Just Keep On Telling Yourself That, Crazy…

24 May

I’m a counselor.  Don’t worry, I’m only authorized, not officially of course, to counsel myself   Lately, I’ve been having to spend a lot more time with myself …..in my head….telling myself that Saturday is going to go smoothly.   You may not know this about me but I have issues…

I’m feeling freaky.  I have goosebumps 24 hours a day because this poison ivy rash gives me the frickin’ heebie jeebies.

I got a steroid injection for the rash on Tuesday and thought I could see an almost immediate improvement.  Well it was premature.  Let’s just say it was a brief moment of positivity (rarity since I’m such a negative ninny)  because I got a new spot on my stomach today.

I know I should be happy that I don’t have the rash as bad as others but it’s just one more thing hurdle on top of other challenges that come along with running a marathon.

My cold’s better but I’m still only about 70%.

I broke down and bought a neti pot because I feel so congested.  I heard they work and I’m desperate. $15 at the local Rite Aid.

Ran home and used my new neti pot as soon as I got home.  It was really weird.  I’ll spare you by leaving out the nasty details.  Who Girl got disciplined for pretending to do it to our dog.

I still have a day and a half for some improvements to my health.


Weather for Saturday is predicted to be 77 degrees with a 50% chance of rain showers.  Marathon time is 7am so I’m hoping for a cool, dry run. Fingers crossed.  Time will tell and it’s out of my hands.


Happy Days.  I love that song by Gotye called, Somebody That I Used to Know.  I love, love, love the video done by Walk Off The Earth who covered it even more.   I  like the cover version video better than the original too.  The group has covered other songs too. And, they’re coming to Common Ground in Lansing, Michigan on July 13th.  I’ll be there.

I get obsessed with things.  I really, really think the girl, Sarah Blackwood,  from Walk Off The Earth is super cool.  She’s this cute little blonde who has…. Guess?  Tattoos.  Yep.  I instantly approve.

Picture of Sarah Blackwood

I’ll be heading to Traverse City with my mom and my daughter tomorrow.  Saturday, once we get through with the shenanigans that I’ve gotten myself into, we’ll get to eat, sight see, eat, shop, and eat.


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