Oh Yum, I Love Me Some Succulents!!

29 May

So excited when Who Girl told me that my friend, Sue (her boyfriend’s mom) had some succulents for me.  Yum, I love succulents.

I got a little nervous when Sue told me she put them on my front porch.  I knew one of our animals would get in them and they’d be ruined or picked over (you know, more difficult for me to eat without dog hair or filth mixed in).  Well, silly me, succulents are baby cacti, not cookies and cupcakes.  If you knew Sue and her husband, you’d know that they are excellent cooks and bakers so it’d be okay for someone to think a succulent is something edible.


I promise I didn’t take a bite out of any of them.


I’m still recovering from my marathon weekend — both physically and mentally.  I did the Bayshore Marathon on Saturday and I didn’t PR.  I said I wouldn’t but I’m always negative in hopes of doing better.  That’s my thing.  That’s how I roll….

Saturday morning in Traverse City was absolutely perfect for a 26 mile run.  My poison ivy was still lingering but not terrible.  I had congestion but again, bearable.  It was cool and it didn’t get super hot.  There were tons of trees for shade and we ran along the most beautiful route which was the Traverse City Bay.  I was nervous but not insanely nervous like I was for the 5k I did a few weeks ago.  I started out around 8:30 min/mile and felt great.  I ran well until about 11 miles when I realized I had to pee super bad.  I finally relieved myself at a porta-potty (there were lots of them) and continued on.  I drank Gatorade and water at almost every station.  I had 3 Gu’s total.  Around mile 16, I hit a wall because I realized I was tired and I had 10 frickin’ miles to go.  I knew I couldn’t keep up the 8:15 min/mile pace I’d been doing.  I started to heavy counsel myself at this point.  I made deals with myself.  If I could see an incline, I could walk.  If I saw a decline, I had to run.  I ran/walked the rest of the 10 miles and finished with at 3:55 hours (9:02 average mile/minute?!).

I got a sub 4 and I should be very happy but I’m not. I paced myself so poorly.  I passed people and they passed me about 5-6 times.  I know they hated me and probably wanted to yell, “will you just pick a pace and stay with it, you Dumb Turd”?!  If I would have run a slower pace for the whole race instead of running and walking like I did, I would be more happy with my performance.  I want a REDO.  I’m glad registration for the Bayshore for 2013 isn’t open yet because I would have signed up for it Saturday.

My family was so relieved that I was finally done with my marathon.  They figured this was the end of my bitching and moaning.  No more sputtering about not wanting to do this race.  Well now, all I do is bitch and moan about how I performed Saturday.  They’re sick of it!!!  My last place to vent is this blog so I’ll try to keep my bitching to a minimum.

On December 1st, the registration will open at 8am.  Will I register for the Bayshore 2013 marathon?  I don’t know.  Time will tell.


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