I’m Always Looking For A Deal….

21 Apr

It’s a beautiful day in Detroit.

It’s actually cold.  I picked a hotel close to the soccer fields.  It had a “superpool” but thank goodness Brucee doesn’t have time to swim because the damn pool’s closed.  I told the lady at the front desk, who made me wait for 10 minutes while she refused to put her caller on hold to check me in, that the reason I chose this hotel was for the pool.  I have a child so a pool is a must.  She said sorry, I booked through Expedia so her hands were tied and she couldn’t discount the room.


I didn’t want to find another hotel with a working pool (that we’d never use) so I sucked it up and handed her my credit card.

She must have located her conscience because she then offered us a 2nd night for free.  We’re not sleeping here Sunday night but at least we’ll have somewhere to go to freshen up tomorrow between Brucee’s games (noon and 5pm).

Got to the room and it’s not the best but it’ll do since we’re here for one night and it’s cheap ($90).  The jacuzzi’s not a bad size and you can open the doors around it so that Brucee can sit in the jacuzzi while watching TV.  This will surely relax is aching muscles later.

My ride here was similar to being drugged up on Speed.  I drank a huge SF Red Bull, large NF caramel Iced Latte, an energy pill and well, em….. it doesn’t matter.  What matters is we got here alive and I didn’t fall asleep.  I sang as loud as I could…

Don’t feel sorry for him.  He’s not a depressed as he looks.

He got even happier when he won his first game 5-2.

Our next game isn’t until 9:20pm.  We may meet up with friends later.  There’s lots to do around here but we’re just lying low in the room.  I brought workout clothes but, as usual, I just don’t feel like working out.

I think I fell off the “workout horse” again?!


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