Is That A Stinkee In the Toilet? Yuck!

4 Apr

You need to be careful when you take a pic in the bathroom, or any room for that matter.

You could catch something embarrassing or inappropriate in the photo.  Oh my goodness gracious!!!

Ruined Picture

Oh yes, she looks hot but her poop doesn’t.

This one doesn’t prove my point but it’s so funny I had to “show and tell” it…

Ruined Picture

Getting back to the self-pic I took (not in the bathroom).  I took it to show my powder puff pink hair.  I really like Sophie’s hair from America’s Next Top Model.  

Can you see the light pink (especially in my highlights)? Oh,and trust me, I know I don't resemble Sophie at all (damn).

BITCHIN’ ABOUT RUNNING. AGAIN — Running.  Oh yeah, I ran today.  At 12:01pm precisely, I ran 10.34 miles with an average mile/minutes of 8:18.  As usual, it sucked.  Today’s problem was my right calf muscle.  It felt so tight and it would NOT loosen up.  I stopped 3 times to stretch it out.  I wanted to run through it but my foot went numb and then the numbness traveled up to above my knee.  I was getting gimpy.  I’ve never had that happen before.  It was crazy nuts.

HULU.COM — Do you use Hulu to watch shows?  My daughter does all the time.  Because of her suggestion, I watched Capturing the Friedmans.  It was about a horrible molestation case from the mid-80’s.  My opinion of whether the son and dad were innocent or not changed back and forth through the whole documentary.  I hope they were innocent but if they were then they served a lot of time that they shouldn’t have.  Personally, I think the dad was guilty of some of the crimes but I felt like the son was innocent.  It’s just my opinion but I thought I’d throw it out there in case you were interested.

Today I went Easter Bunny shopping.  Sorry to be a spoiler.  He does not exist.  I have to do all the work of this fictitious character and being my youngest is 14, I’m getting really tired of it.   I bet I’ll be coloring the eggs (which I don’t mind because I like to do the eggs).  I also have to do the treasure hunt.  The kids would be super sad if I didn’t.  It’s so hard being unselfish.


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