Can You Do The Worm? I Can’t But I Know Who Can…

2 Apr

Oh, I forgot to mention how bad the spray tans were Saturday night (The Lansing Grand Prix Body Building Classic).  Most of the ladies and some of the guys had the worst spray tans.  They were so dark and uneven that they look marbled.  One chick had black hands.  I’m not exaggerating.  Just awful.

Okay, so I’m done talking about that.

Right now.  I have the house all to myself.  Earlier today, I took my boys deep in the country and dropped their little butts off (at friends’ house).  Mick went off to watch some big basketball game.  I’m all fine with this.  I’m enjoying the quiet.

I’m resting after running 17 miles.  Yes sir, I finally did it one day later than I planned.  I wanted to do it Saturday or Sunday but today will have to do.  It was not easy for me.  The weather was perfect so, for once, I couldn’t blame the temperature or the wind.  I was sore beforehand (calves from wearing VFF’s yesterday?!) and I had a bad attitude about it because I felt like I “had to do it” and I don’t want to be told what to do (even if it’s myself being the bossy bitch).

At 4:45pm, I ran 17 miles with an average mile/minute of 8:34.  Not bad.  But really, I need to confess.  There were two stops.  First was a restroom break at a restaurant (5 minutes).  The second stop was a stop where I really thought I was done with the run.  I wanted to call for a pickup cause I just felt like I couldn’t run another step.  It was at my mom’s house.  She wasn’t there.  I ended up drinking 3 huge glasses of water (which caused cramps later) and then walked her dogs since I got them all excited (30 minutes).  Thanks to my brother-in-law who said to get moving (he was there mowing her lawn).  Jimmy told me I could finish and to “get a move on” so I eventually got on my way.

Weird hands are my trying to show off my nail colors. I just painted them fuchsia and teal. Do you like?

So even though I stopped more than I like to and longer than I like to, I’m still giving myself credit for today’s 17 miler.

After my run, I dumped a bottle of temporary pink hair color in my hair.  It’s super light which is good because I don’t need help making people thinking I’m a crazy cuckoo head.  And no, I didn’t do it for Easter.

“I NEED THIS” ALERT!! — Check out this sweet shoe organizer I found…

Shoe Wheel

Want to giggle?  Check out his funny commercial.  It reminds of our friend who did the worm (unexpectedly done at a dance contest) on the cruise we took in January.


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