OMG!! Antique Vibrators?! Neato…

14 Apr

Antique Vibrator Museum: Grand Opening

Is the above what you think it is?  Yes, it’s an antique vibrator.  I had no idea they had vibrators in the olden days.  I mean, I’m not naive, I know they did things to pleasure themselves but I was thinking they were secretive and used things from home (rolling pin, cucumber…).

Now you’re probably wondering why I’m talking about vibrators.  It came out of left field, didn’t it?

I innocently stumbled upon the announcement of a museum’s opening in Cali because I was looking for fashion pictures to pin on Pinterest at Refinery 29’s website.  For reals!!!

Thank goodness, huh?  I would have missed out on this crazy, fun news.

The opening for the Antique Vibrator Museum was on April 12th so we missed it.  Dommit! No need to buy a plane ticket now.  I bet the free refreshments are all gone.
Antique Vibrator Museum: Grand Opening

Ugh.  Why do I live in Michigan?  I need to live in San Francisco (or Miami or NYC).  It’s gonna be a hot one today at 64 degrees. Not quite tube top, short shorts and stiletto weather.  Pooh!

So why do I live in Michigan?  Oh yes, ONLY because my beautiful family lives here.  I guess that’s pretty huge.  Until I can get them to go with me, the “mitten” is where I’ll stay.

I’m at college this weekend shackin’ up with my daughter.

I’m behaving.  I’m actually extremely lame.  I think we were in bed by 11:30 last night.

Boing!  I’m up by 7 though due to my internal clock.  The Who Girl likes her sleep though so I”m trying to leave her alone even though an iced coffee sounds deeeeelish.

Sleepy, sleep, sleep...

Yesterday we saw a couple of girls perform in their dance troupe at the local high school.  Thirty dances.  I thought my ass was flat before but it was super flat after sitting for that long.  Plus some silly (more like stupid ass) sorority girls were screaming in my ears at the beginning of some of the performances to get their friends revved up.  Nice for their friends, bad for my ears.  I wanted to kick their teeth in but I don’t have a confrontational bone in my body.  “So, take that, Shelly!!! And like it!”

Today’s day will involve shopping, sushi, a movie (Cabin In The Woods) and more food.  I’ll probably head home tonight.

Hope you have a lovely Saturday.



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