Just Behave…

12 Apr

I thought I’d challenge myself today by wearing 5 inch heels.

Black polka dot shoes and a yellow striped tank from Forever 21

Love this picture I found on Pinterest. I didn’t like cats until about 5 years ago. At that time, I decided we needed a cat and now we have four. They’re creepy but I love them so much. After cleaning their litter boxes (which is totally disgusting), they do look at me funny…..

I ran today. Yay me! At precisely 2:01pm, I ran 9.11 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:17. It was a cool 54 degrees so I wore shorts and t-shirt. No music. Matter of fact, I can’t remember the last time I listened to music while running. I just don’t feel safe with the distraction of music. I feel like someone’s going to run me over so I need to listen for oncoming cars. The life insurance’s paid to date so I don’t know who Mick could have called to run me over. I’m a pain in the butt to live with, people. Kidding…. (not about being a pain but for saying something bad about Mick)

NEWEST WANT — Okay, so I’ve always liked the look of the Toyota FJ Cruisers. I decided that I need to own one. It makes total sense to me. My daughter needs a new car so she can have my 2004 Ford Explorer. My son’s about to get his license so he can get her old car. This leaves me carless. So Mick!! Let me pick out a car. I want an FJ Cruiser. I don’t even care what color.

Ya still with me? Good. I needed to add again that I love Pinterest. I never knew what the big stinkin’ deal was so I waited forever to get on board. I thought it was for crafty people or girls who wanted to get married (next time I marry, I’m eloping). Now that I’ve been invited by the Pinterest folks to be a member (after a one week wait), I don’t have time for any of my responsibilities. I’m so damn busy with my social media sites. Ridonkulous!! Check out what I’m into. I’m under “Shelly in MI”. Big surprise that I chose that name, huh?

Tomorrow will hopefully be a fun day. I’m getting my blonde hair colored copper-y brown and I’m driving up to visit my daughter at her college. We’re going to go see her schoolmate dance. It should be a ton of fun. I just need to remind myself, “I am not 21, I am not 21, I’m an old lady who cannot embarrass her daughter”. Behave Shelly!!!


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