Was That Cocaine?

23 May

I woke up today not feeling that great.  I’m sure it had to do with my night rager.  I didn’t go to bed til 3:30am which is unheard of for me.  I’m blaming the iced coffee from 5pm and the steroid shot .

Even though I wasn’t feeling it, I did a 4 miler today.  I didn’t want to get off my tapering marathon training.  Hal put a lot of thought into it and I don’t want to insult him.

Yes, I did toss them in the trash after my run.

Wearing the holey socks that I wore to bed the night before, I was off and stumbling by 11:11am.  I ran 4.01 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:21.  I ran a new route today because I couldn’t handle running by the huge deer carcass covered with what looked like 5 lbs of cocaine.  I’m pretty sure it was lye because that’d be a terrible waste, right?

I wore really old, worn out shoes.  Why?  They match my outfit and I love yellow.

I just got these Nike shorts from the Nike Outlet in hopes of wearing them for the Bayshore Marathon.  I’ve worn them twice now to test them for problems, and I think they’re going to work out.  I’ll be layering up with Bodyglide just in case….


DISAPPOINTEDI thought my poison ivy would be gone today but it’s still there and it itches but not as bad.  Better news is there are no new outbreaks.


I love tattoos and I love fashion.  Both are expensive and Mick wants me to avoid both.  Looked what I googled…

A bunch of fashion bloggers who happen to have great tattoos.  Love, love, love.

My favorite is this inner calf tattoo…

I told myself "no leg tattoos" but I really like this one.

No worries.  I’m pretty sure (never say never) I’ll never get a leg tattoo.  Besides the girl is a fashion genius/diva and can get away with not looking trashy.


CLARIFICATION — My little sis mentioned that I may want to clarify how I got poison ivy under my boobs and in some other uncomfortable spots.  I did not roll around nekked in the weeds.  I think I contaminated some of my clothes when I washed my work gloves with a load of laundry.  It was about 3-4 weeks ago so I’m not sure items need to be rewashed.  No one else has had an outbreak so my husband and kids may be immune?!  Either way, I think the oil from the gloves transferred to my boulder bras and granny panties.  Oops!  I will never wash my work gloves again.  They will be tossed in the trash from now on when I suspect they’ve come into contact with the “devil weed”.


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