’t be running today.  Not because of my knee, but because I’m trying to run only every other day.  Of course, if my knee doesn’t feel any better tomorrow, I won’t be running then either.  This particular pain scares me.  Hopefully it passes….quickly.

Okay, so this morning I had some coffee with my creamer.  My favorite creamer is by Bailey’s.  It’s their Creme Brulee. Try it!

No more messin’ about.  I need to get to work.  Chow!!

Lemonade! Butterfingers! Watermelon!

5 Jun

I have a major predicament.  I ran out of liquid soap in my bathroom.  No big deal, right?  I can just go to another sink in another room and wash, right?  Wrong.  That’s too damn time-consuming and I’m so crazy busy.   Thank you for your sympathy.  My life is hard.  Real hard.

So I just got home from the hair salon.  Lindsay hooked me up with some blonde, purple, and red streaks.  I’m loving it.  I’m in a good mood now because of it.  She put tons of hairpins so it’s in a sloppy updo.  I won’t be able to sleep on it like this so I’ll have to figure out something out in the morning.  I want to show off all the colors to my friends at work so an updo is perfect.

Here’s a pick of me while I was baking.  Don’t I look like I’d be in a 80’s girl band?  I think so.  Or, maybe I just look like a rooster…

I’m like so affected by the mention of certain foods, drinks, etc.  The other day, my coworker/friend mentioned that he couldn’t find a Butterfinger in the vending machines in our building to save his life.  When I left work, I went right to the store and bought a Butterfinger.  It was good.

Today, Hungry Runner Girl mentioned drinking some leftover lemonade.  Boom!!  I had to have pink lemonade for lunch (2 glasses).  Now, I’m eating total crap (chicken tenders and potato wedges) and of course, a big glass of pink lemonade.  NO worries about my eating crap.  I ate a nectarine immediately after to offset the crap.  Of course then I ate some mint M&M’s to offset the nectarine.  I can’t win.

I bought watermelon because it was in HRG’s blog a lot too but a 16-year-old boy resides at my house ate it all before I got any.  The grocery store’s less than a mile away but I just don’t feel like running over there.  I’ll text Mick.  (That’s why he’s always pissed off at me — I text him all the damn time.  His phone is old and he has big fat fingers so he can’t text for crap.  But it’s mostly due to my asking for dumb things.)

In order enjoy my lemonade, I used my new glass.  I bought my “M22” glass when I was in Traverse City.  Who Girl pointed out how popular M22 is.  They had a whole store dedicated to selling stuff w/”M22″ on it  What’s M22?  It’s a road for godsakes.  It’s a popular scenic road and we took it to Leland on my marathon weekend (May 26th).  I wasn’t paying attention to the view so I couldn’t advise whether it was worth it or not.  Either way, I bought a glass because I wanted my piece of M22 too.

It’s funny.  Now that Who Girl’s pointed out how popular M22 is, I now see M22 bumper stickers all over the place.

I’m jumping around a lot.  So please keep up.

Earlier today, I had to pick up Brucee.  Lookee who he brought along….a new friend.

“Unlock the door Mom”

He’s irritated in the pic above.  He’s like, “Mom, unlock the door”.

It’s a radish.  A paper mache radish.  I put it on Mick’s dresser.  I was afraid he’d miss it.  Excuse the huge mess.  That guy’s a slob.

Our Golden Retriever, Sophee, hated the radish.  She couldn’t be in the same room with it so I couldn’t take a picture.  Besides, that’s animal abuse.  I love my animals!!!

Eventually, Mr. Radish, will go to “radish heaven”.  Before he does, I’ll take a picture and put it in Brucee’s special boxes of rememberences.  We can’t keep that huge thing forever.  I’d say two weeks.

Speaking of animals.  Who Girl and I ran to the animal shelter to sign up to be volunteers.  We hung out in “kitty kingdom” and pet some kitties.  Some of them look so sweet.  “pet me, pet me”.  I’d go pet them and pick them up.  I’d pet them  They’d purr.  And then, they’d screech at a passing my cat.  One bit my finger, not hard, but I didn’t know what her next move was.  They all started making me nervous.  My cats are creepy and will do shady things but I know them so I’m not afraid of them.  I adopt any one of those cats if I had the room but there’s NO VACANCY at this barn/hotel/house.  Who and I wandered down to see the dogs.  Most were outside since it was a beautiful day.  We went out to visit them.  It so sad.  About 95% of the dogs are pit mixes.  Pit owners LOVE Pits.  They swear they’re the best.  They still scare me.  I love animals and I felt so sorry for those dogs.  I hope they get adopted by good people.  All animals deserve a loving home.

Scary Tattoos

4 Jun

I am so soccered out.  I’m so tired of driving to practices and games.  I want to be done and just do me.  I’m selfish, I know.    Yesterday, I had to drive an hour and 45 minutes….ONE WAY… for a soccer game.  A soccer game, may I add that Brucee’s team lost 2 to zero.  Balls!

