Favorite Shirt…

7 Jun

Do you have favorite running shirt?  I do and I wore it yesterday morning when I ran.  It’s my half marathon shirt from September 2011.  It was nippy and I didn’t think a short-sleeved shirt would cut it so I got my favorite long sleeve out.  I don’t like the shirt because of what it says.  I love it because it keeps me warm but not too warm.  The sleeves are long but not tight so I don’t get all claustrophobic when wearing it.  Love…

Yes, I know my calves are bigger than my quads. I do NOT like it.However, I’m mad at the shoes. 


Yesterday, at 8:02am, I ran 11.79 miles (8:39 min/mile average).  For the most part I enjoyed my run but midway through, my knee started to hurt.  This doesn’t happen very often so it was a major red flag.  Afterwards, when walking on it, it hurt and it felt like it wanted to give out.  I’m blaming the shoes.  I got these for $39.99 from the Nike Outlet.  I bought them for the color which shows you how careful I am about getting the right shoe.

My left knee hurts about here…

I know, I need sunscreen in the worst way. My skin is torqued.

I won’t be running today.  Not because of my knee, but because I’m trying to run only every other day.  Of course, if my knee doesn’t feel any better tomorrow, I won’t be running then either.  This particular pain scares me.  Hopefully it passes….quickly.

Okay, so this morning I had some coffee with my creamer.  My favorite creamer is by Bailey’s.  It’s their Creme Brulee. Try it!

No more messin’ about.  I need to get to work.  Chow!!


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