How Long Do I Have To Keep Being Unselfish?

18 Apr

Since Saturday, I’ve taken a vow of silence to show everyone how serious I am about…. about recycling paper products?!  Not really.  I’ve been lazy so I haven’t posted.  Matter of fact, in my world, I’m very loud. No “vows of silence” for this girl.   Others WISH I’d take time for silence.  Touch luck, Everyone!

I’m still marathon training.  I’m following Hal Higdon’s recommendations.  I’m doing it on my own.  I don’t carry water or GU when I train.  Foolish.  This I know.  It’s been tough.  I’m not enjoying it at all.  I cannot stress that enough.  WTH was I thinking signing up for another frickin’ marathon?  I ask myself this daily.

I was sloppy this last weekend because I was hanging with my daughter at her college apartment.  I chowed.  I laid around, we shopped and we laughed a lot.  The only I didn’t do was work out.  We talked about it but then quickly forgot about it.  We rented the movie, My Week With Marilyn.  Loved it!  Michelle Williams was spot on.  I now want to watch all of Marilyn Monroe’s movies.  She was a dizzy airhead but she was perfectly beautiful.

Runs this week:

Sunday – ran 7.13 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:53 (slower than normal for a very good reason)

Tuesday – ran 14.40 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:22

Today – ran 8.05 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:25 (wore my Vibram 5Fingers)

After my run today.

Sunday was so awful.  I got home that afternoon from hanging with The Who (daughter).  Mick made chicken on the grill.  I, in usual form, ate way more than I should have.  I ran shortly thereafter with a ton of nausea.  It was awful. My runs are partly in the country and partly in the city.  I kept hoping I could keep it in till I got somewhere without being seen.  After a couple of close calls, I made it home and I kept everything down.  Stupid.  I do a lot of stupid things.  My blog should be called, “Stupid Shelly in Michigan”.  Hmmmm….

So, I got my hair colored last week.  Kelly, who colored my hair, warned me that the color would fade and wash out.  She said it’d wash out faster if I used regular shampoo. She told me to wash it was cold water (freeze my ass off in the shower — ummm. I think not).  So, I know the color would fade.  I still hate that.  What I also hate is not washing my hair.  I want it to smell like shampoo at all times…..not sweat.  Gross.  I’m thinking I can do the washing my hair every three days for maybe another week.  At that point, I’ll break down and wash it too much.  I’ll then make an appointment for a heavy highlight and color stripper.  I just wish it didn’t fade.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  So many colors.  So asymmetrical.  I love it.

Okay so I have to vent again.  Mick and I signed both our boys up for premiere soccer.  It’s expensive and we have to drive their little butts all over the place (sometimes out of state).  This weekend, Bruce has a tournament two hours away.  It wouldn’t be horrible but I don’t feel like driving eight hours (Sat and Sun).  Plus, the games on Saturday are crappily timed — noon and 9:20pm at night.  What the heck would we do with all that downtime?  I’d say shop but I can’t spend  $$ and Brucee would never go for that sh*t.  I looked for a hotel and found one with free breakfast and wi-fi (score!!).  Plus, the room comes with a jacuzzi.  I was all excited until I realized jacuzzi is a bathtub that blows bubbles.  Stupid.  I know I won’t run outside because it’s in “scarytown” Detroit.  Another unselfish weekend.  How many more of these can a girl take?

I really like my social media sites.  Today, on Facebook, I saw that Lori, a local pharmacist and neighborhood friend from my youth, said:

I delivered a prescription today to an elderly lady who lives in a local senior citizen apartment complex. She asked how old I am. I told her that I will be 40 in November. She couldn’t believe that I’m that old (which was nice to hear). Anyway, she proceeded to tell me that when she was 40, she was a “sex machine.” She said that she chased her husband around the house back then because she couldn’t “get enough.” She and I were laughing so hard. I can’t believe she told me that!

I got a little panicky after reading it because, instantly, I thought that my grandma could have been the lady who told her this.

Such a sweet little ole lady, my grandma.

I commented on her FB post that I was hoping it wasn’t my grandma and Lori assured me it wasn’t.  Phew!


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