Tonight, I had to take Brucee to practice.  Instead of being a good mom, who would sit on the sidelines to watch a boring practice, I practically dropped-kicked my 14 year old son out of the car (I did stop completely…I think) and drove to my favorite running store.  I talked about tattoos and running with a salesguy who had no hair but a very long, ZZ Top beard.  Good times.

They have a great clearance rack.  I grabbed a pair of shoes (Brooks Green Silence), strictly based on color and proceeded to walk around the store holding them for about an hour.  My new friend had me get on the treadmill for ten minutes so he could evaluate my running.  He told me my right ankle pronated (?!)  a little.  I also am too rigid with my arms (90 degree angle at all times).  I guess I need to loosen my arms up a little bit.  The arm thing made sense because I constantly have to extend my arms to get the feeling back in them during my run.  I grabbed a cute Lole bathing suit (ONLY in the Pixel Clay print), tried it on, hated what I looked like in it and then returned it to the rack.  After an overwhelming feeling of guilt, I put the shoes back too and left the store.  I didn’t buy a damn thing.  They said it was okay because there’s no pressure (not on commission).  I just love bumming around that store.  .

I dreaded getting on that treadmill because I had just finished running almost 9 miles a few hours before.  Can you say stiff?  I can (but I didn’t tell him – I didn’t want to look like a wimp).   The last thing I wanted to do was run but he was so gung ho about me trying the shoes I picked out.  Shoot.  I picked them out because I like the color (like I do all of my shoes).  Who cares what they felt like?  Not me.

Saturday, I totally got rained on (in Who Girl’s white Asics (oops)).  I ran 7.72 miles with average mile/minute of 8:09.  That was speedy for me.  I just wanted to get home so I didn’t wreck her shoes.

I blew off running yesterday (too tired from driving) but convinced myself it was okay because I shouldn’t run every day.  It’s bad for me legs.

Today, I ran 8.76 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:31.  At mile 2, I almost ended my life.  It’s too long of an explanation to type out but trust me, I was being super stupid.  Mick drove by right as it happened.  I don’t know if he noticed my stupidness or not.  Serious, I should have been road kill.

Scary tattoos.  Yes.  I’ll explain.  It’s horsefly season.

I hate those little suckers.  They cause the biggest, itchiest welts.  They’re sneaky little blood suckers.  Anyways, when I run and I get really paranoid (near our pond and the neighbor’s horses, for example) I keep seeing what I think is a fly.  I’m running down the road smacking myself.  It’s sometimes a fly but most of the time; it’s one of my tattoos.  Silly, I know.  I’m just plain silly.

Tomorrow I get to go to Lindsay so she can color my hair.  I’m thinking, red, copper and purple again.  It’s just too hard to pick one color.  I’m not telling Mick.  He doesn’t care.  He’s used to me doing weird things.  I’m sure he expects me to walk about our bedroom, one of these days, wearing my underwear over my pants.  I don’t think I’d do something like that.  I mean, I might if it were trendy.

Blood. Baaa Lud!

1 Jun

I blame Who Girl.  My finger still hurts and I can barely type because the of the bandaid.


What happened?

I”ll tell you.

It’s called Happy Birthday

Who Girl got a bottle of Deborah Lippmann from her friend for her birthday.  I’ve been eyeing it ever since.  Of course, Who took it to her school apartment but I never forgot about it.  I’ve been waiting for summer vacation to get my hands on it (I didn’t want to use it right away cause it was a gift and that’d be rude).  Anywho, that Poo Head came home and claimed to have lost her polish.  Huh?  She said it might be in a storage container so after begging her to find it for me, I took it upon myself to look for it.  I lost.

I now have the original look of 9 painted nails and one bandaid.  Dommit!

Nice bandaid, eh?

Today is crappy out.  I like to run in the rain but it’s too cool and rainy and I’m just not in the mood.  Last night I ran 11.08 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:10.  That’s pretty fast for me.  The weather was perfect (light rain and 55 degrees) and I wore my Vibram FiveFingers.  So liberating.  I felt like I was flying.

Tonight Mick and I are meeting up with some of my family for Mexican food.  Mexican food most definitely means MARGARITAS.  SUPER DUPER DAY!!

I can’t overdo it though because Who Girl and I volunteered to do an Adopt-A-Fest for the local animal control.  Our shift starts at 9am.  There will be dogs, cats, rabbits and possibly other orphans.  Who and I will be working in the cat tent.  We did it last year.  It was very sad but very rewarding.

As soon as I’m done at the Adopt-A-Fest, I need to take Brucee to his soccer game.  It’s a busy weekend because both boys have games on both Saturday and Sunday.  I’m so happy this will be the last soccer weekend for awhile.  I’ll be able to go back to being selfish again.  Me. ME! ME!!

Have you ever seen the Baa Lud (Blood) video?  Check it.  It’s cute.  The little boy can’t say “blood”.