People Be Judgin’…

30 May

I rode my bike today.  Yay me!!!

I have an old blue Giant and I love it.  Mick bought it for me back in 1995 or 1997.  At the time, I didn’t want a bike but I’m so glad he spontaneously got it for me.

I ride on the road and my bike is mountain bike so I wouldn’t mind a road bike.  Too bad for me because I have a lot of other needs that have to be attended to before I can even think about tending to my wants.

I rode 11.95 miles in 57.19 minutes (4:47 min/mile — is that good?).  No bike helmet.  I used to think bike helmets were lame-o but I don’t think that anymore.  I know I look like a big nerd going around town without the proper gear.  People be judgin’.  

I’ll try to buy a helmet.


I forgot to note that yesterday afternoon, at 7:05pm, I ran 7.4 miles.  My average mile/minute was 8:21.  The temperature was high 70’s but it was super breezy.  The whole run felt good.  The reason?  Who Girl went with me while she rode a bike.  She kept me company so it was kind of fun.  I normally don’t talk and run so I struggled sometimes and had to shut my piehole.

Hmm…  Mick should ride with me.  He loves when I don’t talk.

Who’s been running lately.  I’m proud to say she did 5.5 miles today (3.5 this morning and then 2 miles recently while waiting for Brucee to finish up his soccer practice).  She’s young so she could get really good at this.  I’d love to do a half or a whole with her in the future.  Who knows?  It could happen.

The following pictures were from this last weekend when we were up North with my momma.

So relieved to be done.

The night before the marathon. They had beer and naughty food. I had pasta w/a little marinara and water (to drink). Poo!

With my ma after the race.

Some of my coworkers who also ran. Some of them did the Half or the 10k.

JOY!       Fish Town, Leland, MI


Who Girl casually chillin’ on an oversized anchor – Fish Town, Leland, MI

The Dam Candy Store, Leland MI

Fishtown – Leland, MI

Another candy store in Leland, MI (we like candy)

The old reconstructed Traverse City Insane Asylum (state hospital). The basement now holds various stores and restaurants. There’s other businesses in the other floors.  They’re going to make apartments/condos in the rest of it.  Creepy.

I almost rear ended this car so Who could take this picture. A hammerhead? WTH!!!

Walking with my momma.

I’m dying here (far right).

This week’s going so fast.  Ya HOOOOO!!


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