I’m Feeling Random Today…

15 May

I’m actually random everyday.  I get off track a bit.  I ramble.  Yes.

So, I know I’m not the only one who lies awake at night worrying about silly things.  Last night, I worried on and off, all through the night, about poison ivy.  I kept wanting to sit up and turn the light on so I could check out my arms, wrists and legs but convinced myself to shut my eyes.  I swear I could feel an allergic reaction coming on.

See now, I get poison ivy every year.  I feel like I’ve got a pretty good eye of what the naughty weed looks like but sometimes, when weeding, I get in a mode and I just pull, pull, pull.  I’m a robot.  I’m like an animal.  I get like this out of frustration because the weeds are never-ending in my yard.  They make me crazy.

If I have poison ivy, I figure the rash will break out just about marathon time (May 26th).  F*cking perfect.


Now that I have to taper down for marathon day, I’m enjoying my runs a little more these days.  I still hate them but not as much.  Yesterday was in the low 70’s which seemed so hot.  I could have run Boston this year due to my qualification in Oct ’11.  I’m glad that didn’t pan out for me.  I probably wouldn’t have finished it if I’d been signed up for it.  I really struggle with the warm weather?!

Since my last post, here’s what I’ve run:

Thursday, May 10th – 6.51 miles, average mile/min 8:38

Friday, May 11th – 10.36 miles, average mile/min 8:26

Monday, May 14th – 13.23 miles, average mile/ min 8:38

MUST HYDRATE — I always drink a lot of water at work.  We have a great ice/water machine right on the floor so I always have ice water at my side.  At home, I’m not so good.  To up my intake, I started carrying a big water bottle full of tap water.  I drink it all the time.  I’m not the smoothest though.  I typically have wet spots on my shirt because when I go for a drink, water dribbles down both sides of my mouth down to my shirt.  Oh well, I’m not dressed all fancy.


Today, I was so comfy at work.  I wore a cheap black dress from Target.

Yes, it was a little windy. And, the dress seemed longer inside?!

Yes, I did where a little jacket with it.

USEFUL? –– Lululemon posted some yoga poses that are good if done pre-run:

yoga - run

NEW OBSESSION — Ultra runners.  I read up on 2 or 3 blogs today where the runners discussed their running in the Zion 100.  100 miles?  OMG!!  That’s crazy…

Check out Dana at her blog to see how her 100 went.

Check out Suann at her  blog to see her experience.

I just think they’re both amazing for their accomplishments.  I can’t ever imagine running more than 26.2 miles.


I sent an email out at work today asking for someone to pick up the dirty qtip that’s been laying in the stairwell for the last 3 weeks?  Why should I have to?

3 weeks? Come on, folks. Don’t chu ever clean the stairwells?


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